Fashion Failure – Beth Ditto Heart Dress

 “If you don’t have an occasional failure, you are not taking enough fashion risk”  – Suzanne at Says Who.

You may remember that I am very attached to Beth Ditto’s clothing line from 2009 and 2010.  I bought this dress from the Beth Ditto Collection on Ebay from someone in the U.K. for $136.  This U.K. Ebay seller did not usually mail to the U.S. but I asked nicely because I was desperately in love with the heart infused signature dress and I was very grateful when the U.K. seller went to the trouble of changing their Ebay listing so that they were then allowed to go to the trouble of mailing it to me in the U.S.  MANY U.K. sellers are not willing to do that, I am sure it is a lot of extra trouble.

I bought the dress because it was a size 22UK – size 20US and I had just purchased a similar (or so I thought) dress, or tunic, as they might say, in purple in a size 24UK which is a size 22US, which turned out just a little large and I had to have it taken in.  Thus it seemed like the UK size 22 should be fine and would be worth all the bother.

When the dress came there were shouts of joy (you have to take your joy where you find it, I always say) and then I put it on and oops, it was way too small.  I could get it on, but it was not wearable.  I sold it on FatToo for less than half the price, and the next buyer had the same luck.  But never fear, I will have this dress. I check Ebay every day for a larger size and I continue to love it.  Yes, there will be more Beth Ditto clothing tales to come.                   Ciao Bellas…affinity

Knoles & Carter Plus Size Leather

I am sure you have noticed by now that I live in a colorful world.  Costumes, short skirts, fake fur…it is all part of both the fat positive and Burning Man cultures that I live in.  So I had to try Knoles & Carter plus size leather when I saw it.  About a year ago, I tried a fuchsia (what I thought was a fake fur but turned out to be rabbit fur) vest, Size 5X – Size 32 according to their charts.  It was made VERY similarly to the Knoles & Carter Jacket above, with an elastic waistband.  Well of course it did not fit, because this brand runs very small, but I could get it on, and wore it once or twice before I gave it away, but IT WAS SO CUTE.  So I thought you size 3X people should know about these jackets because they are precious and yes, in my opinion, the 5X will fit you perfectly.  You can buy one HERE for now, and a little different version in a Size 4x HERE.  In addition there are a few Jessica London leather jackets in a Size 3X which is their size 30-32. I have never tried one because they don’t seem to come in a style I am attracted to, but I thought you should know they are out there and in general Jessica London sizing is fairly true although as I said previously, I have not tried the leather.   Ciao Bellas…affinity