How do Size 26 -28 Sizes fit at ASOS Curve?

Did you know that Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the year for 2014? It is my favorite color, purple with a little red thrown in, it matches my glasses, it was my wedding color, and it is my current toenail polish color.

So when I saw this skater dress at ASOS Curve, in a US Size 24, I just had to have it. I asos purple club Lassumed it would fit I have many ASOS Curve items in a US 22 or 24.  But I failed to notice that it was not an ASOS Curve Brand Dress, it is a Club L Dress, which is says right on the title of the dress. And it was so small in a Size 24, I could not even get it over my head.

I am loving ASOS Curve right now. Reasonably priced, lots of fun clothes, and their US Size 24 usually fits, because it runs big. I usually wear a Size 26-28, but heads up, if you are really a US size 26 -28 like I am, only buy the ASOS Curve brand. I will keep a list here of some of their brands that my friends and I have tried that do not fit.

May Fit Similar to ASOS Curve

  • Alice & You


  • New Look – Runs True to Size
  • Club L – Much smaller than ASOS Curve
  • Carmakoma
  • Junarose
  • Inspire


7 thoughts on “How do Size 26 -28 Sizes fit at ASOS Curve?

  1. I totally concur. I had avoided anything not labeled ASOS Curve after hearing the same thing but in my recent order I accidentally got a black skater dress labelled Junarose and even the size label just says “XXL”. It ran about two sizes smaller than my Curve dresses.

  2. Yip have to agree, I purchased a Junarose dress and it just gets on, but thats about it (And not worth sending back as it was in special and postage from New Zealand to there is not cheap, so a lucky friend just may score it). I will now also try and stay in the ASOS Curve range only :).

  3. Disappointing – I had my eye on a CArmakoma dress, waiting for the markdown – but very good to know!

  4. Thanks for the helpful tip. I’ve always wanted to try ASOS Curve so this is good to know!

  5. I showed my daughter the Junarose top I thought was to small, the second time I tried it on, it didn’t feel so tight, I asked my daughter her opinion and she loved it the best out of all the three tops I got lol, I am not sure why I thought it was small in the first place now lol. Goes to show for me I need to try everything at least twice, normally I try something once hate it and shove it in the back of the wardrobe. At least I know what I am wearing Christmas day now 🙂

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