Forever 21 Plus Size – A Review

I had been seeing Forever 21 in various other plus size blogs but I checked it out and the largest size is a size 3X, so I did not bother pursuing them.  But then I went back again and I love graphic t-shirts and design and they had the best I had seen so I decided I would try some.  The deco print t-shirt, like all 3 t-shirts was about $20 U.S. (they are online in the UK) and just my colors, and I love the design. So I am trying them out on my cruise around Italy where it is quite warm and I am loving them.  I am wearing a tank underneath them, which I may whip stitch together with the t-shirts so they sort of become attached so the look is more consistent. It seems to work best if the t-shirt is a little small for me so the armholes are small enough and my bra does not show, which I have not mastered   When I was choosing what to buy I bought t-shirt material or knits so they would have more stretch.  The shirt above is a 3X and my favorite.

This is only a 2X, but I just had to have it since it was a Beatles song and I just loved it.

This shirt is a 2X also and fits fine.  You cannot really tell but the front is sequins and I wore my “LOVE” earrings with it.  I received a ton of compliments the night I wore it.

Shipping was free since I spent more than $50. I am providing you with a link to their Returns policy since that sometimes makes a difference in whether I buy something or not.

I just ordered another t-shirt from them that will be there when I get home from my trip and I will let you know if I can make the 3X work for me.  I just read that they have free shipping today, so this might be a good day to try them out.  Ciao Bellas…affinity

American Rag – A review

Until recently my interest in fashion had been on hiatus, thus  finding fun clothes in a size 26 -28 was difficult.  So I started reading Skorch Magazine, and one of the first things I saw was a layout with Tiffany from On the Fat Walk, in this size 3X American Rag tunic.  So I stole her look. I figured she would not mind helping the new kid on the block put a look together, since she looked so fabulous in it. It is one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn, so I will wearing on the  plane to Venice Italy tomorrow morning.  Thanks Tiffany, for helping me get started…affinity

Roaman’s – a Review – Capri Leggings

I made a little fashion mistake last week.  I ordered a size 4X leggings from Roaman’s.  I did not review their size chart, I did not look at any notes I might have had about sizing for Roaman’s.  But guess what, Roaman’s runs VERY large.  According to their size chart a 4X is equal to a 34-36, not a 26-28, which is what I usually wear.  Good to know, doncha think? So I am off on my vacation to Europe without tights to match my new Forever 21 t-shirts, which you will be seeing soon…affinity

Chic Star Vintage – A Review

The vintage look is all the rage right now and one on-line store I have been looking at Chic Star hails from China.  One of my favorite aspects of Chic Star is that they solicit designs from the public and pay them a small fee if the design is used, thus the designs have quite a bit of breadth.  In addition, as lots of on-line stores are doing right now they encourage buyers to send in their photos.

Their size range includes a 4X with a bust size up to 56 inches,  but the waist is only 48 inches, seems like the designs might work better on an hourglass figure rather than an apple shaped size 26-28 like me. I am concerned that the waist will not fit, and that has kept me from buying one of these fun dresses.  I would love to hear about it if you have a Chic Star dress…affinity