Bare for Summer in a Plus Size 4X Crop Top

A few weeks ago I woke up wanting a size 4X crop top.

Crop Top Evans "Cut" Pencil Skirt - U.Si Size 28

Crop Top
Evans “Cut” Pencil Skirt – U.S. Size 28

So during my research I fell in love with this crop top, I am a big Will Smith fan and I thought the colors would look great with a wild patterned skirt I have (in real life the hues of the colors did not work at all).

beingseencollage.jpgSince I wear strapless, strappy camis, shorts, bathing suits or whatever I feel like, I felt like it was not going to be difficult to expand my boundaries when I learned that our Ahead of the Curve bloggers collective topic this month is “Bare for Summer“. But then I thought, oh, my tummy, show my tummy, OMG. So a crop top it is.

Crop Top With T-Shirt Underneath

Crop Top With T-Shirt Underneath

  • I tried the crop top with a t-shirt underneath, the crop top rode up immediately and was not very becoming.
  • To be honest, I don’t think I will be wearing this much in public, but I am grateful for my fellow size positive fatties who are doing so for me.
  • I ordered the shorts in a 5X and they felt too large, but the 4X rides up and are VERY short when I sit down.
  • I had been wanting gladiator sandals since we went to Italy two years ago and they were everywhere. I am so happy to have found a WW width.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

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photos; Leori Gill Photography

She was Plus Size, Dressed in Black, Wearing Fabulous Fluevogs

Great Closing Party for Sean Orlando at his De Young Show last night. Fabulous sculpture inspired by sea creatures, nature and drawings of Ernst Haeckel. If you missed it, check out these images and see Sean's work at his Oakland studio, Five Ton Crane. photo: Fannie Allen Designs

Great Closing Party for Sean Orlando at his De Young Show last night. Fabulous sculpture inspired by sea creatures, nature and drawings of Ernst Haeckel. If you missed it, check out these images and see Sean’s work at his Oakland studio, Engineered Artworks.
photos: Fannie Allen Designs

We stopped by the de Young Museum the other night because our friend Sean Orlando was having a closing reception of his show.

I turned, and there was this fabulous woman dressed to kill.

bondeA jacket from Torrid in mixed faux leather, with a pair of pleather pants.

She looked amazing, but the pièce de résistance was a fabulous pair of lace up Fluevog boots. Could I wear them? Might they fit in width if I got a size 10 for my usually size 9.5 foot? And they lace up so the calf size should not be a problem. I may just have to check them out. This is what Fluevog says about them:
Go on, fall in love. We dare you!”

bonde ringIn addition to looking stunning, it turns out that she is a jeweler, and her friend had an engagement ring on that Bonnie had designed for her. Her business is called Bonde Jewelry, check her out sometime.


Plus Size Goes to the Burning Man at the Global Leadership Conference v.1

My husband and I have been the registrars for the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference for all eight of them. So on his birthday, day two of the conference, we found ourselves sitting behind a desk, greeting people from all over the world, people who are thrilled to be at an event like this, and then my friend and fabulous photographer, Sidney Erthal, offered to take a few photos for Affatshionista. It was a great break, fun and of course some fabulous photos.

You’ll notice I am still wearing a knee brace at two months post-op from my knee replacement surgery, but I thought it best to wear it for one of my first really long days. I wish I had thought to wear it on the inside of the leggings, LOL.  And that gorgeous necklace is a loan from my fabulous friend Jennifer Raiser, for a shoot for this outfit. I thought it safest if I wore it rather than put it in my purse.

Gloria Lamb

Gloria Lamb

I took a photo of Gloria Lamb two years ago at this conference, and my phone got stolen that night, so I am thrilled to have this photo, and of course it is SO much better since Sidney took it.

Moxie in Hell Bunny

Toni Menconi in Hell Bunny

And Toni was just hanging out by to door and we grabbed her, she looked so cute.  It was the first time I had met her and I love her style.


photos: Sidney Erthal Photography 
(Thanks Sidney, the photos are gorgeous, and I love the graffiti background)

Review – Torrid Size 5x Skirt

I bought this skirt on a whim, it was on sale, it was hot pink. I got it home and then I did not wear it, AND THEN, I ironed it and wore it with a petticoat and a jacket and fell in love with it. Fun and easy to wear, oh yes, and way too late to return it. So in the spirit of “Shopping my Closet” I declare it a winner.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.


Photos: Leori Gill Photography

Torrid Size 5X Faux Fur Leopard Coat Review

Coat: Torrid 5X Skirt: SWAK 5X (sold out) Leggings: SWAK One Size (my favs)

Coat: Torrid 5X (only in a 3x)          Cropped Leopard Cardi Size 12 – 32 (similar)
Skirt: SWAK 5X (sold out)
Leggings: SWAK One Size (my favs)

I fell in love with this coat the moment I saw it. BUT I did not need a faux fur Leopard Coat, I already had one, and it kind of matches my husband’s, as you can see below. AND, I live in California, where we are having the mildest winter on record (read that as drought). But then Torrid put it in sale at half price, and it is so “Old Hollywood” looking, I just had to have it anyway.  And I have been waiting all these weeks to wear it!  Finally last Saturday night we went to a party where we sat in the backyard with a fire and it was just chilly enough to wear, and everybody loved it, as did I.  It is a 5X, and unbuttoned, it overlaps a good six inches, so it is too big, BUT my other jacket does not close all the way, so I wanted to be sure I got a truly warm one for the beach or outside at night, and it is that.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

I teamed the jacket with my matching vintage leopard glasses just for a little extra fun. You could probably buy a modern version that is not quite so outrageous.

leopard coats MB affI thought you might like to see our other coats, just so you can see how much I did not need this one… LOL. These are costume coats, for mine I had a tailor cut some off the bottom and add it to the back, but it still does not close very well so not great on a cold night. And yes I thought I was buying a matching coat, but only realized after I had had it altered, that they did not match.


Two Top Photos: Leori Gill

Torrid 5X Crew Cardigan – SWAK Leggings

Torrid - -Crew Cardigan 5X Skirt - SWAK Designs (Out of Stock) Leggings - SWAK Designs Belt -

Torrid – Crew Cardigan 5X
Skirt – SWAK Designs (Out of Stock)
Leggings – SWAK Designs
Belt – IGIGI Obi Belt

collage radiant orchidIf you have been following along you may remember that my favorite color, Radiant Orchid, is the Pantone Color of 2014.

I bought this sweater just before I discovered this fabulous news because this shade of purplish/redish is generally hard to find. But I hope that since radiant orchid is the color of the year I will see lots of amazing clothing in my favorite color. The 5X is just a little large on me. To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

For information about my bracelets, click HERE.


photo: Leori Gill

Heart Backed Tights at Torrid

heart backed stockingsEvery once in awhile I feel like I just have to tell you something. Today it is Heart Backed Tights.

The largest size is a 3/4 which is too small for me, but I just thought they were so sexy and so fun for Valentines Day that I had to share them. One month and counting…


Plus Size Hello Kitty Halloween Panties

hello kitty spider pantiesI am not going to model these fabulous Hello Kitty Spider Panties, but I will tell you that I will be wearing these Torrid Size 4X for Halloween, because what do you know, they fit. They are true to size, I am a true 4X, but they are snugish on me, so I do not think they would fit anyone larger. How cute are these?  I am telling you now, just in case you have to have a pair… I am so amused I can hardly stand it.

More Halloween news to come, watch this space, and do not forget to check my Size 4X Plus Size Costume Post which I have been updating.


Update: One of my readers says: I have them also in Size 3 and they are too small on me.  I wear a pant size 22/24 , should of gotten the 4.

Hips and Curves, Torrid, Re/Dressnyc, We Love Colors – All on One Day at Fatty Affair

fatty affair cats A few weeks ago I went to an event called Fatty Affair and I blogged about it here and here, and promised you a couple of other outfits that I loved, and above are some fun, easy to make costumes from the always fabulous dance troupes, emFATic DANCE.

Sarah Redman, Creator/Organizer of Fatty Affair

Sarah Redman, Creator/Organizer of Fatty Affair

Sarah Redman is the Creator/Organizer of the event and she looked spectacular.  Here is what she was wearing:

Corset:  Hipsandcurves
Teggings: Re/dressnyc
Red fishnets: We Love Colors
Doc Martens: (limited edition Dia de Los muertos) eBay
Hair flowers: borrowed from Raven.

Laura of Voluptuous Vixen Photography

Laura of Voluptuous Vixen Photography

One of my other favorites was our photographer, Laura. She is wearing a top from Torrid, and I am just loving the Stripes in All Directions that we are seeing here and here, and everywhere this season, and I love them on her. (Sorry the photo is a little blurry, that would be my fault, I took the picture).

And here is a fun little glimpse of the event:


It was a fabulous day, and thanks to everyone who did all the work to make it happen so we could be community.


photos: Voluptuous Vixen Photography

video:  Jeanette DiPatie & Brian

A Torrid Kind of Celebration

IMG_2621I seem to have a couple of go-to looks these days, when I want to be comfortable.  The look I find myself in most often is a cropped Torrid sweater with either a dress or jeans.  I love the sweaters because I am often warm and they seem to have the best selection of very light – spring like sweaters that I can wear over a simple cami and be comfortable.

JRH Photography

JRH Photography

But what is unusual about this outfit is the jeans.  I sent these jeans to a shop on Etsy called Inspired Wear Jeans and she embroidered a quote of my choice on the side of the jeans “Happy is a Good Vibe for Peace”… John Lennon, and then added a little flare at the bottom to complete the hippie chic look.  I love them, they feel like they express who I am and they are fun and easy to wear.

Sweater: Torrid, Size 4
Top: Macys, Size 3X, DKNY Jeans
Jeans: Torrid, Source of Wisdom, Size 28
Affinity Belt: Ebay
Shoes: Torrid, Size 10

Sydney Erthal Photography

Sydney Erthal Photography

The first time I wore them we went to a fabulous 50th birthday party for our artist friend Marco Cochrane, who with his crew created the fabulous Bliss Dance 40 foot tall sculpture that is on Treasure Island at the moment.

jello shotsTo celebrate and make the evening more festive we made jello shots, from freshly squeezed blood oranges and champagne.  I had never had a jello shot before so it was especially fun and we loved how pretty they were.