Tripp NYC Plus Sizes – Review

A Tripp skirt might be the first piece of clothing I ever bought from Torrid, years ago. The skirt was a purple underskirt with tulle overlay and was a 4X, and always a bit small, but I loved it so I wore it anyway. At the time it seems to reflect Torrid’s edgy style. Then this fall I found this turquoise pleated skirt at Torrid in a 5X, and it is a perfect fit.   That drew me back to Tripp and I bought a couple of pairs of jeans (leopard which you will see later), which you can buy at  One Stop Plus or Torrid (as well as a bustier on sale) for about the same price. FYI, the short jeans are just a bit too short for me and I am 5′ 5″.  I look for Tripp pretty often on Ebay because I rarely find anything else that I like quite as much.

A few weeks ago, I found this 4X mini pleated skirt in a purple plaid and I just had to have it but as you can see below it is a little small and I will not be wearing it again.  So it seems to me that Tripp NYC runs just a tiny bit small but I love their fun style and I think it reflects who I am, so I will continue to buy it when I can find it in my size.

I purchased the belt on Ebay many years ago. If I were buying it today I would not buy rhinestones since I have lost a few over the years…affinity

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