Torrid Size 4 – Fit and Flare! Best Skirt EVER!

10 year patchTorrid Size 4 – Fit and Flare! Best Skirt EVER!

If you have been following along you know that I go to Burning Man. As you can see I have a rhinestone Burning Man on my cami, from about 10 years ago. I wore it because I was at Burning Man Headquarters where they gave me a patch for 10 years of volunteering (you might remember that they gave me The Affinity Award several years ago). So I wore my favorite cami, and the cutest skirt I have EVER owned. And yes that little hand on my mouth means I might have been crying a little.

torrid sheer skirtI am wearing a Size 4, and it fits perfectly. A stiffish elastic waist, with a little zipper in the back. Unfortunately Torrid only has skirts in sizes 00 – 2 in stock. It took me several weeks to wear it because it just borders on dressy with the stiffness of the body, and the shiny sheerness of the fabric. Can I say one more time, this is my favorite skirt EVER?

sox hackSock Hack (to show more color, and balance the outfit)
I bought some green socks that I hoped would peek out of the boot, just to add a little matching color to the outfit, but they were way too bulky to wear under my boots. Great thin socks are always a struggle in plus sizes. I later had the thought that I could have cut the foot off of them and worn them like short leg warmers, since all I really cared about was adding a little color to the bottom half of my legs (I will wear the foot portion to sleep in so no waste here). So I gave it a try and it worked.

10 year patchAnd here is a photo of my Burning Man 10 Year Volunteer Patch. I think I will put it on my hoodie.

Torrid Sheer Fit & Flare Skirt – Size 4X
Jean Jacket – Size 4X (similar)
Re/Dress Teggings – Regular length
Torrid Combat Boots – 10.5 W


photo: Allison Hastings

8 thoughts on “Torrid Size 4 – Fit and Flare! Best Skirt EVER!

  1. Hi Robin, congrats on getting your patch. You look very cute in your outfit (as usual). I just saw tall socks in our size (hopefully) in the latest Plus You catalogue. I think it used to be MIB. I am enjoying your posts so much!

  2. Oh my God, SO gorgeous in that outfit! Super cute stylin’! Congratulations on your patch. BTW, have you checked out Sock Dreams’ plus size socks? I’m kinda addicted. Your skirt also reminds me of Kixies stockings which are awesome sexy as hell and stay up on my massive, luscious thighs… Huge 2 U!!

    • I started with Sock Dreams and they did not really have what I was looking for. But, yes, they are my go to…
      Thanks for the mention of Kixies, I have some I have never worn. I will have to look for them.
      Thanks Sage. xoxo

  3. You look amazing as usual! I covet that skirt. It’s the perfect middle ground of dressy/casual where you can dress it up or down. I might have to find some similar fabric and make one! As for the sock issue, I swear it’s like sock/thigh high makers don’t understand that human legs aren’t mannequin legs. I buy knee socks and thigh highs frequently that are so tight at the top that they bite into my legs and aren’t wearable at the height they are supposed to be worn at. Very annoying.

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