Lovin’ Those Checks!

50aff checks brighter SEI’m sure you have noticed that I like black and white and that I love geometrics, so when I saw these slouchy pants, I knew I wanted them.

aff long checks SE to cropAnd of course I LOVE my Mondo Guerra Crocs. The shoes could be a little wider but I love them SO much that I wear them anyway.

50aff checks long SEI love that the pants are pegged at the bottom and a little long at the ankle so every time I move my leg they don’t show my ankle or shin bone.

50aff checks close SEI love sharing my looks with you, and I would love to hear from you.

ASOS Curve Peg Pant Size 24 (Smaller Grid) (Runs Large)
Avenue Lace Trim Cami Size 26/28
Crocs Size 10 (similar)
Hat: (similar) 
Full Beauty
Glasses Vintage 1980s

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.


The photos were taken in Clarion Alley at 18th Street by my lovely friend, Sidney Erthal Photography

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