American Rag – A review

Until recently my interest in fashion had been on hiatus, thus  finding fun clothes in a size 26 -28 was difficult.  So I started reading Skorch Magazine, and one of the first things I saw was a layout with Tiffany from On the Fat Walk, in this size 3X American Rag tunic.  So I stole her look. I figured she would not mind helping the new kid on the block put a look together, since she looked so fabulous in it. It is one of the most comfortable outfits I have ever worn, so I will wearing on the  plane to Venice Italy tomorrow morning.  Thanks Tiffany, for helping me get started…affinity

7 thoughts on “American Rag – A review

  1. I found you through Andie’s recent tweet about your blog and I’m loving your style. I’m looking forward to being envious of your trip to Italy. enjoy!

    • I hope I will have fun things to show you in Italy in France. Thanks for reading my blog. It means a lot to mean, and of course I love Andie so I am especially pleased. ;D

  2. Nice! I wore a legging-skirt-top outfit recently and was very pleased at how comfy it was around my waist.

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