Love This Torrid Floral Skirt!

2floral-skirt-good-jim-picmonkeyI fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it. I was reluctant to buy it because it seemed too “dressy” to wear tutoring or to lunch with the girls, but it is not as dressy looking as I thought it might be, even though it has both a mesh overlay and a tulle lining. I am going to wear it on Tuesday to tutor with my go-to tutoring top, which does not show as much skin.  Sleeveless Turtleneck, Size 20, ASOS Curve
Seems appropriate doesn’t it? And I will wear a pair of sandals but I like the boot look too! I usually buy mini skirts, (this one is 21 inches) because then they generally fall just below my knee.

Sock Hack (to show more color, and balance the outfit)
sox hackThis is the same sock hack I used a few weeks ago (thus the green sock photo). I had some pink socks that I hoped would peek out of the boot, just to add a little matching color to the outfit, but they were way too bulky to wear under my boots. Great thin socks are always a struggle in plus sizes. So I cut the foot off of them and wore them like short leg warmers, since all I really cared about was adding a little color to the bottom half of my legs (I will wear the foot portion to sleep in so no waste here). I wish I had worn bright pink earrings to bring the same color up to my face. I suspect you will see the sock hack fairly often.

Floral Skirt Torrid, Size 3
Strappy Cami Torrid, Size 3
Re/Dress Teggings – Regular length
Torrid Combat Boots – 10.5 W

Update, October 10, 2016:
I love this skirt, it is pretty much my current fav! I just found a dress that is similar:
Floral Mesh Dress (up to Size 3X)

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Peace, Affinity

photo: Jim Hirabayashi

Plus Size Plaid & Avenue Wide Boots

plaid tightsresized smaller CSPlaid is everywhere this fall! Usually I don’t buy patterned leggings. That’s not really true, I buy them, but then I don’t wear them, so I try not to buy them. But I had to have these, and I thought I would just wear them with a long top. After I saw the photo below, I decided I needed another tartan to bring the look together and I bought a scarf, which makes me much happier. Continue reading

Torrid Shorts – What Size Should I Buy?

shorts best copyTorrid Shorts – What Size Should I Buy?

I am Los Angeles visiting a friend that I worked with in the ’80s. Loving her pool, I will be water walking a little later this morning, and then perhaps a dip in the hot tub, which is really good for my back and sciatica.

I know, this looks like a skirt rather than shorts and that is why I love them. I just had to show you these shorts right away because they are SO cute, and comfy and I bet they sell out soon. I think I will be able to wear these when I tutor first graders at the elementary school down the street from where I live.

The shorts are lined, they have a robust drawstring, and I think they are really fun and cute. I will be looking for another pair of these in a different fabric. They are a Torrid Size 4, I think I might have been able to wear a Size 3, It is, of course, quite a bit longer on me than it is on the Torrid model.

You might find the  High Neck Tee, a little tight in the neck. I snipped the back seam, just in the neck, to give me a little more room. It is too warm in the heat of the day, but it will be perfect for the cool fall days, and I have a couple of them.

Torrid Chiffon Short – Size 4, but they are a little large, I could have worn a Size 3.
ASOS Curve Sleveless High Neck Tee – Size US 24

Peace, Affinity

photo: Joe Anaya

Torrid Size 4 – Fit and Flare! Best Skirt EVER!

10 year patchTorrid Size 4 – Fit and Flare! Best Skirt EVER!

If you have been following along you know that I go to Burning Man. As you can see I have a rhinestone Burning Man on my cami, from about 10 years ago. I wore it because I was at Burning Man Headquarters where they gave me a patch for 10 years of volunteering (you might remember that they gave me The Affinity Award several years ago). So I wore my favorite cami, and the cutest skirt I have EVER owned. And yes that little hand on my mouth means I might have been crying a little.

torrid sheer skirtI am wearing a Size 4, and it fits perfectly. A stiffish elastic waist, with a little zipper in the back. Unfortunately Torrid only has skirts in sizes 00 – 2 in stock. It took me several weeks to wear it because it just borders on dressy with the stiffness of the body, and the shiny sheerness of the fabric. Can I say one more time, this is my favorite skirt EVER?

sox hackSock Hack (to show more color, and balance the outfit)
I bought some green socks that I hoped would peek out of the boot, just to add a little matching color to the outfit, but they were way too bulky to wear under my boots. Great thin socks are always a struggle in plus sizes. I later had the thought that I could have cut the foot off of them and worn them like short leg warmers, since all I really cared about was adding a little color to the bottom half of my legs (I will wear the foot portion to sleep in so no waste here). So I gave it a try and it worked.

10 year patchAnd here is a photo of my Burning Man 10 Year Volunteer Patch. I think I will put it on my hoodie.

Torrid Sheer Fit & Flare Skirt – Size 4X
Jean Jacket – Size 4X (similar)
Re/Dress Teggings – Regular length
Torrid Combat Boots – 10.5 W


photo: Allison Hastings

Torrid’s New Sizes – Is This Crop Top Too Big?

Torrid's New Sizes

More About Torrid’s New Sizes

Last week I blogged about Torrid’s new sizes, and here they are. The moment I saw this crop top I knew I had to have it, so I ordered a Torrid Size 4 (my usual size Torrid top), a size 5, and the brand new size 6, and guess what, they were all too big. Pictured here is the Size 4 and it is too wide and the sleeves are just too large, making it look a little matronly and baggy. I have since ordered the Size 3 and I will report in, but it looks like I now wear a size 3 top at Torrid.

Torrid Crochet Crop Blouse, Size 4X
SWAK Perfect Leggings, One Size, (My favorite, fitted at the ankles and not too heavy)
Full Beauty HatSimilar)
Eloquii Tulle Skirt
, Size 28 (Similar but longer)

What did I do to change my look from Day to Night? The Day Look includes a hat, casual bangle bracelets, and black earrings. I think the hat had the most impact in creating a more casual look.
torrid crochet top size 4 original size LGFor the Night Look I wore different jewelry and took off the hat.

FROM THE TOP DOWN Fine Jewelry purchased in Ireland Torrid Bangle - Hollow Old Bangle - Lane Bryant Variety of necklaces and small bracelets attached together and wrapped Torrid Solid and Hollow Bracelets

Fine Jewelry purchased in Ireland
Torrid Bangle – Hollow
Old Bangle – Lane Bryant
My mother-in-laws necklaces and small bracelets attached together and wrapped
Torrid Solid and Hollow Bracelets

The necklace is costume jewelry, the earrings are vintage from Etsy, since I can only wear clips these days (I used a sharpie to brighten up the color a little), and the bracelets (above) are a combination of good jewelry and costume jewelry.

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DaytoNightCollageDon’t stop here. Check out AHEAD OF THE CURVE where my fellow bloggers will show you their looks for our Day to Night collaboration. Just click HERE.

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Photos: Leori Gill Photography

Torrid’s New Sizes Are Larger, Plus A Size 6!

Torrid’s New Sizes!

Torrid's New SizesTorrid is now carrying a Size 6, AND is cutting all of their old sizes MUCH larger. You can see the sizes are larger by looking at the side by side comparison (above) of the old Size Chart and the new Size Chart. The Size 6 is equal to a Size 30 and the bust is 64 -68 inches. YAY! Continue reading

Plus Size Festival Fashion!

“Festival” a Plus Size Fashion Statement!, or
“How I Learned to Love Flower Headbands!” Are you a Festival Girl, I am?

Plus Size Festival Fashion

I love to shop, and y’all know that I think of myself as a hippie, so when I started seeing Plus Size Festival Fashion I could not help but smile. I go to a festival or two every summer so I am so excited to see such amazing choices in my size. Continue reading

Ashley Nell Tipton Unicorn Skirt – Plus Size 4X

sequin skirt at holiday sparkI had loved this skirt for awhile and was excited when I purchased it a few months ago. In my life I can pretty much wear a sequin skirt to most of the evening events I go to, whether it is an art opening or a house party…BUT, I just struggled with what to wear it with. I looked at dozens of tops. Should I buy a sequin top, in beige, lavender or blue? I looked at floral t-shirts that I could perhaps add some sequins. I looked at pastels t-shirts of every hue, and then one day I realized it was really a pink base and decided to take a VERY casual approach with a graphic t-shirt and my trusty black denim jacket. Sometimes you have to just give it a try and enjoy it already.  So off I went to a holiday party. Continue reading

Torrid Soft Pants on the Desert

Torrid Size 5 Challis Runched Soft Pant (Similar)

Torrid Size 5 Challis Ruched Soft Pant (Similar)

I am in Palm Springs for my birthday today, and I thought I would take the opportunity to show you how I dressed when I lived here. I love a soft pant like these. Challis is very light material, it does wrinkle, but the wrinkles fall out with a little spritzing, and they feel so comfortable. They fit really well at the waist, and with an elastic back and short rise, the back of the pants also fit well. They might be some of the most comfortable pants I have owned and perfect desert wear.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

These are ranched the bottom six inches of each seam

These are ruched/gathered the bottom six inches of each seam

Ruched at the bottom, and made to look a little full and soft, I love that I do not have to have them shortened. They are made to look full at the bottom.

So I know you are getting ready for winter, and I promise my next look will at least be autumn wear, but I love being comfy, and it was 90º today.

Off to do a little shopping Torrid is have a sale and I do not often go to a store since I shop mainly on-line.


photos: Alissa Heath

Where Can I Buy Plus Size Costumes 1X to 3X or 4X or 5x to 12X? 2014

For a couple of years I have been writing posts about where you can find 4X and larger, Plus Size Costumes, and with Halloween coming it is time for an update. In addition to retail 4X costumes, as always I am going to include Do It Yourself (DIY) section. Just for reference I am size 26-28, weigh 280 lbs, have a 53″ waist and tiny ankles. My standard for inclusion in this article is that the costume might fit me. My experience is that costumes run small so buyer beware.

Halloween Costumes carries 31 different Size 5X costumes, priced between $28 – $104. They even have 9 Size 7X costumes, but this year there do not seem to be any 8X costumes. But based on one of my reader’s experience, these costumes appear to be generously sized. This is where I would start my search. They have quite a bit of variety and I think it is worth the effort to check out what they are offering, and these costumes appear to be exclusive to them. The Wonderland Cat includes the shrug and “wristlets”.

BigGals Lingerie has costumes up to a size 12X.  They are somewhat expensive, but it is good to know what your options are.  I do not know how late you can order a costume to guarantee delivery before Halloween, I could not actually get them to give me a date on the phone, but I would say beyond October 10th you might be pushing.  They told me on September 19th last year, that if I ordered a costume on that date it would arrive on October 20th.  They generally have a six week delivery time, but that seems to be compressed for Halloween.

Sanctuarie has more costumes this year that run to a 9X that are very cute, and some moderate pricing, as well as quite a few accessories and make-up. The site says to check sizing for each item. I think this is a fabulous resource if their costume themes speak to you.

Plus-Size Costume Shop carries handmade costumes up to a 7X.  They are pricey but quite lovely and lean toward renaissance costumes and witches. At this time they do not suggest a specific date by which you should place your order, but that might change in the next few weeks.

Etsy seems to have fewer Size 4X options this year. What I found was expensive and I had seen many of them elsewhere. Each seller will have a different policy so be sure to check that out. That said, they have a plethora of accessories, Paws, Animal Hats, various ears, and Tutus, which vary in their plus sizes. And don’t forget the amazing masks, which are not size specific, and vary tremendously in cost. And they even have some themed Halloween hats.

eBay of course has a variety of choices in both quality and fit.  This is what I came up with when I searched for Costume 5X. It seemed to me that most of the costumes were also being sold on the other sites I have mentioned, and I would be particularly careful of the bustier sizing, which always seems to vary a lot.

hips and curves sexy witch hatHips and Curves has a lovely collection of costumes and accessories, some to a 6X, which appear to run a bit small. I love the look of these costumes and I have not seen most of them anywhere else. And OMG, this sexy witch hat, I have never seen anything like it. And look at this hoop skirt which comes to a 50″ waist. 10/26/14 Update fror a reader, confirming my fears that sizing might run somewhat small:

I have some of the Hips ‘n Curves items. They run extremely small. I have the satin sleeves, and I can’t get them around my arms….also some of the school girl items and petticoats. The petticoats are my favorite…they stretch!

Torrid has costumes but my experience is that their Size 3X/4X runs really small, so I cannot really suggest them to people my size or larger.  But they continue to have parts to costumes, like Size 5X (I usually wear a 4X in Torrid Tops) Super Hero T-shirts which I am sure would fit me.

Lady Strange Erotic Lingerie carries very sexy costumes to an 8X.

Bustiers: Here is a great blog post, Plus Size and Proud, about Corset Boulevard Global and how they fit and how they look. Great information, and there are a couple of great photos.

In addition to the 4X+ size costumes, I owned this Maleficent Size 24 costume for years. It more than fit my size 26/28 body, and I have even had readers state that they thought it would fit to a size 6X, but I cannot vouch for that.

If you are looking for costumes through a 1/2X 3/4X or 1X – 3X, there are many options.  Most Halloween Costume vendors, like Halloween Express often carry up to a 3X, the list is quite long and you only have to Google “plus size costumes” to see the list of choices.


Most costumes tend to run a little smaller than standard sizes so check the size charts carefully when you are ordering.

aff and MB 50_1659500_nMaking Your Own Costume: And last but not least, there is making your own costume.  Go through your closet and see if there is anything that would work as the base of the outfit. Is there a black outfit that could be witch-like, or something gauzy for a princess or large sleeved for a pirate wench, or a leopard print that just needs leopard ears and perhaps some leopard gloves, the list is endless.  There are a ton of tutorials out there on how to make a headband or accessory to fill out the illusion. In my experience everyone wants to believe in your costume and it only takes a little sleight of hand to make it fun and festive for Halloween. Here are some costumes/DIY tips from prior years.

DIY Wonder Woman Plus Size Costume
DIY VooDoo Doll Plus Size Costume
DIY Steampunk or Edwardian Plus Size Costume
VERY casual Bee Costume (good for a child)
DIY Mrs. Claus Plus Size Costume

In the spirit of making clothes work as costumes, SWAK has a wonderful layout, where they have taken their clothing line, added some accessories and have created costumes, where the underlying clothing could be worn during the year. Gotta love that!

I hope you find this useful and as always if you have additional suggestions please comment.  In addition, I would love to see some photos if you do decide to dress up for Halloween, or any time.