Zindzi: Beautiful Jewelry, Beautiful Soul

Zindi.com Handcrafted  Jewelry

                                       Zindi.com Handcrafted Jewelry

My friend Zindzi of Zindzi.com grew up in South Africa, the child of anti-apartheid activists. Then she traveled and planted her roots in San Francisco. She is one of those people you meet and you can see that she has a kind soul.

During her travels in India, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Namibia she sought out locally made jewelry and fashion. Now that she is settled in San Francisco, she wants to discover and bring beautiful, timeless, and meaningful designed jewelry.  She personally knows all of the designers and she is excited about their work. Every object is handmade, and some are unique – you won’t see them worn by anyone else.  She only sells items she would be proud to wear, from designers she is  proud to know.  And she is here to share them with you. Just click on the links next to the descriptions below for more information.

1. Teadrop Gold and Black Earrings: $32. Lovely teardrop shape and would match many of the necklaces.

2. 6 Lines Gold & Black Earrings: $32

3. Blue Necklace: $60 – 20 inches. This is my favorite. I think it would fit since the Kleo’s fit and they are 19.5 inches, and the Blue Necklace is 20 inches. I love the design on the beads and that it is so unique.

4. 3 Colors Necklace, Black & Silver & Gold: $60.

5. Kleo Necklace in Silver or Gold: $ 92 – 19.5 inches. Yes that is my neck in the necklace. It is my favorite. I love a great choker and this one fits me with my turtleneck shirt on.

Feel free to contact her directly if you have questions.

Happy Holidays to YOU!


How To Have a Plus Size, Sexy, Happy Holiday!

I am sure you have the holidays on your mind, I know that I do. Just in case you want to create your own little holiday I have some ideas for you! Just click on the links underneath each photo for more information.

If you are looking for a little more coverage, this Babydoll Peignoir Set includes a babydoll nightie with underwire cups, sheer coat and matching G-string, and comes in a variety of colors.

Here is another great babydoll, in a variety of colors, which would also be great for all of those date nights with your sweetie.

I love this pajama top, sexy and comfy, in a variety of colors, but I love this eggplant color. The matching pajama pants are sold separately.

If you are looking for a corset, I love this one, and it comes in variety of colors and sizes. Please notice that it comes in “Bra” Sizes. That means that you order your regular bra size. They suggest going up a size if you are a DDD-E cup.

If you want your order by Christmas, you can order by Express Mail until 10am Pacific time on December 18th, or Priority Mail until December 21.

My readers tell me the sizes run a little small, so I suggest you go up a size.


This post contains affiliate links and I’ll earn a small commission if you shop through them.

I Don’t Wear Plus Size Winter Accessories!

Since I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is fairly unusual for me to need a winter hat, gloves and/or a scarf. For the occasional fire on the beach I have a 10 year old kitty hat and a pair of purple leather gloves. Last night we went to a party and it was warm enough to sit outside for a drink while we were near the fireplace. But, I did live in Minnesota one winter and loved the winter coats and scarves and hats, the weather, not so much.

So I looked around and these are what I would be wearing if I lived in snow country right now. I love a cloche hat and thought the faux mink collar and gloves would be fabulous with either of them. Did you see the collar also comes in leopard print. And they are all on sale!

One Stop Plus has the best selection of plus size hats I have ever seen. Winter hats, summer hats, sunday go to church hats, cowboy hats, silly hats, bright colored hats, they have over 400 hats. A great place to start when you are hat shopping.

And did you know fur collars are EVERYWHERE this year? In fact, I think most of these standard size collars will accommodate plus sizes. The short collars are about 20 inches, which would work for me with a longer ribbon, and the longer “collars” or faux fur scarves, would work at their current 46″ length. I think they are fun and add depth and breadth to any outfit.

Some of them are very fun and others are more conservative, and many of them are on sale.

Leopard Hat and Gloves Quilted Gloves Studded Gloves

Roaman’s Leopard Hat and Gloves
Catherine’s Quilted Gloves
Lane Bryant Studded Gloves

I wanted to bring you one last set of choices. A black leopard hat with several different glove possibilities. The fleece hat and gloves, as well as the quilted gloves are all on sale and would make great gifts.

BOOTS: I cannot discuss Winter without mentioning boots. The hunt for wide calf boots is always with us. If you want to see what I think are the widest calf boots available, please click HERE.

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5 Great Gifts to Give Your Plus Size Friend!

holiday gifts 2Do you have a mother, sister, cousin, friend, gift exchange recipient or neighbor that is plus size, chubby, fat, curvy, heavy, whichever term you prefer, for whom you would like to buy a gift? You know that this year you do not want to buy them a cookbook or placemats or something that does not relate to them. I promise they will find these gifts useful, and you know I do not make promises easily.

Friends and family who are not plus size are often stymied by what gift they can buy that will be loved and appreciated, and most of all, fit. So I have put together a few of my favorite gifts.

1. Floral Statement Necklace: $31.19. I love this necklace, and yes, that is my neck in the photo. It comes in many colors and some other styles (see the bottom of the Amazon page). It instantly dresses up an all black outfit or it can be the finishing touch to an already fun outfit. I have several posts about necklaces, they can be found HERE and HERE and HERE. Watch this space for one more post about beautiful jewelry in the next week or two.

2. The Raven by Poe Book Infinity Scarf: $42. I highlighted this scarf because it was so unusual, but you can buy an infinity scarf anywhere. An infinity scarf is a continuous loop. Everyone is wearing them this year. Warm ones for cold weather, and lightweight ones in more temperate weather. They add interest and depth to an outfit. I often like to start shopping at One Stop Plus, because they carry such a range of retailers in plus sizes. But you can buy infinity scarves from a street vendor for around $10, an exhaustive array on Google, or a Biblical Quote Book Scarf or a whole array on Etsy. This one is monogrammed for $16. And of course for the seamstress there are free “do it yourself” instructions.

3. Get Jane Patient/Hospital Gown: $49.95. They are one size fits all, and that is me in a post I did last year about mine. I love it. I am so much more comfortable having a mammogram or going to the doctor’s office, knowing that I will be well covered. They are a little pricey, but I promise it is well worth the expense to have this level of physical and psychological well being, in an already stressful situation. And I think most women would not buy this for themselves, so it makes a particularly fine gift. To see my measurements, click HERE.

4. SWAK Perfect Leggings: $19.90. These are my favorite. “Where to get leggings that will fit” is the number one question I get on my blog. These fit the best of ANY I have ever purchased. They fit in the crotch, something about the material makes them hug me and never gap, and the ankles fit perfectly, often an issue in my life. They come in four neutral colors. The sizing chart says they fit 1X – 4X, up to a 52″ waist. My waist is easily 53″ or 54″ and I am a 4X, and they are more than comfortable, and I suspect they would fit the next size up.
Length 35″,  Waist 28″ – 52″, Hips 32″ – 60″, and Inseam 22″

5. Heavy Duty Velvet Hangers: $16.99 for 25 hangers. I often hear of plus size women struggling with keeping their clothes on the hanger. These do the trick.

I hope you enjoy them. And feel free to add to the list in your comments.


This is not a sponsored post.

Crocs for Wide Feet, And Yes! You Can Wear Them In Public!

Mondo Crocs

Mondo Crocs Size 10

I have always loved Mondo Guerra, from the very first show of Season Eight of Project Runway. I liked his quirky style and how he dressed and designed.

I will never forget the night he designed his own fabric on Project Runway. When asked for an explanation of what the design meant, he said he was HIV positive and the fabric design was his way of telling the world. I love the fabric, and from that moment forward I have wanted something designed by him, but nothing seemed to work for me. Then one day he designed some Crocs, but you could only buy them in the New York Crocs store. But recently they became available on the Crocs on-line site, where I especially like the flats and Mary Janes.

They are fabulous. Everytime I wear them I get lots of compliments, and they might be the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. It is like working on air. I wear a LOT of black and white so they work really well with my wardrobe. I usually wear a shoe size 9.5W, but the size 10 is perfect.

I like them so much I just bought another pair in what I hope is the same shape and style, the Gianna Flat, to wear with jeans and skirts. I would have liked a little less conservative style, but for comfort and fit, it seems like a good compromise. Do note that where the color of the shoe is flat rather than shiny, they do look a little like plastic or rubber. I tried a different version previously but they just fit too big all the way around and especially in the heel. They even have some with glitter!


Facebook, The New Online Plus Size Thrift Store – v. 2014

This outfit is a combination of FatToo Grand, ebay, Crafting (do it yourself) and a gift.

This outfit is a combination of FatToo Grand, ebay, Crafting (do it yourself) and a gift.

There are many plus size used clothing sites on Facebook. I just bought this dress on FatToo Grand, from one of my fellow Ahead of the Curve Bloggers for $30 shipped. Great deal, I am sure she did not wear it much and I know ASOS Curve sizing so I knew it would probably fit, but I could just as easily have missed it if I had not been online.

The FatToo groups have the most complete rules and the sellers are individuals. Some of the other sites allow small business owners.  One other tip, if you later want to find something, if you can remember what group it was in, there is search capacity for the groups, on the upper right hand of the page under the cover photo.  I make a screen shot of everything I buy or sell so I have a record of what I paid and I can go back and let the seller know I received the item.

Measurements: Rule of Thumb: On all of the FatToo groups it is pretty safe to double the measurement in your head if it is in the 20s and 30s. If it’s in the 40s and up, it is likely the actual full measurement.

READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING: There are rules about sizing, about who was the first person to say “I want it”, when you can “bump” an older post to the top of the list, and above all, these sites are not money making sites. They are a place for us to exchange clothes, and help one another wear fabulous clothes.

Most of these groups are “Private”.  In order to join, go to the far right side of your screen and click the * and click to ask to join the group.  Women only!

I am going to list a few and you can see what might work for you:

FatToo: Sizes 20+  over 11,533 members

FatToo Grand: Size 28+  3,574 members

FatToo Accessora: Shoes, purses, belts, etc. 5,366 members

FatToo Incognito: Costumes 3,048 members

FatToo Night: Nightwear, intimates 4,650 members

FatToo Lite, the Prequel: Sizes 12-18. (Combo size 18/20 can be listed in FatToo Lite, the Prequel or in FatToo) 562 Members

FatToo Fancy and Bridal: Fancy, prom, formal,  or bridal clothing 3,020 members

FatToo Anonymous: All the fashion, chat, spillover from the group FatToo. Post pictures of yourself wearing your FatToo Purchases. I find this is especially useful for asking about a vendor you have not used before. Fatpositive only  3,084 members

FatToo ISO: Looking for, want, or any form of In Search Of is allowed 2,203 members

FatToo Blue Light Special: A place to post plus size coupons, sales, etc.! 2,416 Members

Fatshion: This group provides a spot for people to show what they are wearing and where thy got it.  Kind of like a “superblog”.  I read it everyday!

Cautionary Tales:

  • Beware, get to know the site a little before you send anyone any money.
  • Almost all transactions are done thru Paypal, so you are trusting someone to send you something.  If there is an ongoing problem with someone they will probably get banned from the group, but you could lose your money in the interim.
  • There is also the sizing issue, the groups are very strict about posting in the correct size, and different people define that differently.  There are no returns for the most part so check the sizing and be sure you ask for the measurements where you might be unusual.  I have smallish arms but a big waist, since I am an apple shape.
  • In addition there are quality issues, I bought some summer clothes recently and they were in pretty bad shape and had been cheap to begin with, but some other things have been great.

On the other hand, I have NEVER bought a piece of clothing at a thrift store unless it was a plus size store and those are few and far between.  So I am loving these online thrift stores and am willing to take an occasional loss to get something fun at a discount.

There are many other groups but I cannot really tell you about them since I do not belong to them, but you can search at the top of your Facebook page for plus size clothing and mostly you can tell who the vendors are and what groups might be more individual sales groups.  If you know of any other on-line sites that you love, feel free to share them.


Fall Into Autumn in an ASOS Curve Lace Jacket

ASOS Curve Size 24 Lace Jacket Land's End Mock Turtleneck Size 3X

ASOS Curve Size 24 Lace Jacket
Land’s End Mock Turtleneck Size 3X - (They do not have it in this color right now)

As fall approached I began thinking about my fall wardrobe and what I liked of the new arrivals at the various on-line stores. And guess what, I could not find anything in fall colors that spoke to me except this jacket, and black (or white, which it also came in) is not a fall color. In the San Francisco Bay area where I live, everyone wears black year-round, so sometimes I really try to buy something that is not black, but not this time.

asos photo of lace jacketWhen I purchased the jacket I did not realize that it had as much mesh as it did lace. I could not really tell that from the ASOS Curve photo because it is black on black. I still love it.

lace jacket statue zippedIt is a tiny bit snug when zipped, which was surprising since it is an ASOS Curve US Size 24, which is usually quite generous on me, but since it does not actually provide much protection from the cold I probably will wear it unzipped. Usually I wear a size 26/28, but can fit into a size 24 in the ASOS Curve brand (but not all of the brands that they carry), and sometimes a US Size 22. There is NO stretch in this jacket, but I am enjoying wearing it.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

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photos: Alissa Heath

Torrid Soft Pants on the Desert

Torrid Size 5 Challis Runched Soft Pant (Similar)

Torrid Size 5 Challis Ruched Soft Pant (Similar)

I am in Palm Springs for my birthday today, and I thought I would take the opportunity to show you how I dressed when I lived here. I love a soft pant like these. Challis is very light material, it does wrinkle, but the wrinkles fall out with a little spritzing, and they feel so comfortable. They fit really well at the waist, and with an elastic back and short rise, the back of the pants also fit well. They might be some of the most comfortable pants I have owned and perfect desert wear.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

These are ranched the bottom six inches of each seam

These are ruched/gathered the bottom six inches of each seam

Ruched at the bottom, and made to look a little full and soft, I love that I do not have to have them shortened. They are made to look full at the bottom.

So I know you are getting ready for winter, and I promise my next look will at least be autumn wear, but I love being comfy, and it was 90º today.

Off to do a little shopping Torrid is have a sale and I do not often go to a store since I shop mainly on-line.


photos: Alissa Heath

Fall Florals at ASOS Curve

Floral Jacket Mini Skater Skirt Camis

Paper Dolls Floral Jacket from Asos Curve US Size 24
Asos Curve Mini Skater Skirt US Size 22     –   Sandals (Similar)
Camis – Old, Avenue Black and Pink Layered Size 26/28         –      Belt, old Torrid Size 5

I fell in love with this jacket the moment I saw it. A fall jacket with a black and green background, and lots of pink flowers, kind of a spring jacket in winter colors. As you probably know ASOS Curve runs fairly so I am able to wear a US 24, even though I am a US size 26/28.
And I already had a necklace to wear with it (below) so what more could I ask for. But I struggled with jeans, or a mini skirt, or pencil skirt and I really wanted something that was not black, and I settled on the teal. I loved doing a little street shoot in San Francisco.

I think the necklace is really fun. I thought about making one, as I do sometimes, but sometimes it ends up more expensive than buying a costume statement necklace, so I just found something to match the colors that was not too expensive. One of the things I love about Amazon is that it gives you similar necklaces in the same size and price range at the bottom of the page.


photo: Lydia Hudgens Photography

Michael Kors Plus Size Houndstooth Vest!

Michael Kors Houndstooth Vest Size 3X

Michael Kors Houndstooth Vest Size 3X (and it is on sale!)                  

You could wear this vest on a walk on the bogs of England (can you tell we are watching Sherlock at our house), or to a festival at night in chilly San Francisco, or to that outdoor BBQ that requires clothing that is a little fancier than jeans and a t-shirt, but not really cold enough for a real coat.

I had never worn Michael Kors before because his sizes only go up to a 3X, and I wear at least a 4X, and the 4X only works if it does not have a fitted waist. But when I realized that Ahead of the Curve (see below) was collaborating this month on Tartans, Tweeds and Houndstooth, I just had to try this vest, it is just my style, and oh my, it fits.
I love the vest, it just has one toggle on the chest for a closure so it is very comfortable and I love that this fake fur is kind of trendy in the houndstooth pattern.
The Tripp NYC Size 28XS jeans are a couple of years old and I cannot find them anymore, but Tripp NYC does still have a small plus size line you can find HERE.

The Land’s End Turtleneck was a “uniform” piece that I wore for many years when I lived in the corporate world, with a blazer or light silk jacket, and black trousers. I still have a handful of them and I wear them when I can.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

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photos: Leori Gill Photography