Jessica London: An Abundance of Denim in Plus Sizes to 34W

They say denim never goes out of style, and that is certainly true for Fall 2014. Denim is everywhere this year. Funky, embellished or basicI wear my denim jacket at least once a week, since it is often cold by the San Francisco Bay.

Perhaps the August Issue of Plus Model Magazine was part of my inspiration.

So when I saw all this denim at Jessica London I had to check it out! How cute are these cropped jean jackets? All very modern, one with ruffles, a moto jacket, and one with a zipper no less, and they are all on sale. They come in various colors and come in sizes 28 – 32. Did I mention they are on sale? Pretty fun I say!

And if those are too short for you here are five more standard length jackets. A couple come to a size 34W, and yes, they are also on sale!

And if you love the jackets you might think you need the most popular skirt of the year to wear with them, a pencil skirt, in SO many colors.

And Jessica London has more denim than I have ever seen on one place, much more than I could fit into this photo. Check it out, and yes they have lots of colors and many of their items come to a 28, and some to a 34W. And as you can see from the photo, many of them are on sale also. How fabulous is that?

Jessica London Denim

                               Jessica London Denim


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Hell Bunny Plus Size 4X – OMG it fits

Hell Bunny 4X (similar)

Hell Bunny 4X (similar)     Hair Bow        Earrings         Sandals (very old)        Petticoat 

I have been eyeing Hell Bunny for a long time but when I looked at their size chart I just did not see any hope for my 53″ waist fitting into one.

hell bunny size chartBut then fellow Ahead of the Curve blogger and friend Cherie, who blogs at The Fat Girl knew a little about my size and suggested that I give one a try. And guess what, it fits. It has a full elastic back, but not much give in the material.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

So I decided to go to an expert, to help me with figuring out what Hell Bunny dresses might fit. I contacted the owner of Sweet Echo, and she gave me this information about the Hell Bunny dresses that have a full elastic back or run a little larger or have some stretch:

  • Mariam Polka Dot dress has full elastic back;
  • Cannes has the side stretchy panels, not across entire back and runs big for Hell Bunny;
  • Bobbi Lee has the back stretchy panel;
  • Alika has the back stretchy panel, and Sweet Echo has one left in a 4X;
  • Zombie Pin Up in Mini has side stretchy panels and runs bigger compared to other Hell Bunny dresses and the material has some give to it.
  • Adelaide Polka Dot dress does not have any stretchy panel but it runs big and the material gives; and
  • Olive dress has back stretchy panel but it runs small.

So that is what I know today, if you have a question you could always contact Sweet Echo and I am sure she would be happy to answer your questions.

You may have noticed that I don’t usually give you a  link for my earrings. I can’t wear posts, I seem to have developed an allergy to metal. I mainly wear vintage clip earrings from the 80s that I buy on Etsy for Ebay.

It you want to check out what my fellow Ahead of the Curve Bloggers have to say about gingham vs. dots this month click HERE.

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Photo: Leori Gill Photography

I Love Plus Size Necklaces

I suspect you already know I love jewelry. Big costume jewelry, fun and edgy costume jewelry, arty jewelry, lots of jewelry. If I leave the house without a necklace, bracelets and earrings I do not feel dressed. So I thought I would share some great plus size looks and are happening right now and trending through Autumn.

I thought we would start with a favorite necklaces, that I wear all the time. It is a little kitschy and fun, and people love it, and under $30.00.

Desert Hues               Silver Discs                    Green Drops

  Desert Hues                                     Silver Discs                              Multi Color Drops

I found three that I liked a lot at Just My Size. They all have that big look and can dress up any outfit, and guess what, they are each under $20. How fun is that?

Green Black Gold Smoky Amber

Green Marquis              Black Discs                       Gold Chains                  Smoky Amber

Then I found found four at Jessica London, also quite reasonable at under $30 each. These also have that big look that I love. I hope you like them too.

Inspiration Statement Necklace Cyber Goddess Inspiration

Inspiration           My Statement Necklace  My Cyber Goddess                 Inspiration

And I cannot leave the subject of necklaces without discussing do it yourself (DIY). I made two this year, one funky steampunk necklace, and the other a huge statement necklace. It really is not any cheaper than buying something arty or unusual on Etsy, but every once in awhile I just feel the need to make something myself.


ASOS Curve US Size 26/28 PlaySuits – Review

I grew up in Palm Springs where it is quite warm, sometimes over 100º, so I love desert clothes, but when I moved to San Francisco, where it is often in the 60ºs in the summertime, I gave up all those skimpy clothes. But now we live across the Bay where it is often in the 80ºs and 90ºs I started eyeing rompers again. And ASOS Curve had several that I HAD to have. The strapless romper above is my favorite. it is made from a stretch cotton jersey, and I love the wide legged shorts. I tried it in a US Size 24 and it was really too big so I ordered the US Size 22. AND TAKE NOTE: They even have it to a SIZE 28.

I also love the Playsuit with buttons in a size US 24. It had cute detailing, but it was difficult to get in and out of so I returned it, and now it is sold out.

I of course had to try the edgy one with the lattice back.

It is easy to get in and out of because the back is so flexible, and I get compliments on it wherever I wear it. But I don’t feel like I have found the best styling for it. ASOS still has it to a US Size 20, but I think that would easily fit a US Size 24, since I am wearing a US Size 22 and I am a solid Size 26/28.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

I think the strapless one will be part of my Burning Man wardrobe, although it requires a strapless bra, but it remains my favorite. Which one do you like?


photos: Leori Gill

Can a Plus Size 26/28 Wear a City Chic XXL top? Sometimes!

This is my color, which I was thrilled to discover was Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color for 2014, which means there should be more choices of clothing in this color. You might have noticed it matches my glasses, yep, I love it.  BUT, it was $64, which is a little steep for a top I am going to wear with leggings. So I posted it on my Pinterest Board, and after a few weeks I got a notice from someone who had viewed my Pin that the shirt was now on sale, and it still is (but this color only comes to a XL, but they have the black in XXL). Shipping to the US is free, as are returns, so there was very little risk.

Then the questions was, would it fit? City Chic is an Australian company and their XXL is a US Size 24, since I am a Size 26/28, I was concerned, but I loved it so much, I ordered it anyway, and YAY, it just fits.


City Chic XXL

City Chic XXL

And I forgot to mention that it has one of those romantic lace up backs, Love it!

Every time I wear it I love it and get compliments on the color. I do wear a black cami and black tights with it as it is quite sheer.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

So I am so happy to have checked out the sizing of City Chic, and they do have some great sales (lots of items are less than half price), so I suspect you will see some City Chic here again.


Photo: Leori Gill Photography

Review of Plus Size 28 or 4X at Target

I am always interested to see what I might wear from one of the big box stores, and their largest size. Target carries up to a Size 28 (see Size Chart below).

Of the dresses above, I could wear most of them and be happy about it. I tend toward sleeveless, strappy dresses, and I was surprised by how many of those there are.

I was also impressed with the array of bestselling tops in a size 28, but these top sellers were much more casual than the dresses, but included several cute styles.

Target Size Chart

Target Size Chart

I would definitely call these choices a win, and even the Mossimo Brand size chart looks quite generous, especially in the waist, where I am quite large.

Maybe it is time to check out Target.


Photo: Leori Gill Photography

Can a 4X Fit Into an Eloquii Plus Size 24? Well, Yes, Sometimes!

Elloquii Size 24 Studded Top

Eloquii Size 24 Studded Top (no longer in stock)

You may know that Eloquii relaunched their line in February, and I agree with many other plus size fatshion mavens that the new look is much more luxe and fun and trendy.

BUT, their largest size is a 24, and I really wear a size 26/28. I decided I would take a chance and see how Eloquii’s sizes run, so I ordered a studded top. It fit fine, partially because there happened to be a little stretch, and I loved that the armholes fit, because they often run large on me. I will try Eloquii again, but I doubt you will see me in a pencil skirt, or bodycon dress from their line.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.


Photo: Leori Gill Photography

Do You Have Knee Pain? Cinder Can Help You Get Healthier Knees!

cinder pose1This post is not about plus size clothes. It is about your knees. Some of you know I had knee surgery in February. I am doing well, but it is a much bigger deal than I expected, and at five months post surgery, my knee is still a little stiff. So what are the alternatives?

My friend, aerobics teacher, and trainer for over 20 years, Cinder Ernst, is starting an “Improve Your Mobility” Extravaganza teleclass on Tuesday, July 15. Check it out.  I cannot even tell you the difference she made in my life through the years, creating more mobility, strength and especially happiness.

Cinder is also going to be my first advertiser, starting on August 1st, so I wanted to introduce her and let you know that she knows all the ways to help you be more mobile and able.

And guess what, if you sign up for her free teleclass she will donate $2 to Soul Shoppe, an organization that helps keep schools safe and bully free.

So read more about it HERE and register soon!


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Bare for Summer in a Plus Size 4X Crop Top

A few weeks ago I woke up wanting a size 4X crop top.

Crop Top Evans "Cut" Pencil Skirt - U.Si Size 28

Crop Top
Evans “Cut” Pencil Skirt – U.S. Size 28

So during my research I fell in love with this crop top, I am a big Will Smith fan and I thought the colors would look great with a wild patterned skirt I have (in real life the hues of the colors did not work at all).

And speaking of Will Smith, I could not help being amused that he made a video, as The Fresh Prince, in 1991, called Summertime. How is that for a “Bare for Summer” theme.

beingseencollage.jpgSince I wear strapless, strappy camis, shorts, bathing suits or whatever I feel like, I felt like it was going to be difficult to expand my boundaries when I learned that our Ahead of the Curve bloggers collective topic this month is “Bare for Summer“. But then I thought, oh, my tummy, show my tummy, OMG. So a crop top it is.

Crop Top With T-Shirt Underneath

Crop Top With T-Shirt Underneath

  • I tried the crop top with a t-shirt underneath, the crop top rode up immediately and was not very becoming.
  • To be honest, I don’t think I will be wearing this much in public, but I am grateful for my fellow size positive fatties who are doing so for me.
  • I ordered the shorts in a 5X and they felt too large, but the 4X rides up and are VERY short when I sit down.
  • I had been wanting gladiator sandals since we went to Italy two years ago and they were everywhere. I am so happy to have found a WW width.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

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photos; Leori Gill Photography