Chic Star Vintage – A Review

The vintage look is all the rage right now and one on-line store I have been looking at Chic Star hails from China.  One of my favorite aspects of Chic Star is that they solicit designs from the public and pay them a small fee if the design is used, thus the designs have quite a bit of breadth.  In addition, as lots of on-line stores are doing right now they encourage buyers to send in their photos.

Their size range includes a 4X with a bust size up to 56 inches,  but the waist is only 48 inches, seems like the designs might work better on an hourglass figure rather than an apple shaped size 26-28 like me. I am concerned that the waist will not fit, and that has kept me from buying one of these fun dresses.  I would love to hear about it if you have a Chic Star dress…affinity

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  1. Some of the styles are not tailored (like the belted ruffle dress which has a waistline span of over 60 inches in the size 18 plus size!) the shape is created with the belt. That style might be an option perhaps? You may need a different belt though – my 44 inch waist is on the last lug of the s18 belt.

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  3. I actually just bought 400 dollars in clothes (wholesale) from them and they do run VERY small. At least a size if not two. Also, a lot of people complain about the tiny arm holes (which is a huge issue for me). I am a size 28 and need to lose at least 20 pounds to fit into their clothing.
    Aside from that, the company is great! They ship extremely fast, the quality is decent (one note- all the clothes have THIN fabric which I love as I am always hot but others might not like) and their plus size styles are amazing.

    • Thanks for all the information. They do have wonderful styles so if we just all know that their limitations are we can work together to have wonderful clothes.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and tell us your experience. I really appreciate it!

  4. Hi–do you mind answering a question for me? I have just discovered Chic Star and desperately want a coat for a trip I’m taking in 9 days. When you say shipping is fast–will it be in here in 8 days from China? Thanks so much, love your review!

    • Hi Angela, since the fast shipping information was in a comment I do not have any way to quantify it…Perhaps Sam who wrote the comment will respond. Sorry I cannot be more helpful. Thanks so much for reading my blog.

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