EVANS Black and Gold Plus Size Sequin Bolero Jacket

evans bolero jacketI was checking out The Curvy Fashionista a few weeks ago and she had a “Gotta Have It: This Plus Size Sequins Bolero from Evans” post, and it knocked my socks off. Kind of art deco, small sequined (they are more comfortable) and it is in my size. I had convinced myself it would be too heavy for San Francisco, but now it is marked down to $150, from $230, AND it comes in a UK Size 28. I may yet have to have it…. What say you? Should it be my holiday splurge?


4 thoughts on “EVANS Black and Gold Plus Size Sequin Bolero Jacket

  1. Yes! Assuming it’s in your budget, this would be a great spurge! Think how hot this would be with some great jeans, over a simple black dress/skirt or over your formal gowns. Judging from your posts, you’ll get lots of opportunities to wear it. Go for it!

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