I Don’t Wear Plus Size Winter Accessories!

Since I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is fairly unusual for me to need a winter hat, gloves and/or a scarf. For the occasional fire on the beach I have a 10 year old kitty hat and a pair of purple leather gloves. Last night we went to a party and it was warm enough to sit outside for a drink while we were near the fireplace. But, I did live in Minnesota one winter and loved the winter coats and scarves and hats, the weather, not so much.

So I looked around and these are what I would be wearing if I lived in snow country right now. I love a cloche hat and thought the faux mink collar and gloves would be fabulous with either of them. Did you see the collar also comes in leopard print. And they are all on sale!

One Stop Plus has the best selection of plus size hats I have ever seen. Winter hats, summer hats, sunday go to church hats, cowboy hats, silly hats, bright colored hats, they have over 400 hats. A great place to start when you are hat shopping.

And did you know fur collars are EVERYWHERE this year? In fact, I think most of these standard size collars will accommodate plus sizes. The short collars are about 20 inches, which would work for me with a longer ribbon, and the longer “collars” or faux fur scarves, would work at their current 46″ length. I think they are fun and add depth and breadth to any outfit.

Some of them are very fun and others are more conservative, and many of them are on sale.

Leopard Hat and Gloves Quilted Gloves Studded Gloves

Roaman’s Leopard Hat and Gloves
Catherine’s Quilted Gloves
Lane Bryant Studded Gloves

I wanted to bring you one last set of choices. A black leopard hat with several different glove possibilities. The fleece hat and gloves, as well as the quilted gloves are all on sale and would make great gifts.

BOOTS: I cannot discuss Winter without mentioning boots. The hunt for wide calf boots is always with us. If you want to see what I think are the widest calf boots available, please click HERE.

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Review Plus Size Pleather Skater Skirt – Asos Curve – New Look

IMG_0906You know how sometimes you have something hanging around that somehow you never get to.  Well, I have this photo in this fun pleather skirt. I never posted because I bought the skirt in the photo above on a Facebook Thrift Store and I did not have anyplace to send you to buy one. But now I do and I love this fun, funky look.

asos curve new look pleatherThis skirt in the photo is not the skirt I am wearing in my photo.  This skirt from Asos Curve, is much shorter than the skirt I am wearing in my photo. It comes to a US Size 24 and and the brand is New Look from Asos Curve. I have a very large waist and generally wear a size 28 and sometimes a 30 in a tight jean. I just bought a similar skirt in a different material but this brand and US size 24 and because of the elastic waist it fits just fine, BUT it is short, so it is a leggings sort of skirt. The description of the skirt on the Asos Curve web site does not indicate how long it is.

Black Sheer Striped Top: Cult of California, Size 5X – runs a little small
Tshirt: avenue Size 26-28  – To a size 30-32 and runs true to size.
Skirt: Asos Curve US Size 24  – see above for size information – This is not the skirt I am wearing in my photo.
Belt: Custom – Ebay
Leggings: Torrid – footless, Size 2.  Torrid Size 3/4X are too small for me but the footless version seems to run larger.
Boots: avenue, Size 9.5, for more information click here.


Torrid Studded Boot Review

studded boots torridWhen I saw the Black Minka Studded Boot I knew I just had to have them.  I have a deal with my husband that I will not buy boots on line, I think I have sent back 20 pairs over the last 10 years.  We have a Torrid about 10 miles away, but I just could not seem to get there.

So last week I panicked and ordered them and YAY, they fit.  In fact they are on the largish size.  I wear a 9.5W and the size 10 more than fits.  It is a size 10W and is a little large for me, a tiny bit in the toe and in the ankle, but not so long or loose that I am afraid I will trip over them or the ankle will not provide any support.  I have a 18″ calf at the top part of the boot, and they are so big I have to lace them as tightly as possible, as you can see in the photo. I cannot really determine how much larger you could make them with longer laces, laced as loosely as possible, but I would think at least 21″ or 22″.  They have a side zipper so I loosened the laces all the way down so I coule get my foot in, but now even laced all the way back up my foot fits right in when I use the zipper.  I am just delighted.  I could not have imagined wearing spiked boots 5 years ago because they always felt violent looking to my little pacifist self, but I get compliments everywhere I go.


Domino Dollhouse Redux

In celebration of Domino Dollhouse getting a tune-up on the TV show on the Sundance Channel, Joe Zee – All on the Line I want to show you my favorites in their line because I want Domino Dollhouse to succeed because I LOVE their edge.  I have been watching Joe Zee since the beginning of the series and although I would not want him to criticize me personally I think he has a great eye for making a designer’s work more commercial and often helps improve the quality.

Everytime I wear the Size 4 striped sweater above I get compliments on it.  They still have it but only in a size 1X, but I will certainly be looking for the next one and will buy it when I see it.  Just fun and comfy.

This black size 26 jeans jacket is fun also.  They still have this jacket but in limited sizes. I love the cropping and it think it is similar in cut and size to the black and white heart denim jacket.

And the sheer shirt I just posted about a few weeks ago is the size 4X Lana Blouse, which I would love to have in lavender, but I do not have a lot of opportunity to wear it.

And a special shout out goes to Domino Dollhouse’s owner Tracy Broxterman’s Blog Post about her Betsey Johnson find, an oversize sweater.  Just thinking I could own a Betsey Johnson made me happy, and LOVE is just so me.

Thanks to Joe Zee, Domino Dollhouse is now working with Lane Bryant to bring some of her look to their stores and it seems that she is continuing to design her own line, so I am pleased.  Good luck in the transition Domino Dollhouse, but we can always say “we knew you when”.  Ciao Bellas…affinity 

The Perfect Wide Boot v.2

For those of you, like me, that continue to be on the hunt for the perfect knee high wide calf boot here is my current favorite.  It is a David Tate.  I need a Size 9.5 WW US with a wide width and a wide calf.  I do really well with a lace boot, because although my feet and calves are wide, my ankles are not. Sometimes I like less expensive boots because they are lighter.  Today I found a new “on-line only” vendor.  At Wide Widths, not only do they sell wide boots but they tell you how to choose among them.

Everywhere I go I see knee high boots, but I live in my mid-calf comfortable, cheap Avenue Boots (above), which I wore yesterday.  I yearn for the elegance of knee high boots.  But as I have told you before, because of this yearning, and many years of failure, I have a deal with my husband that I will not order boots by mail, I can only buy boots if I try them on in person.  So I may wait for fall and check out the local Avenue and Torrid stores for knee boots (or I might just have to sneak in an order from Wide Widths, because I do love this David Tate, and so do my readers). I thought you might like to know about this on-line specialty boot shop.  Ciao Bellas…affinity

November 13, 2012 Update:  Great blog post by The Fat Girl’s Guide about Wide Calf Boots, HERE

Desperately Seeking Knee High Boots!

I love boots and I REALLY want a pair of knee high boots.  I see them everywhere, in my Burning Man community and everyday in downtown San Francisco.  But I am a funny girl, I actually get overwhelmed if I have on clothes that are too heavy or dense.  So I am not sure knee high boots will even work for me or that I could wear them for an entire day.

You can wear boots year round in San Francisco because the average temperature is 64 degrees, thus they are a fashion basic. A couple of months ago I popped into my local Torrid store and they had boots that fit but they were huge in the ankle. I have fat calves, smallish ankles, bummer ;(.

So I kept looking, and then Jessica Kane posted a note about these British, wide calf boots.  Let’s see, I want a low heel, knee high, small ankle, black, and their Duo Malmo seems to come pretty close, and has a squarish toe so that is a plus, but they are pricey at $220 US. They are gorgeous but the reviews indicate that they too may have wide ankles, but the bigger issue is that my husband and I have a deal at our house that I will not order boots by mail, because in the 20 years we have been together I have never been successful.  I bet I have sent back 10 pairs of boots.  And if I did have to return them I am sure it would be pricey, the site says…”Please note that the cost of returning goods to DUO is borne by you“.

So what do you think, should I give them a go, talk my husband into giving me a dispensation to order one more pair of boots by mail, or pass and just love the boots I have?…affinity