Eyeglasses – Fashion Failure?

In 2001, when I was getting married at Burning Man I bought a pair of vintage 1980 french rhinestone glasses that I loved. Two days before our 10th wedding anniversary, the glasses broke, I was heartbroken of course.

Then I looked everywhere for rhinestone vintage frames that would fit my wide head that were similar. But I had VINTAGE in my head, and as usual proceeded on my path.  I ended up with the vintage leopard frames below, which I loved, but turned out not be very becoming.  I looked like a woman out of a British farce!

And guess what, they are not working.  My great optician tells me that the way the 50 years old frames are configured will not work with my progressive lenses. A very expensive lesson.  So watch this space for the new eyeglass look.  Fashion Failure!.

But while we are on this page I wanted to tell you a little about our wedding clothes:

Dress:  A lavender bridesmaid dress made by Sydney’s Closet in a size 28, which I then had altered to make it smaller under the arms and have it shortened.

Glasses: Bought for the wedding on EBAY as “new old stock” or NOS.

Wings & Veil: We made by a craftsperson living in the Bay Area, and the veil I dyed a light lavender and created the armature for the lavender and purple crystal beads.  I loved it!

Flowers: My girlfriends and I created the flowers and they are made from heavy crepe paper using some concepts from a Martha Stewart pattern.


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    • Thanks JennieKay. I am afraid I am going to have to compromise with something modern because I have such a complex RX in my glasses. But thanks for the encouragement. It made me smile to hear from you.

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