How do Size 26 -28 Sizes fit at ASOS Curve?

Did you know that Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the year for 2014? It is my favorite color, purple with a little red thrown in, it matches my glasses, it was my wedding color, and it is my current toenail polish color.

So when I saw this skater dress at ASOS Curve, in a US Size 24, I just had to have it. I asos purple club Lassumed it would fit I have many ASOS Curve items in a US 22 or 24.  But I failed to notice that it was not an ASOS Curve Brand Dress, it is a Club L Dress, which is says right on the title of the dress. And it was so small in a Size 24, I could not even get it over my head.

I am loving ASOS Curve right now. Reasonably priced, lots of fun clothes, and their US Size 24 usually fits, because it runs big. I usually wear a Size 26-28, but heads up, if you are really a US size 26 -28 like I am, only buy the ASOS Curve brand. I will keep a list here of some of their brands that my friends and I have tried that do not fit.

May Fit Similar to ASOS Curve

  • Alice & You


  • New Look – Runs True to Size
  • Club L – Much smaller than ASOS Curve
  • Carmakoma
  • Junarose
  • Inspire


Plus Size Yoek Review – Alphabet Top – Fashion Failure


I have always loved to read and thus have always loved words, letters and fonts. Even my Affatshionista logo is made up of words.  So when I saw Skorch Magazine’s post by Bellas Styles that she had purchased an Alphabet Skirt from Yoek in the Netherlands, I had to have one.  I am not much of a pencil skirt girl, I like my skirts short and fluffy or pleated so I opted to an Alphabet “Tunic”.  And I cannot even tell you how much I loved that the letters in the print were in curvy lines, so fun.  I hope it is long enough to wear with tights.

I love that Yoek’s Plus Size is a size US 28-30, and the description of the item says This shirt has a flare fit.

So the top has arrived and it is just not very becoming.  In general I do not wear flowy clothing and it is 95% Polyester and 5% Elastic.  I am going to return it since it cost $113 Euros, which is about $150.  I do love the print but it is unlikely I will order from Yoek again.  Do you think it might have looked better if I had ordered a smaller size?

Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 2.03.18 PM

Ciao Bellas…affinity

Fashion Failure – Beth Ditto Heart Dress

 “If you don’t have an occasional failure, you are not taking enough fashion risk”  – Suzanne at Says Who.

You may remember that I am very attached to Beth Ditto’s clothing line from 2009 and 2010.  I bought this dress from the Beth Ditto Collection on Ebay from someone in the U.K. for $136.  This U.K. Ebay seller did not usually mail to the U.S. but I asked nicely because I was desperately in love with the heart infused signature dress and I was very grateful when the U.K. seller went to the trouble of changing their Ebay listing so that they were then allowed to go to the trouble of mailing it to me in the U.S.  MANY U.K. sellers are not willing to do that, I am sure it is a lot of extra trouble.

I bought the dress because it was a size 22UK – size 20US and I had just purchased a similar (or so I thought) dress, or tunic, as they might say, in purple in a size 24UK which is a size 22US, which turned out just a little large and I had to have it taken in.  Thus it seemed like the UK size 22 should be fine and would be worth all the bother.

When the dress came there were shouts of joy (you have to take your joy where you find it, I always say) and then I put it on and oops, it was way too small.  I could get it on, but it was not wearable.  I sold it on FatToo for less than half the price, and the next buyer had the same luck.  But never fear, I will have this dress. I check Ebay every day for a larger size and I continue to love it.  Yes, there will be more Beth Ditto clothing tales to come.                   Ciao Bellas…affinity


OMG!  I am so excited to have a Betsey Johnson sweater that I just had to show it to you right away! I love Betsey Johnson and it would never have occurred to me that even an “oversized” sweater would ever fit my size 26-28 torso, and then to find LOVE… since I am a child of the sixties, thank you Tracy of Chubble Bubble (who IS Domino Dollhouse) for showing me it could work! You made my week!…affinity

If you want to try one of Betsey Johnson’s oversized sweaters, try here!

Eyeglasses – Fashion Failure?

In 2001, when I was getting married at Burning Man I bought a pair of vintage 1980 french rhinestone glasses that I loved. Two days before our 10th wedding anniversary, the glasses broke, I was heartbroken of course.

Then I looked everywhere for rhinestone vintage frames that would fit my wide head that were similar. But I had VINTAGE in my head, and as usual proceeded on my path.  I ended up with the vintage leopard frames below, which I loved, but turned out not be very becoming.  I looked like a woman out of a British farce!

And guess what, they are not working.  My great optician tells me that the way the 50 years old frames are configured will not work with my progressive lenses. A very expensive lesson.  So watch this space for the new eyeglass look.  Fashion Failure!.

But while we are on this page I wanted to tell you a little about our wedding clothes:

Dress:  A lavender bridesmaid dress made by Sydney’s Closet in a size 28, which I then had altered to make it smaller under the arms and have it shortened.

Glasses: Bought for the wedding on EBAY as “new old stock” or NOS.

Wings & Veil: We made by a craftsperson living in the Bay Area, and the veil I dyed a light lavender and created the armature for the lavender and purple crystal beads.  I loved it!

Flowers: My girlfriends and I created the flowers and they are made from heavy crepe paper using some concepts from a Martha Stewart pattern.