Modcloth Size 4X – How Does It Fit?

mandala topWelcome back to the new, more casual, every topic I want to write about, Affatshionista. There will be lots of selfies about how things fit, my water fitness program, other bloggers, and yes, even Burning Man. Lots of examples of what did, and didn’t work.
Hang on to your hats!

Modcloth Size 4X – How Does It Fit? 

I fell in love with this Posh Power Top from Modcloth, and I had to have it. You know they have a ton of plus sizes, sometimes even to a size 30, but I sometimes have a problem with fit.

Modcloth Size 4X, How Does it Fit?This is my first every Affatshionista selfie because I wanted to share with you one of my pet peeves about plus sizes. I have a problem with extra large armholes. I do not have particularly large arms, they are about 15″, but this armhole is 31″.

mandla top clipped2So what to do? I came up with the “wear it over a sports bra, or t-shirt”, and then sew a little tuck in the fabric under the arm (that is a barrette holding place for the tuck).  As you can see, the armhole is too big, but it does not look as messy with the tuck. I am going to make it work. The rule at my house, is fix it today or send it back, no putting it in the mending pile.

aff mandala earringsI even bought some mandala earring because I loved the top so much, and I think I will outline the earrings with a black sharpie to make the colors a little more cohesive.

Of course Modcloth carries a lot of tops in Size 4X, by many different brands, but be careful out there, trust the photos, and if it isn’t just what you want, either find a way to make it work, or send it back!

Modcloth Posh Power Top – Size 4X, hip width 70″, length 31″
Mandala Earrings

A special shout out to Marcy Cruz who encouraged me to come back to blogging, and to do it my way.
I am happy to be back hanging our with y’all.


22 thoughts on “Modcloth Size 4X – How Does It Fit?

  1. Yay! I am so glad that you decided to come back to your blog. I can’t wait to read more from you “doing it your way”.

    • Awww, you guys are gonna make me cry. I am so happy to be doing this again.
      Thanks Tiffany.

  2. Very happy you are back, I always enjoy your tips and it is such a help to know how things fit.

  3. Yay! I’m glad you’re blogging again. You’re built very similarly to me, and I love that you’re very exact in your reviews on fit. 🙂

  4. Welcome back. Just went out and grabbed the last 4x. THANKS. Did you notice in the reviews that the shirt shrinks massively in length when put in the dryer? Make sure that you hang it up!

    • Thanks for the info. I wash almost everything by hand so it would not have occurred to me to put it in the dryer. LOL!
      One of my size 10 friends just bought this and I am clear it is made to wear with a t-shirt under it. The arms are cut very large in hers also, it is a feature, not a bug.
      Thanks for the note.

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