Eloquii Embroidered Red Flower Holiday Dress Review

Eloquii Holiday Black Red Dress

I wore this fabulous dress to a party last night. And as I suspected, I got tons of compliments. Of course, I was a little overdressed, but what is new about that, in California in the San Francisco Bay Area, where good jeans are just as appropriate as a party dress?
Eloquii Embroidered Red Flower Tulle Fit and Flare DressThe embroidered flowers are made of tiny sequins. It is a little big in the shoulders, and a little small and high in the waist for me. I tried the smaller size but it was way too small. I chose it partially because I think “fit & flare” generally works on my body really well.

Eloquii Embroidered Red Flower Holiday Dress ReviewThe little ruffle at the neck and wrists is a little stuffy for me, and I may cut them off, but kinda scary don’t you think?
I love this dress. This dress would not have existed in my size ten years ago so thank you Eloquii. And thank you for Petites, and Viola, for those with larger hips, and for extended sizes. I may try a Petite next time since I am only 5’4” these days. YAY for Eloquii.

Eloquii Embroidered Tulle Fit and Flare DressFor awhile, it had over 1,000 women on the waiting list after Aidy Bryant wore it to the Emmy Awards this year. They have restocked the dress twice and I see that it is sold out in every size once again. BUT, the dress does have a wait list and that is how I was able to buy this dress. It would be as great for Valentine’s Day as it is for the holidays.

Eloquii Embroidered Tulle Fit and Flare Dress Size 24

To compare my measurements to yours click HERE.

Peace, Affinity

photo: Jim Hirabayashi

“David Bowie Is”

Striped bodysuit for Aladdin Sane tour 1973 Design by Kansai Yamamoto Photograph by Masayoshi Sukita

Striped bodysuit for Aladdin Sane tour 1973 Design by Kansai Yamamoto Photograph by Masayoshi Sukita

Last week we went to a documentary about the touring art exhibition David Bowie Is, which premiered at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum last year, and over the last year and a half has hit Toronto, Sao Paulo, and Berlin and following its Chicago stop at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art where it will remain on view until January 4th, it’ll head to Paris and The Netherlands through 2016. I loved that the movie ran in more than 100 movie theaters in the United States, all on September 23rd. The exhibition itself consists of photos, costumes and other items from the David Bowie Archive.

I cannot even tell you how much I loved this film, which was of the London exhibition’s closing night. I was concerned that I would be bored during parts of the 110 minute film, but I continued to be surprised by the engaging presentation of Bowie’s ever present ambition, belief in his future as a rock star and willingness to work almost non-stop. He would sometimes storyboard an oncoming tour two years before it started.

Most of you probably know about Ziggy Stardust, his character that was a glam rock icon and incredibly popular with teenagers. What I found most interesting about Ziggy, is that at the end of a show, the last night of a tour, Bowie announced to the crowd that the tour was over. “This show will stay the longest in our memories,” he told the crowd before the final encore of “Rock and Roll Suicide.” “Not just because it is the end of the tour, but because it is the last show we’ll ever do.” What was true, is that it was the last show he ever did as Ziggy Stardust. His willingness to move on and take the chance that he could succeed as David Bowie, in some other incarnation, was fascinating to me.

I love this subversive Union Jack long coat by Alexander McQueen

I love this subversive Union Jack long coat            by Alexander McQueen

But of course the very best part of the evening was the fashion. To quote Billboard,

He’s been Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, The Thin White Duke. A dapper gentleman and a stylish freak. During his 45 or so years of recording, David Bowie has been as much of a fashion innovator as he’s been a musical vanguard, breaking barriers, pushing buttons and taking chances. All while seemingly being indifferent about what people think, as long as they do think and care when he throws something new at them.

Some of the clothes he designed himself, many of his sketches were in the exhibit. Some he collaborated with Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto, among others.

I did not know that Bowie was creative in a variety of fields including performance art, music, dance, theater, and the visual arts, and fostered collaborations with artists of all kinds throughout his life.

It was a fascinating evening and if you get the chance to see the movie or the exhibit, I strongly recommend that you take that opportunity.


Can a Plus Size 26/28 Wear a City Chic XXL top? Sometimes!

This is my color, which I was thrilled to discover was Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color for 2014, which means there should be more choices of clothing in this color. You might have noticed it matches my glasses, yep, I love it.  BUT, it was $64, which is a little steep for a top I am going to wear with leggings. So I posted it on my Pinterest Board, and after a few weeks I got a notice from someone who had viewed my Pin that the shirt was now on sale, and it still is (but this color only comes to a XL, but they have the black in XXL). Shipping to the US is free, as are returns, so there was very little risk.

Then the questions was, would it fit? City Chic is an Australian company and their XXL is a US Size 24, since I am a Size 26/28, I was concerned, but I loved it so much, I ordered it anyway, and YAY, it just fits.


City Chic XXL

City Chic XXL

And I forgot to mention that it has one of those romantic lace up backs, Love it!

Every time I wear it I love it and get compliments on the color. I do wear a black cami and black tights with it as it is quite sheer.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

So I am so happy to have checked out the sizing of City Chic, and they do have some great sales (lots of items are less than half price), so I suspect you will see some City Chic here again.


Photo: Leori Gill Photography

My Favorite Jacket EVAR!!!

I just had to write this post tonight. I got this MYNT 1792 jacket in the mail today, and it may be my FAVORITE piece of clothing EVER, and I could not wait for you to see it because it is on sale, and the Size 4X is already gone. I think it runs true to size, the 4X fits me perfectly unzipped, but a little snug when I zipped it, and I am a Size 26 – 28.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

The jacket is soft and light, the weight is perfect for California, or for spring in the East, and it feels really soft to wear.

Detail of the Front of the Jacket

Detail of the Front of the Jacket

And yes, those are little gold studs on the front of the jacket. It is so amazing that someone on the street stopped me tonight to tell me how cute it is. So if you have been dithering, this is the moment.


Workin’ Stella & Dot Jewelry for Plus Sizes

Denise Spencer and I have been friends for well over 20 years. In fact you might remember her as one of the friends who gave me the fabulous Retirement Party a couple of years ago. SO when I heard she was selling Stella & Dot Jewelry, and you know I love jewelry since I wear it everyday, I thought it would be fun if we got together and I tried on a couple of pieces and shared them with you. (I wish I had also tried the necklace without any extensions, sometimes I really like that choker look with the sort of round collar this top has.

Stella & Dot Sutton Necklace Longer

Stella & Dot Sutton Statement Necklace Longer – To do this you just lift one of the lengths of chain over your head, nothing additional required

This is the Sutton Statement Necklace and it can be worn five different ways, I am wearing it with two extensions here. I love that it is a multi-metal necklace and can be worn shorter or longer or even longer, without or with the rhinestones strand.

I also tried on a wrap bracelet, which I loved since I have been wearing a lot of wrap bracelets lately.

Here are some other pieces I thought you might think were fun, and a little less expensive.




 No compensation was paid for this post, not even lunch…

A Plus Size Dress from “My Baby Jo” at Rehearsal for Jerk Church

Jennifer Raiser's photo of her feature on Jerk Church in the SF Chronicle

Jennifer Raiser’s photo of her feature on Jerk Church in the SF Chronicle

A few weeks ago I was hanging out in a backyard in Oakland, my brand new neighborhood.  It was hot, I was in the shade, and there was a rehearsal for Jerk Church, a creative musical learning community for musicians and non-musicians alike that gather each Sunday to break bread, share a cup and a song. I was there to hang out with my good friend Jennifer Raiser whom you have met here and here and here and here before.  Jennifer was writing this fabulous piece about Jerk Church that you can and should read right HERE.  The Church started as a group of friends just hanging out together, and have turned into performers who were going to perform that very evening, and they have a Hymnal so you can sing along if you like.

ChurchInTheYardThese men and women were dressed mainly in “Sunday Go to Meetin’ ” clothes, retro dress for the most part, either vintage or new, one of my favorite looks, and the men also looked like they could have stepped out of a backyard party that my grandmother might have given.  There were pies, and cakes, and little sandwiches and deviled eggs, my favorite, and beer and cold drinks.

kaitlin braidinglizards braidThen I turned and there was Kaitlan Hutchinson, braiding her friend Lizard’s hair in a fishtail braid (the tattoo on Lizard’s back is a Tibetan prayer).  Kaitlan was wearing a fabulous teal dress, beautifully made, and of course I had to know more about it.   The dress is a Size 1X Haute Milan Dress in Lake from My Baby Jo in Los Angeles and the material had a wonderful hand to it.  I love the crisscross in the front and the beautiful way the waist is tailored so the skirt flows into semi-pleats. I love it, and it is such a treat to just be out and about and see someone wearing something so beautiful and accessible.  And of course the hat was an extra bonus.

kaitlin better


VOL•UP•2 • A Plus Size Fashion Magazine

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 9.08.57 AMThis morning I woke up to a note from Velvet d’amour, the first super size fashion model and now the publisher of VOL•UP•2, a French Fashion Magazine, asking that I share their magazine if I liked it (no compensation involved).  This is what they have to say about it:

Created by supermodel Velvet d’Amour, the first supersize-plus model to infiltrate the elite world of Parisian couture,encourages readers to revel in their every “imperfection” and celebrate their bodies in their glorious entirety. Born out of Ms. d’Amour’s work to expand society’s limited notion of beauty by building awareness about women of every size and shape, the magazine is a visual celebration of full-figured beauty, combined with a self-affirming message of inspiration.

I loved looking at it, it provides an editorial look at plus sizes, which I love and is worth it just for the beauty and all that voluptuousness. AND, I will support it by buying it online each month because if we want plus size clothing to flourish then we have to support the accoutrements that will make plus size clothing legitimate, like fashion magazines.


Matchie Matchie in my Domino Dollhouse, asos Curve and We Love Colors Outfit

Domino Dollhouse, asos curve, we love color I showed up at a staff meeting yesterday (although I am a volunteer) at the Burning Man Project and there was my friend Jennifer Raiser (who is an amazing blogger and writer) and we each had on our matchie matchie outfits including a black bubble skirt, flats, and a patterned red blazer.  It was so fun I just had to tell you about it.

Sweater: Domino Dollhouse – Size 4X – (out of stock)
Dress: ASOS Curve – Size 22 U.S.
Tights: We Love Color – One Size
Shoes: Facebook FatToo Accessora

We Love Colors striped tights in both the black striped tights and the white striped tight are one plus size tights.  I am a size 26-28, weigh 275 lbs., height 5’5″ and these tights just fit me and I love them.  I have included the weight and height chart below.

we love color plus sized one size tights chart

On the other hand We Love Colors has a solid color tight that runs up to 375 lbs., (and maybe even a little higher if you extrapolate from my weight in the prior chart).

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 1.09.04 PM

we love color plus size tights chart


photo: Ben Thompson

Torrid Plus Size Tights – Leggings

IMG_2475These are some Size 2X 100% polyester tights I bought from Torrid this summer. The stretch comes from the fact that they are woven. They have a different sizing scheme since I wear a 4X in Tops and 5X in dresses and a 28 or 30 in pants at Torrid.

IMG_2467I love them.  I had been looking for something a little abstract in a plus size without much luck.  I find them difficult to wear unless I am wearing all black so that is a little limiting, and the lace skirt and top from Torrid were probably a little too “lacey” for the abstract cotton looking leggings. Still looking for the perfect outfit.

The bracelets came as a set from Torrid also.  I love bangles and they are often too small for me so this really makes me appreciate Torrid.

Ciao Bellas…affinity

Chic Star – A Review

On Facebook lately I have read about several women ordering from Chic Star, a Chinese on-line plus size clothing vendor. I did a review of their fun product line in May, and you can find it here. I am getting consistent information from buyers that the clothes run almost a full size smaller than the size chart might indicate. I still love their clothing, and I am not hearing any complaints about the quality, but since I am a size 26-28 myself, I probably will not try to order anything from them since their styles generally do not contain much knit or stretchy material and I am concerned about it fitting.   Just keeping my ear to the ground for us.  I would love it if you could share any information you might have about them.  Ciao Bellas…affinity