ModCloth, A New Plus Size Retailer, Size 4X Review

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modclothA new retailer to me, Modcloth was having a great sale, and I had a $15 discount so I was able to buy this dress for less than $20 shipped. It is a burnout fabric. I noticed that 3 of us from our blogging collective, Ahead of the Curve, were buying it so I thought it would be fun if we did a collage, since Cherie lives in Cincinnati, Stina in Toronto and I live in California. They have this dress in turquoise, but not on sale, sorry.

We are all wearing a Size 4X (their largest size), but for me it is way too large in the arms and bust (underarms  27 – 31 stretched, waist 25 stretched 28.5), a 5X could absolutely wear this (although it is sold out, sorry), but is fairly short in the waist for me (not unusual for me). The dress brand is Mood and if I bought this brand again I would size down to a 3X.

ModCloth, carries lots of different brands so I expect that the sizing will vary a lot. If you are interested in trying it HERE is a link for $15 savings, and I get $15 for referring you.

To compare my measurements to yours, to see if these clothes might fit, click HERE.


11 thoughts on “ModCloth, A New Plus Size Retailer, Size 4X Review

  1. Looks at us all looking foxy in our ModCloth! I have heard sizing verys so much at Mod. The bust in this dress fit me perfect, but I’m 53″ and a 44G. Just for reference.

  2. Their sizing is all over the place. I bought the “Hooked on a Feline” dress in a 4x, and it’s way small…brand on that one is “Retrolicious.” It’s good to know that there is still hope, because they have so many cute things….

    And y’all look adorable in your dresses!

    • Goingloopy I bought a ModCloth dress that is made by Retrolicious earlier this month. It is much smaller than this dress. I just fit into the 4X. I glad they have a really great review section that lists the reviewers size and measurements in most cases.
      There stuff is too cute to pass up.

  3. I did my first Modcloth order recently too. I think the sizing is a little on the small side, but the fabrics are all good quality and the styles are very cute. I almost bought this dress, it looks so cute on all of you now I wish I did!

    • As I said in my review, it is Mood Brand, BIG in the arms, and very short waisted, thus not as comfortable as it looks. The site does not tell you what brand it is, unlike ASOS Curve, so I think it is going to be more difficult to judge.

  4. I have ordered that dress, wish it would hurry up and arrive, hate living in NZ sometimes, delivery takes forever sometimes, though it is nearly 3 weeks ago I ordered it, so hopefully this week 🙂

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