My Favorite Jacket EVAR!!!

I just had to write this post tonight. I got this MYNT 1792 jacket in the mail today, and it may be my FAVORITE piece of clothing EVER, and I could not wait for you to see it because it is on sale, and the Size 4X is already gone. I think it runs true to size, the 4X fits me perfectly unzipped, but a little snug when I zipped it, and I am a Size 26 – 28.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

The jacket is soft and light, the weight is perfect for California, or for spring in the East, and it feels really soft to wear.

Detail of the Front of the Jacket

Detail of the Front of the Jacket

And yes, those are little gold studs on the front of the jacket. It is so amazing that someone on the street stopped me tonight to tell me how cute it is. So if you have been dithering, this is the moment.


Beth Ditto in My Mailbox!

dittopin to cropI know y’all have heard before that Beth Ditto is my fatshion hero, so imagine my glee and surprise when this lovely brooch showed up unexpectedly in my mail box the other day.

ditto pin betterIt was a gift from my fellow “Ahead of the Curve” blogger, Christina “Stina” Scott, owner of Every Day is Like Halloween, and blogger extraordinaire of Fatshion Peepshow.

Thanks Stina, I love it and I will wear it often.


photo: Leori Gill Photography

Who Reads Affatshionista?

affat mapI never see anyone else do this, but I am so interested in whether people from other countries read Affatshionista, and other plus size fashion blogs. So I thought I might post the cumulative map of all of Affatshionista’s history, and I hope I will get to see other blog’s demographics.

Feel free to comment, I would love to know how you found Affatshionista, what you would like to read more about and anything else you would like to say.


Spinning the Color Wheel at Evans Plus Size

The Remaining 'CUT' Collection Pink Cami Green Cami

The Remaining ‘CUT’ Collection Evans U.S. Size 28
Pink Cami – From my Closet
ASOS Curve Green Cami U. S. Size 22 (A little big for me)

When I saw that Evans had a line, “CUT”, designed as part of a competition by students from a couple of Universities that were known for their strong print and knitwear design divisions, I was thrilled and I knew I had to have a piece.

Then the skirt went on sale. And our Ahead of the Curve topic was Miss Matched. So I started mixing and matching camis to wear with the skirt, dark green? does it need orange? or red? is mint green too blue?, trying things on and then trying them on a different way.

evans jumpsuitIt happens that Evans accidentally sent me the jumpsuit also, at the skirt price so I thought you might like to see it too. It runs a little long as jumpsuits often do. This would need to be shortened.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

J. Crew Necklace

J. Crew Necklace (Similar)

I went through my jewelry, How much could I wear, and stay in the color family? And then I went to an event and my friend, Jennifer Raiser, was wearing a green and hot pink necklace I could borrow, what are the odds of that?

And then shoes, well shoes were kind of a bust. I don’t have any forest green shoes or hot pink shoes, so white sandals it is.

I thought you might also like to see some of my other Miss Matched outfits, HERE and HERE.

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Simply Be Review – U.S. Size 28 Pencil Skirt

I bought this pencil skirt from Simply Be in a US Size 28, and I wear it all the time. I love it, it is fun and flirty, and get compliments whereever I wear it (they no longer have it in this size, but here is a precious, even less expensive, pink lips skirt that is similar.) I had wanted to see what Simply Be sizing was like in this style.

In the last several years I have made several Joe Brown purchases, also from Simply Be. They are cute and fun and fit as well in the US Size 28, and they have worked well on me.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.


Workin’ Stella & Dot Jewelry for Plus Sizes

Denise Spencer and I have been friends for well over 20 years. In fact you might remember her as one of the friends who gave me the fabulous Retirement Party a couple of years ago. SO when I heard she was selling Stella & Dot Jewelry, and you know I love jewelry since I wear it everyday, I thought it would be fun if we got together and I tried on a couple of pieces and shared them with you. (I wish I had also tried the necklace without any extensions, sometimes I really like that choker look with the sort of round collar this top has.

Stella & Dot Sutton Necklace Longer

Stella & Dot Sutton Statement Necklace Longer – To do this you just lift one of the lengths of chain over your head, nothing additional required

This is the Sutton Statement Necklace and it can be worn five different ways, I am wearing it with two extensions here. I love that it is a multi-metal necklace and can be worn shorter or longer or even longer, without or with the rhinestones strand.

I also tried on a wrap bracelet, which I loved since I have been wearing a lot of wrap bracelets lately.

Here are some other pieces I thought you might think were fun, and a little less expensive.




 No compensation was paid for this post, not even lunch…

Plus Size 24+ Vintage/Previously Owned Clothing

I know you know I love “vintage”. There is not much of it in a Size 24+, and I suspect the term used clothing would be more appropriate than vintage. But I love it just the same, and there are some good deals out there if you are willing to shop.

So I thought I would go on a hunt to see what I can find in my size (I can usually wear a UK Size 28, to compare my measurements to yours, click HERE) and here are my results.

And of course my list of the FatToo Groups and other plus size clothing groups on Facebook can be found HERE, with a special shout out to FatToo Grand Size 28+. The FatToo groups are not intended to make money for the creators of the group or the sellers, it is not a commercial venture. It is just a way to share clothing that is no longer working for the seller. There are rules, and I suggest you read them before you buy or sell anything.

I would love to hear from you if you have suggestions to add to my list.

I expect that there will be additions as I go along, so check back now and again and see if I have added anything.


Simply Be, YAY, U.S. Size 28 Plus Size Clothing – Lovin’ It

Did you know that SimplyBe carries U.S. Size 28?  I love that. A size 28 in fun clothes is difficult to find anywhere but look this Anna Scholz line, with this sexy dress, or a blouse in the same material, or a maxi skirt in a different tropical print, and with summer coming… These may be some “gotta have it” clothes.

Then there is my favorite biker jacker at the moment, in pink. Gotta love it.

I just bought a pencil skirt (which you will see shortly) from Simply Be in a U.S. Size 28 and it fit perfectly. To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

So take a chance, they have easy returns and I am loving their style and size range.


2014 Spring Trends – Geometrics and Intelligent Design in Black and White

This Spring, fashion designers are playing with all manner of decorative devices to give black and white a fresh, modern makeover. Pattern play, couture detailing, geometrics and intelligent design all have their part to play in this style story.

I love black and white and I wear a lot of it, so when this Ahead of the Curve Theme was “The World of Black and White” I thought I might pull up some old photos of me and call if good. But I looked at ASOS Curve, and Kmart and Ashley Stewart and found pieces I loved immediately and they had SO much to choose from I could not resist sharing it with you.

You can find some of my prior black and white posts HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

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Our Guest, Jenny Strauss

Over Dress: In Full Swing Under Dress: Ross Boots: Nordstrom

Over Dress: In Full Swing
Under Dress: Ross
Boots: Nordstrom – ECCO

Since I am still recovering from knee surgery, Jenny was kind enough to share a photo with us. I love this layered look, don’t you?

We cannot really see her belt but she wanted you to know about, Outback in the Temple of Venus, in Point Richmond, which she loves and always has some great plus size items.  Thanks Jenny, for stepping in for us.