Torrid’s New Sizes Are Larger, Plus A Size 6!

Torrid’s New Sizes!

Torrid's New SizesTorrid is now carrying a Size 6, AND is cutting all of their old sizes MUCH larger. You can see the sizes are larger by looking at the side by side comparison (above) of the old Size Chart and the new Size Chart. The Size 6 is equal to a Size 30 and the bust is 64 -68 inches. YAY!

More About Torrid’s New Sizes

Torrid changed their size chart as of July 2015. What does that mean?
The old Size 5 used to equal a 30/32 and is now called 26/28, despite being seven inches bigger in the hip measurement. If you compare the old Size Chart and the new Size Chart side by side (above) every single size measurement has gotten at least one inch bigger! And they’re including Size 6 online, which goes up even higher! There have been reviews are saying it now runs big as well. 

I just received a top from Torrid in my usual top size, a 4, since I am a size 26/28. The new size 4 was TOO large for me. I have now ordered a 3. I am thrilled. This makes many more women able to shop at Torrid.

My Advice About Torrid’s New Sizes

  • Check the size chart carefully,
  • Shop in person, if you can, to check out the new sizes (I don’t know if they have Size 6 in the stores),
  • If you cannot shop in person: When you order online order more than one size of an item, knowing that you will have to return the item that does not fit, or
  • Order a size down if you’re between sizes, etc. until you’re more familiar with the new cuts! 

This is GREAT news for those of us that have not been able to buy Torrid’s fun clothes in the past. The larger sizing and the new Size 6 are truly extending their size range AND a lot of their clothes seem to come in the new Size 6. To see all the Size 6s that are in the “New” category right now, click HERE.


13 thoughts on “Torrid’s New Sizes Are Larger, Plus A Size 6!

  1. This is so awesome!! Seems I’ll be able to fit into their clothing better. 😀 I was always at the top and things didn’t fit right.Seems like I might be able to get away with wearing a 3 or a 4 if something is tight and 2s for tops! Very exciting! 🙂

  2. I have a lot of clothes from Torrid. I love their jeans & I am pleased that many more women will be able to buy them. However, I must not be searching the website properly, as I have not yet seen anything listed in size 6.

  3. well this sucks for those of us that are on the smaller end of the plus size. Guess I will have to start shopping somewhere else again 🙁

  4. I can understand adding a larger size. .. but leave the other sizes alone… they were fine the way they were… adding a bigger size is great news but the others don’t need to be cut bigger…

  5. Really disappointed with this. I’m a 12-14 tall, size 0 tops and dresses used to fit perfectly. Now the size 0 pieces fit like they’re size 1-2. Still a size 12-14 in pants. Would have been better for everyone to keep sizes 0-5 the same and simply add sizes 6 and 7 instead of shifting everyone size 1-5 down a size and basically dropping size 0 customers entirely. 🙁

  6. This stinks. I was on the edge of there size 0. Wanting to loose weight now all their sizes will be to big. Where else can I shop to get the most comfortable jeans ever

  7. Sure more larger plus size women get to wear Torrid but this also means A) size 0 is not a US 12 anymore its more of a 16 which is “false information” AND worse than that B) Those of us who are in between plus and regular sizes with large busts are now left out in the cold. I used to love torrid now everything is too big. It sucks especially with Swimwear it is Impossible to buy regular bikinis at my size/ body shape because even if the size fits there is no support and it is just not built with my body shape in mind. (ex; straps are two thin and dig in/ halters are almost the only choice and that gives us DD+ girls back problems, All of the cute full coverage bottoms that you get in plus size stores just don’t exist in “regular” sizes)

    So really they didn’t expand their sizes to fit more people they just changed the size of the people who can wear their clothing. They should have kept true to their sizing (a 0 still a REAL size US 12 and added two or three more sizes to accommodate larger people. Very disappointed in this.

  8. I m so Happy that they hav bigger sizes thank u Lord I thought they forgot about us super plus ladies

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