I Love my ASOS Curve Plus Size Romper

plus Size romper, plus size short size 26I love this plus size Elephant Romper. It is another one of those pieces that I would have loved during the 60s. After seeing the photo, I might try a belt with it the next time I wear it. ASOS Curve has been my go-to for fashion for a while now. They have fun, trendy clothes, and what do you know, their Size 24 always fits my Size 26/28 body.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

ASOS Curve Plus Size Elephant Romper – Size 24
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5 thoughts on “I Love my ASOS Curve Plus Size Romper

  1. Im going to give their 24 a try if u say it fits your 26\28

    • Be sure you are buying the ASOS Curve BRAND and not one of the other brands. AND I cannot promise tights or fitted pants, etc. might not fit. But all of the knit fabric pants have fit me and I love their look. Good luck!

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