Do You Have Knee Pain? Cinder Can Help You Get Healthier Knees!

cinder pose1This post is not about plus size clothes. It is about your knees. Some of you know I had knee surgery in February. I am doing well, but it is a much bigger deal than I expected, and at five months post surgery, my knee is still a little stiff. So what are the alternatives?

My friend, aerobics teacher, and trainer for over 20 years, Cinder Ernst, is starting an “Improve Your Mobility” Extravaganza teleclass on Tuesday, July 15. Check it out.  I cannot even tell you the difference she made in my life through the years, creating more mobility, strength and especially happiness.

Cinder is also going to be my first advertiser, starting on August 1st, so I wanted to introduce her and let you know that she knows all the ways to help you be more mobile and able.

And guess what, if you sign up for her free teleclass she will donate $2 to Soul Shoppe, an organization that helps keep schools safe and bully free.

So read more about it HERE and register soon!


This is not a sponsored post