Torrid Soft Pants on the Desert

Torrid Size 5 Challis Runched Soft Pant (Similar)

Torrid Size 5 Challis Ruched Soft Pant (Similar)

I am in Palm Springs for my birthday today, and I thought I would take the opportunity to show you how I dressed when I lived here. I love a soft pant like these. Challis is very light material, it does wrinkle, but the wrinkles fall out with a little spritzing, and they feel so comfortable. They fit really well at the waist, and with an elastic back and short rise, the back of the pants also fit well. They might be some of the most comfortable pants I have owned and perfect desert wear.

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These are ranched the bottom six inches of each seam

These are ruched/gathered the bottom six inches of each seam

Ruched at the bottom, and made to look a little full and soft, I love that I do not have to have them shortened. They are made to look full at the bottom.

So I know you are getting ready for winter, and I promise my next look will at least be autumn wear, but I love being comfy, and it was 90º today.

Off to do a little shopping Torrid is have a sale and I do not often go to a store since I shop mainly on-line.


photos: Alissa Heath

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  1. I always enjoy seeing you in all you cute outfits! see you later.Gayle Naples FL

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