DIY Plus Size Clown Costume

DIY Plus Size Clown Costume
Have you ever made a DIY Plus Size Clown Costume? If you have been following along you may already know that I go to Burning Man. In fact, 2015 was our 16th year.  The 2015 theme was Carnival of Mirrors, and like everyone else, I decided I needed a clown costume.  I bought some parts of it, and I had some many pieces in my closet. At first glance, it may seem to be a little too much, and it is. I will simplify the costume  for Burning Man by not wearing any makeup, seems like the nose is plenty.

DIY Plus Size Clown CostumeThe first thing I decided I needed were a clown collar and cuffs. If I knew how to sew, even a little bit, I could have made these, perhaps without the black ribbon edging for very little money. But I don’t, so I bought mine, but I tried to use clothes from other outfits or costumes.

Clown Collar & Cuffs
White Gloves (I bought a dozen in case I wanted to give some away)
Headpiece (painted and reused)
Skirt, leggings and boots (from my closet)

Photos: Tex Allen, Portrayou