My Favorite Jacket EVAR!!!

I just had to write this post tonight. I got this MYNT 1792 jacket in the mail today, and it may be my FAVORITE piece of clothing EVER, and I could not wait for you to see it because it is on sale, and the Size 4X is already gone. I think it runs true to size, the 4X fits me perfectly unzipped, but a little snug when I zipped it, and I am a Size 26 – 28.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

The jacket is soft and light, the weight is perfect for California, or for spring in the East, and it feels really soft to wear.

Detail of the Front of the Jacket

Detail of the Front of the Jacket

And yes, those are little gold studs on the front of the jacket. It is so amazing that someone on the street stopped me tonight to tell me how cute it is. So if you have been dithering, this is the moment.


22 thoughts on “My Favorite Jacket EVAR!!!

  1. It is super cute! Yours looks longer, but it’s probably just the picture. I love finding the perfect jacket!! 🙂

    • I think Nicolette’s looks shorter because she has it belted, I have not tried it with the belt yet. I just put it on last night as I was walking out the door because it was SO precious and I knew I was going to be sitting outside and I would need a jacket.

  2. That is darling, but I like the Simply Be one you posted, better. 🙂 I ordered it and it ended up a bit too big, so I’m waiting on a different size!

    • How cool. I loved the Simply Be jacket too. I would love to share a photo of you on the blog if you would like to send it to me. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Versatile jackets are a must have. I think you rocked it! Definitely get prepared to be stopped all the time. I also enjoyed your post on comfy, practical footwear. As a girl with tendinitis, finding shoes with support that are fashionable is…well, an undertaking.

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  6. Love you blog ! So glad to know I’m not the only ageless beauty that lovessss fashion and style … if you ever tire of that beautiful jacket let me know LOLOLOL … keep the post coming <3

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