Plus Size Plaid & Avenue Wide Boots

plaid tightsresized smaller CSPlaid is everywhere this fall! Usually I don’t buy patterned leggings. That’s not really true, I buy them, but then I don’t wear them, so I try not to buy them. But I had to have these, and I thought I would just wear them with a long top. After I saw the photo below, I decided I needed another tartan to bring the look together and I bought a scarf, which makes me much happier.

torrid top asos leggings LG

This top is sort of a summer top from Torrid. I bought it on sale the last time I was in Palm Springs, and I will imagine I will get a lot of wear out of it this summer.plaid scarf

When the fleece scarf arrived from Amazon it was much brighter than the leggings (and brighter than this photo), so I decided to dye it. I brewed 8 Lipton Tea bags in 4 cups of water and then let it steep for 10 minutes, and then put the scarf in the very dark tea to darken the entire scarf. I am quite happy with the result. The scarf is still a little brighter than the leggings, but not as much as it was.

This is an inexpensive way to create a new look with clothes you already have. A pair of tights and a scarf, worn with a simple black dress, jacket and boots creates the illusion of a new look in your wardrobe, because the eye is drawn to the tartan.

asos leggings avenue boots LG.

I cannot even tell you how much I like my new boots. I have resisted buying an ankle boot because I am convinced I have some in a box someplace, but these came on sale, and I just had to have them. They are very lightweight, which is good for my knees, but probably would not hold up well in a serious winter climate. They have a zipper on the inside, which I seem to need even with an ankle boot. I tried a pair with just an elastic gore and I could not  get them on my foot.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

Denim Jacket (similar) – Woman Within Black Denim Cropped Jacket (to a size 38W), Dress – ASOS Curve US Size 24 (similar) size runs large, Torrid Leggings (similar, smaller) – Plaid Tights, Fleece Scarf – Fleece Tartan, Boots – Avenue Ankle Boots (similar)


Photos: Carol Squires and Leori Gill Photography

9 thoughts on “Plus Size Plaid & Avenue Wide Boots

  1. Those leggings are great! Love your blog, you are a beautiful sassy lady and I love your style!

  2. I was just wandering by while looking for plus-size fashion bloggers in skinny jeans for a friend who is hesitant to try them (I think she should!!). I just wanted to let you know that your style is SO! AWESOME! and I especially love this outfit!! I am a sucker for plaid and you totally rock those leggings, they are styled so perfectly with the boots and scarf. And the little cropped jacket! Love it!!

    • Thanks for the kind comment. I think that the triangle of wider on top narrowing to the ankles can be very becoming. Plaid looks like it is going to be very big again this year so I am sure I will be wearing this a lot.

  3. Love the plaid, and love that you dyed the scarf. I tie-dye occasionally, but I haven’t ever tried to alter the color of something….

    I used to have some slouchy knee boots that didn’t need a zipper, but those are about the only kind that worked without one. Those kind with elastic sides don’t stretch enough if your feet have higher arches.

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