A Plus Size Hippie!

Plus Size Hippie Clothing is Still a Fashion Statement!
hippie full smile SE 50I am a plus size hippie. I am interested in all things about peace and love. I was 20 years old in 1968 and I embraced that era of wild colors and wide bottomed pants, and humans claiming the right to express themselves.

aff long grafatti SE 70plus size palazzo pantsLiving in the San Francisco Bay Area, there is still sort of an anything goes freedom about how I dress. These palazzo pants are from my closet and are over 25 years old. How is that for shopping your closet?

necklaces close SE 70

The jewelry that hippies wore tended to be handmade, but I opted to wear jewelry that means something to me. Each necklace was either a gift, I purchased it while traveling or I made it, i.e. the bronze circle in the middle is an “Affinity Award” necklace that was given to me by the Burning Man Arts Department.

hippie closest SE 70Hippies were known for their love and compassion for others and they embraced everyone regardless of color, faith, or sex and were deeply concerned with ending segregation, which created a revolution.
And here we are in the midst of those very issues once again in 2015.

Palazzo Pants: URU Size 3 (similar) eBay  or Sanctuarie or Etsy or SWAK
Cami: Avenue (similar) Size 26/28
Sunglasses: Amazon
Jewelry: (similar) DIY,  Etsy, eBay
Hat: (similar) Full Beauty
Obi Belt: IGIGI One Size or a cheaper alternative ASOS CURVE
Shoes: Jessica London

april ahoc poster 1stDon’t stop here. Check out what all the chic, smart bloggers from AHEAD OF THE CURVE had to say about our theme this month, “A Borrowed Decade”.
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The photos were taken in Clarion Alley at 18th Street by my lovely friend, Sidney Erthal Photography


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  1. So cool! I make alot of my own clothes, the frustrated flower-child/gothic gypsy that I am. Plus, I have been involved in Ren Faires, Pirate Festivals and Living History for 30+ years. Now, that I am 60+, I am finding all new ways to dress-up in the same way I love! I look forward to your blog entries, I find them very cheerful and encouraging!

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