Dr. Martens Boots for Wide Calves

Cherie Andres DraperYou know I love boots, but in general find them very difficult, if they are big enough in the calf they are way too big in the ankle and/or foot length.  I don’t own a pair on knee high boots because of this problem.  I know a lot of big girls can wear Dr. Marten’s ankle boots or flats because they tend to run a little wide in the foot, but imagine how thrilled I was when Cheryl Andres Draper posted this on FatToo Anonymous and said I could share it with you.  This is how she has made these fabulous Dr. Marten Velvet knee High work for her:

My calf is about 19″ and these are the ONLY long Doc Marten boots that have EVER kind-of fit my calves. Kind-of, in that I had to do some modifications to make them work. If I wanted to actually lace them all the way up I had to replace the previous ribbon laces with longer ones (I keep forgetting to get even longer ribbons for these so I can have the poofy bow like I do with my red ones). Also, there is a little bit of gapping between the tongue and the grommets. With the black ones it doesn’t matter much as I have only worn them with dark pants so far but with my red ones I duct taped a strip of the wide ribbon on each side of the tongues so the gap wasn’t noticeable. In my experience Docs run wide (I’ve had and have a lot of them over the years, lol) and these are no different, I don’t wear wides but I need to wear chunky orthotic inserts with Docs and there is enough room for those without pinching my feet.

You might be able to find a pair of these on ebay or FatToo Acessora but I also thought these might work with a little stretching.  In my size they run about $150, and good wide calf boots run about $300+, so I may give this a try.
Thanks Cherie for sharing your secrets with us.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Martens Boots for Wide Calves

  1. Wonderful idea! I have the opposite problem. I have large feet and thighs, but relatively small calves and ankles in comparison, so tall boots will often sag on me. So I’ve modified thigh-hi boots by adding laces and additional buckle holes to keep them in place.


  2. I’m a heavy ladie, but looove my Docs! Nice to see others like me wearing these. I just ordered the DM Black Capper 1460! I can’t wait to get them! 🙂

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