Sydney’s Closet Plus Size 30 Glitz

Sydney's Closet Dress - Size 30

                 Sydney’s Closet Dress – Size 30

I have blogged about this dress before but when I saw that our Ahead of the Curve them was Holiday Glitz and Glam this month, I wanted to post about a dress that you could still buy, that I love, and when I wear it I get tons of compliments. But the best part is that it is at least $100 cheaper than what I paid for it in early 2012.

The last time I wore it was to an intimate performance and several of the cast stopped me afterwards to tell me how much they liked it.

To compare my measurements to yours, to see if this dress might fit, click HERE.

Sydney’s Closet has always given me great service and they have a pretty extensive line of in-stock prom and cocktail dress in sizes 38+, yes 38+.  I usually order a 30 (I am a 26 -28) but I have it taken in the arms and sometimes shortened.  This dress is also available in a Size 32. But do be careful, I usually stick to the Sydney’s Closet Signature Collection because I can depend on the sizing.

Cocktail Dress

                    Cocktail Dress

I just ran into this precious beaded cocktail dress to a size 28, on sale, and since it is Jessica London I bet it runs true to size.

On the Glitz scale this JACKET is at the top for me, just in case you did not see it last week.


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  3. Aw, Affinity, you’re all kinds of sexy right there! I really like the color pattern – and I absolutely love that you’re wearing flats (a big “ny-ah” to all those who say if ya wanna look good, you must wear heels to party)!
    *Also, til now, I never heard of Sydney’s Closet; I took a peek at their site and I like what I see (will keep in mind and pass their name forward especially to the teens I know who want to look snazzy for school dances)!

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