Our Guest – Michelle Ochoa

I ran into my friend, Michelle Ochoa, who works at Burning Man today.  We were at Peralta Junction, a vacant lot that has been transformed into a creative community space filled with art and commerce. Tents have risen, art projects are installed, carnival lights are illuminated and the space has come alive with art installations, creative workshops, performances, micro-retail shops featuring local artisans, Oakland-based food trucks, a tented gathering place, and pumpkins.

I have wanted to feature Michelle for a while now because I love her style.  The tag in the dress she is wearing says “The Hanger” and she bought it in New Orleans.  I love the color and it looks great on her.  Thanks for letting me take your photo Michelle! Ciao Bellas…affinity

Glynda’s Birthday

Recently (stretching that word a little) my friend Glynda had a birthday.  I love this photo.  You know how it is just easy to be friends with some people, well Glynda is like that, she wants to like you.  You met Glynda previously HERE, and I love her style and how she puts outfits together so I thought I would share her birthday with you.

Glynda is wearing a dress that was a hand-me-down (and don’t we love those), with a little attached petticoat, with last season’s shimmer fishnets from Torrid.   I am wearing ASOS Curve, a size US 22, which is their largest size.  I love it with tights, it is comfy and easy to wear.  They have this look now and then in a stretchy sheath, right now their version is sold out in the larger sizes, I am wearing a 22 (I usually wear a Size 26-28), but it is a look they often carry.   If you like it you can watch for it.

This is my favorite shot of Glynda. She loves stars, and in this shot I feel like she is channeling Wonder Woman, one of my heroes. Ciao Bellas…affinity

My Favorite Emmy Dress Tonight

January Jones wore my favorite dress of the evening but it was on the Worst Dressed List. That makes me a little concerned about my taste. Does that mean they would throw me off Project Runway for not having any taste? You know I like a little verve. I would love to hear what y’all think about this? Yea or Nay?

And my friend Sharon from In Full Swing mentioned all the yellow on the Red Carpet. Who can wear all that yellow? OMG, wake me up from this fashion nightmare. Ciao Bellas…affinity

Our Guest – Jenny Strauss

I fell in love with these photos of Jenny on Facebook and ask if I could blog them.  She is a fashionista in her own right and blogs and writes.  I have never met Jenny, she is a friend of a very beloved friend of mine and I appreciate her sharing her amazing style with us.  I love her poses (I could learn a lot from her) and her willingness to be strong and vulnerable at the same time.  On this particular night she was out at the Malcolm X Elementary School Dance Benefit and Auction Party – photos by Eugene Chan.

Jenny said her dress is from a second hand plus size store in Seattle, that she got in 2005 and that she had to quit wearing the shoes, because she fell down several times on this night alone. Ciao Bellas…affinity

I Stand

As I discussed in a prior post, the I STAND campaign has been on various billboards in Atlanta.  Before they come down this week, I want to be sure and honor my friend Carol Squires, whom I have known since the early 80s, for her conviction and willingness to walk her talk.  I love you Carol, and I am proud to call you my friend…affinity

ERISA Retirement Brunch

And what is ERISA you may ask? ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, and for our purposes it is the law that regulates employee benefit plans. Pretty exciting isn’t it?  This is my retirement  brunch with my ERISA attorney friends.  We have all practiced ERISA law for over 20 years and have been friends for almost that long.  It is such a treat to know them and and be able to discuss the law, and our lives, and all the things old friends talk about.  Thanks to each of you, Barbara, Connie, Kathy and Ina for sending me off into the world of not working.

As you can see, I am wearing the dress that I wore to my last retirement event.  It is just perfect for a little more than jeans but a little less than dressy…affinity

I Love my Sister!

My sister Sharon fell in love with the Betsey Johnson Love Sweater when she saw it on my blog, so I sent her one.  What could be more fun than having a matching sweater with your sister, and one that says LOVE at that, and doesn’t she look precious in it.  I am going to Oregon to see my sister and her husband Ed for 4th of July.  You might have to see a photo at that time of the two sisters wearing their matching sweaters. You think?,,,affinity  

photo: Ed Parkes

Burner Fashion – All over the Map!

Heather Hale
Dress: LucieLu
Tights: AdditionElle
Shoe: Aldo 

Sarah Griffith – Oregon

Heather – Vancouver, Canada

These are some women I met a couple of weeks ago at the Burning Man Regional Summit. My husband and I have been volunteer registrars for the last six years. The Regional Summit is a leadership conference that allows Burning Man community leaders to stay in touch and learn from one another.  This is what I wore to the Summit.  I said I would bring you a little fashion from the Summit and here it is.  What I loved most is the variety. There was a little funk, and little everyday wear and a little verve.  I cannot even tell you how happy it makes me to be a part of this event and meet people from all over the world.

The photos of Kameron Hammon from Utah and her fabulous outfit were lost.  Hopefully she will send some new photos to me at affinitymingle@gmail.com …affinity

When in Doubt Wear Purple!

As a brand new plus size/curvy/fat fashion blogger I have been exploring other blogs to get to know how this world has changed since I was an avid shopper in the 80s and 90s and to see which blogs I want to provide links to on my blog. My questions for myself have been, did I want variety or was I more interested in like minded bloggers? One of my priorities in blogging is to find and share clothes at the larger end of plus size fashion, or what I am calling “Curvier” on my blog. There is a lot of shopping and blogging in the world of size 24 and under and I find myself searching for size 24+ shopping and blogs. My mission is twofold, does it look like something they are wearing would fit me and did they point me to shopping I did not know about?

So I was thrilled when I stumbled across, When In Doubt Wear Purple and the blogger, Shawna, was wearing this fabulous skirt, that would clearly fit me, YAY. And guess what, not only did Shawna make it, she has a shop that SELLS them, Chubby Cartwheels, up to a size 32, and she will also make custom sizes. Obviously I hit the mother lode. I emailed and asked if I could feature her on Affatshionista, and she said of course. So imagine my surprise when I was cruising around the internet a few days later and there was When in Doubt Wear Purple featured in Plus Model Magazine.  And then a few days later at Skorch Magazine. So I am happy to be a part of the curvy fashion world that is introducing you to Shawna of When in Doubt Wear Purple and her shop, Chubby Cartwheelsaffinity

P.S. And guess what, I heard a rumor that Shawna is doing a giveaway from her shop so this is a perfect time to check her out!

Our Guest – Jenny Strauss

Yesterday when I was perusing Facebook I fell in love with this skirt that Jenny Strauss is wearing, especially the petticoat peeking out at the bottom, and asked her if I could blog it.  So I was even more excited when she told me that the skirt was custom made by Peach Berserk in Toronto.  Peach Berserk’s tag line is Funky Clothes – Painted Clothes – Hand Printed Women’s Wear, which I find very promising for my future wardrobe, and as her friend points out “I love their design your own dress page!!!”

Jenny Says:  They have prints, fabrics, colors, and you pick them all with the style you want. Mix and match fabulousness. The top was a gift from my mom maybe 18 years ago so not much I can say about that. The leggings are IDEA from ReDress (got them at the NOLOSE conference in Oakland last year). Shoes are Fluevogs, style: Mini Gorgeous. Necklace from a boutique on the Oregon coast. Glasses Jean LaFont. Hair, Jenny. 🙂

So welcome Jenny, looking forward to seeing more of you here at Affatshionista…affinity