Black Floral for Fall

jth_pm_floral-jkt-tights-goodBlack Floral, everywhere I go there it is, and I love it. I liked it in 2014 on this fabulous blazer, and I like it now. And these $30+ black floral bomber jackets are particularly prevalent (see below for links to several).
jth_pm_floral-jct-no-tightsThe look without leggings (that is what the cool girls are doing but I feel a little naked.)

You may notice that the skirt hits right at my knees, I tend to buy skater or mini dresses because at 5’4″ most things are too long for me, and petite sizes are so limited.

I am wearing:
Lovesick Knit Floral Bomber Jacket Size 3X (Only Size 00 in stock at this time)
Mini Pleated Skirt (similar) Torrid Size 3
Avenue Ankle Boots (similar)

Other Floral Bombers:
Roamans’ Bomber Jacket
(to size 30)
Woman Within Puffer Floral Jacket, lots of colors (to size 5X)
Maurices Floral Gray Bomber (up to size 4)
Charlotte Russe Black Floral Bomber (to size 3X)
Wet Seal Black Floral Bomber (to Size 3X)

To compare my measurements to yours click HERE.

Peace, Affinity

photo: Jim Hirabayashi

2 thoughts on “Black Floral for Fall

  1. You have great legs, you shouldn’t be worried about going legging-less 😀 I understand, though. Mostly I ditch leggings in the summer because it’s hot…also, I got a tattoo for my 42nd birthday (in May) on my calf, and now I don’t want to wear long anything. Sometimes I worry about the legging-free look because I am so white I glow in the dark (the tattoo artist couldn’t keep a straight face when he told me to stay out of the tanning bed), but if people don’t like my white legs, well, that’s not my problem.

    I love all the black floral prints for fall…it’s like I’m back in college. The jacket is really cute. I wasn’t sure how I felt about bomber jackets, but seeing this one and your Ashley Nell Tipton one are making me reconsider.

    • Yep, I do not think legs come any whiter than mine. But I think my point of view is mainly old school. It have been about ten years now since stockings were a “must do” but I still struggle a little.
      I am liking the little bomber jackets. Perfect for the San Francisco bay area, I don’t get very cold anyway.
      Thanks for your comments, they always make me happy….

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