Buena Chica ‘Brings it’ from Ross!

Alix Tre´ aka Buena Chica

Alix Tre´ aka Buena Chica

A couple of week ago I was at an event with the fabulous Alix Tre´ and I was standing behind her and noticed that the back of her t-shirt was “cut”, so I asked if she had done it herself, since I am kind of a DIY girl myself. She responded that “oh no, the t-shirt was like that when she got it from Ross, Dress For Less.

alix2And then she turned around, and her t-shirt said LOVE. Well you know that I am a child of the 60’s and it made me smile. And the she told me she had only paid $5 for the t-shirt.

There are bargains out there to be had. We just have to keep shopping.


4 thoughts on “Buena Chica ‘Brings it’ from Ross!

    • Thanks for your comments. I have been trying to include things like Kmart and Old Navy, so there are some alternatives that are more modestly priced. I hope that is helpful.

      • It Has. A Friend Worked At Ross’s And Was Always Going On About Their Clothes But We Do Not Have One In My State.

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