Do You Have Knee Pain? Cinder Can Help You Get Healthier Knees!

cinder pose1This post is not about plus size clothes. It is about your knees. Some of you know I had knee surgery in February. I am doing well, but it is a much bigger deal than I expected, and at five months post surgery, my knee is still a little stiff. So what are the alternatives?

My friend, aerobics teacher, and trainer for over 20 years, Cinder Ernst, is starting an “Improve Your Mobility” Extravaganza teleclass on Tuesday, July 15. Check it out.  I cannot even tell you the difference she made in my life through the years, creating more mobility, strength and especially happiness.

Cinder is also going to be my first advertiser, starting on August 1st, so I wanted to introduce her and let you know that she knows all the ways to help you be more mobile and able.

And guess what, if you sign up for her free teleclass she will donate $2 to Soul Shoppe, an organization that helps keep schools safe and bully free.

So read more about it HERE and register soon!


This is not a sponsored post

She was Plus Size, Dressed in Black, Wearing Fabulous Fluevogs

Great Closing Party for Sean Orlando at his De Young Show last night. Fabulous sculpture inspired by sea creatures, nature and drawings of Ernst Haeckel. If you missed it, check out these images and see Sean's work at his Oakland studio, Five Ton Crane. photo: Fannie Allen Designs

Great Closing Party for Sean Orlando at his De Young Show last night. Fabulous sculpture inspired by sea creatures, nature and drawings of Ernst Haeckel. If you missed it, check out these images and see Sean’s work at his Oakland studio, Engineered Artworks.
photos: Fannie Allen Designs

We stopped by the de Young Museum the other night because our friend Sean Orlando was having a closing reception of his show.

I turned, and there was this fabulous woman dressed to kill.

bondeA jacket from Torrid in mixed faux leather, with a pair of pleather pants.

She looked amazing, but the pièce de résistance was a fabulous pair of lace up Fluevog boots. Could I wear them? Might they fit in width if I got a size 10 for my usually size 9.5 foot? And they lace up so the calf size should not be a problem. I may just have to check them out. This is what Fluevog says about them:
Go on, fall in love. We dare you!”

bonde ringIn addition to looking stunning, it turns out that she is a jeweler, and her friend had an engagement ring on that Bonnie had designed for her. Her business is called Bonde Jewelry, check her out sometime.


Buena Chica ‘Brings it’ from Ross!

Alix Tre´ aka Buena Chica

Alix Tre´ aka Buena Chica

A couple of week ago I was at an event with the fabulous Alix Tre´ and I was standing behind her and noticed that the back of her t-shirt was “cut”, so I asked if she had done it herself, since I am kind of a DIY girl myself. She responded that “oh no, the t-shirt was like that when she got it from Ross, Dress For Less.

alix2And then she turned around, and her t-shirt said LOVE. Well you know that I am a child of the 60’s and it made me smile. And the she told me she had only paid $5 for the t-shirt.

There are bargains out there to be had. We just have to keep shopping.


Our Guest, Jenny Strauss

Over Dress: In Full Swing Under Dress: Ross Boots: Nordstrom

Over Dress: In Full Swing
Under Dress: Ross
Boots: Nordstrom – ECCO

Since I am still recovering from knee surgery, Jenny was kind enough to share a photo with us. I love this layered look, don’t you?

We cannot really see her belt but she wanted you to know about, Outback in the Temple of Venus, in Point Richmond, which she loves and always has some great plus size items.  Thanks Jenny, for stepping in for us.

Fabulous Custom Made Plus Size Clothing

nicole MaronI got a note and a photo from my friend Nicole Maron recently. She had had her amazing friend and designer extraordinaire Kelly Williams custom make this three piece ensemble – top, skirt, headpiece – for the 1920’s themed wedding she was attending.

Nicole got many compliments, including that she looked like “She just came from Prague”. I love the gorgeous ensemble and it looks like it would feel fabulous to wear.

This is what Nicole has to say about her friend Kelly as a designer:

nicoleKelly is a unique talent who understands the three-dimensionality of real bodies large and small, and who can create anything from custom costumes like this to perfectly tailored coats to fun casual wear to glamtastic modern party duds to sophisticated work clothing. She is also an *excellent* patternmaker. I think she deserves an angel who can start a clothing line and hire her as their lead designer, but she is looking for any good design job leads. You can see some of her older stuff at foompa and she offers sewing classes at Craft Haven. Really you should get her to take you on a tour of her own closet – she designed and made everything in it!



Kelly and Nicole, thanks for sharing with me, I am always thrilled to be able to share something truly different with my readers.


Burning Man Plus Size DIY

marzy2It was Tuesday afternoon, and my favorite event at Burning Man.  I was at the Cultural Collaborators Party hosted by Burning Man Project, I am their Social Media Coordinator.  It is very sumptuous (the ice cream made using liquid nitrogen, was the best I had ever had) and I was standing talking to someone and I heard in my ear “Aren’t you Affinity? I read your blog!”.  Well, there are few words that make me happier than hearing that someone is actually reading my blog, and I turned and there stood this fabulous person, Marzy.  We chatted, had our picture taken but never received a copy, so she sent me this “In the City” version of her outfit with a description.

Here is the recreation of the outfit I  was wearing at Burning Man.  My necklace was made by me (a brass escutcheon from an old dresser).  My hat, made by ME, of silk ties, lace, ribbons, etc.  My “corset”  is a Frederick’s of Hollywood thrift store find that started out white, but then I dyed it black and the different panels took on the dye differently.  It turned out gray & brown. The ruffled wifebeater underneath is another creation by me.  What started as a plain white tank top ended up with vintage satin/lace ruffles from a thrift store robe and an antique-ish brass button cluster.  The black crinoline was a $5 thrift store find.  My boots were, yes, another thrift store find, and still covered in playa dust!  After writing all of this down, I realize what fun I have customizing plain old clothes into something fabulous!  May this serve as inspiration to all to not accept the plain boring clothes put on the racks in our size!  Make a leap of faith and go out and turn the ordinary extraordinary!


marzy crop hat I have included a close up of her hat so you could see that she has taken elements of various ties to decorate her hat. I have not seen this kind of assemblage before and I love it.

Marzy, what a delight to meet you and you look gorgeous in your photo, thanks for making the effort to say Hello and send the photo! I love DIY so it is all just perfect.


Guest Post – Color Me Fatt

nikki leggingsI love leggings.

They can totally change an outfit style wise, but do so much more!  Have a problem with chub rub or don’t want to shave your legs?  Put them on under a dress.  Have a top that is too long to be a top and too short to be a dress?  Put on some leggings.

I never mix patterns.  Decided to try something new and this is what I came up with, coming to you from a self-portrait in my bedroom.  😉

I am a size 28/30 on top and a 34 on bottom.

asos polka dot swing dress in a size 24
Zaftique zebra leggings in size 5z
Lane Bryant belt, size 22/24
Iron Fist flats   Pick Your Plum polka dot hair bow


Ahead of the Curve Blog Hop

We are a collective of plus size bloggers coming together to post on the same subject now and then, so you can experience different points of view on the same subject. This month we each have a post on “Legging Like Things” so check out our individual posts by clicking on each link.

Our Guest Isabella in her Kerchief Dress

isabellaI met Isabella at the Truth is Beauty studio on Tuesday evening. Truth is Beauty is going to go to Burning Man this year and there is lots yet to do to create this 60′ statue.  On Tuesdays the artist’s have a little potluck.  Some people come to help weld, some people come to hang out and some come to help in other ways like helping with marketing so the crew has the money they need to create this amazing piece of work.

Isabella walked in and she was wearing this fabulous kerchief dress and she said to me “I bought this dress in the slums of Oakland for $15“. And I was so impressed, you just never know what will work and at great price. Lesson learned, you never know where you will find a fun piece of clothing.  You can read Isabella’s blog HERE.


Our Guest – Nancy

I went to a little birthday party at our friend’s Bliss Dance Studio last night and met the birthday girl’s friend Nancy.  The moment Nancy walked into the room I knew she had to be on Affatshionista.  I love blogging about my peeps, those of us that were part of the 1960s.  Can you believe this purple coat, and the boots, to die for?

Coat: Sewn by her friend and gifted to her

Boots: T.U.K. – Size 11 – thrifted

Life is good my bellas…affinity