Buena Chica ‘Brings it’ from Ross!

Alix Tre´ aka Buena Chica

Alix Tre´ aka Buena Chica

A couple of week ago I was at an event with the fabulous Alix Tre´ and I was standing behind her and noticed that the back of her t-shirt was “cut”, so I asked if she had done it herself, since I am kind of a DIY girl myself. She responded that “oh no, the t-shirt was like that when she got it from Ross, Dress For Less.

alix2And then she turned around, and her t-shirt said LOVE. Well you know that I am a child of the 60’s and it made me smile. And the she told me she had only paid $5 for the t-shirt.

There are bargains out there to be had. We just have to keep shopping.


The Plus Size 4X Cartoon Skirt is Everywhere

cartoon skirt leori

I just had to have this Cartoon Circle Skirt from New Look.  The one they are selling now is a little different print and if you Google “plus size cartoon skirt” you get a range of choices. This is a U.K. Size 28, which is about at U.S. Size 26. The material is quite thick, perhaps more appropriate for fall, and as you can see, it is short, partially because I really am a size U.S. 28 and I take up some of the material, so it is even shorter than usual.  But I am amused by it and happy to have it, and I am sure I will wear it. I think it would look better with boots.

new look cartoon skater skirt PMBelt: Torrid 5x, elastic, way too large, I had to cut it and make smaller with a seam in the back. That is the first time I can remember that happening with Torrid.


Vintage Dr. Martens

doc martensI have a friend Nancy Frank Radin, you met her here, and guess what, she does not buy retail.  This photo is of her 1980 vintage Dr. Martens.  How cool are those?  I have always had a point of view that I can’t buy vintage because it does not come in my size, and that I have to buy retail, but Nancy is proving me wrong.  Maybe it is time to try a consignment store or two.

I would love to know what your experience has been with all alternative forms of shopping: thrift stores, Facebook sites, online consignment, Goodwill.  Tell me how to do it.

Thanks Nancy, for making me think about things in a different way.

Update: May 15, 2013: Nancy’s comments: I love the look of those black and white shoes,  so graphic and comfortable yeah even good wheels and Goodwill’s have plus size racks now it’s great to repurpose and recycle clothing.


A Plus Size Dress from “My Baby Jo” at Rehearsal for Jerk Church

Jennifer Raiser's photo of her feature on Jerk Church in the SF Chronicle

Jennifer Raiser’s photo of her feature on Jerk Church in the SF Chronicle

A few weeks ago I was hanging out in a backyard in Oakland, my brand new neighborhood.  It was hot, I was in the shade, and there was a rehearsal for Jerk Church, a creative musical learning community for musicians and non-musicians alike that gather each Sunday to break bread, share a cup and a song. I was there to hang out with my good friend Jennifer Raiser whom you have met here and here and here and here before.  Jennifer was writing this fabulous piece about Jerk Church that you can and should read right HERE.  The Church started as a group of friends just hanging out together, and have turned into performers who were going to perform that very evening, and they have a Hymnal so you can sing along if you like.

ChurchInTheYardThese men and women were dressed mainly in “Sunday Go to Meetin’ ” clothes, retro dress for the most part, either vintage or new, one of my favorite looks, and the men also looked like they could have stepped out of a backyard party that my grandmother might have given.  There were pies, and cakes, and little sandwiches and deviled eggs, my favorite, and beer and cold drinks.

kaitlin braidinglizards braidThen I turned and there was Kaitlan Hutchinson, braiding her friend Lizard’s hair in a fishtail braid (the tattoo on Lizard’s back is a Tibetan prayer).  Kaitlan was wearing a fabulous teal dress, beautifully made, and of course I had to know more about it.   The dress is a Size 1X Haute Milan Dress in Lake from My Baby Jo in Los Angeles and the material had a wonderful hand to it.  I love the crisscross in the front and the beautiful way the waist is tailored so the skirt flows into semi-pleats. I love it, and it is such a treat to just be out and about and see someone wearing something so beautiful and accessible.  And of course the hat was an extra bonus.

kaitlin better


Valentine’s Weekend in the Beth Ditto Heart Sweater

IMG_2689Sometimes you must wonder, what is it that makes Burning Man Project and Burning Man so important to me, and what do I do for them?  Well, they make my life richer, fuller and more fun.  Currently for Burning Man Project I am a volunteer and the Social Media Coordinator, that means that I take photos, interact on Facebook and Tweet for them and update events, etc. on their website.

IMG_0380On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2013, Burning Man Project joined Glide in San Francisco by helping serve dinner to over 700 guests on this happiest of hearts day! Not only did we help serve the meal, but leading up to it, we crafted the LOVEliest valentines to give to Glide dinner guests.  The outfit above is what I wore to help make Valentine Card.

Sweater: Beth Ditto ebay UK Size 26-28  (This Evans Line no longer exists)
Dress: Asos Curve (US Size 22) bubble Skater Dress, this has become my go-to dress for cropped sweaters and tights. It is comfy and fun.
Belt: gifted with another belt that I purchased on FatToo
Leggings: One Stop Plus Size 3X (I wear a size 26-28 generally). I cannot really recommend metallic leggings.  No matter what size you get they bunch at the knee and the ankle immediately and I think the bunching looks worse than in other colors.
Boots: Torrid, Size 10, for more information click here.

IMAG0142Then on Sunday we went out to our friend Katy Boynton‘s studio to celebrate Heartfullness, and of course I had to wear my valentine outfit again.

Shoes: Torrid Size 10, I wish they had had 10 pair, I would have bought them all, they were $10 in the store Thanksgiving weekend.

414007_463963000301742_1484447488_oAnd this is what Heartfullness looked like at Burning Man.

IMG_2711And there is Heartfullness necklace, I love mine.  In this photo you can almost see the silver metallic thread running throughout the hearts in the sweater.

And here is a moment with Heartfullness at Burning Man:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp8rJPdYpik?rel=0&w=640&h=360]


Our Guest – Nancy

I went to a little birthday party at our friend’s Bliss Dance Studio last night and met the birthday girl’s friend Nancy.  The moment Nancy walked into the room I knew she had to be on Affatshionista.  I love blogging about my peeps, those of us that were part of the 1960s.  Can you believe this purple coat, and the boots, to die for?

Coat: Sewn by her friend and gifted to her

Boots: T.U.K. – Size 11 – thrifted

Life is good my bellas…affinity

Our Guest – Michelle Ochoa

I ran into my friend, Michelle Ochoa, who works at Burning Man today.  We were at Peralta Junction, a vacant lot that has been transformed into a creative community space filled with art and commerce. Tents have risen, art projects are installed, carnival lights are illuminated and the space has come alive with art installations, creative workshops, performances, micro-retail shops featuring local artisans, Oakland-based food trucks, a tented gathering place, and pumpkins.

I have wanted to feature Michelle for a while now because I love her style.  The tag in the dress she is wearing says “The Hanger” and she bought it in New Orleans.  I love the color and it looks great on her.  Thanks for letting me take your photo Michelle! Ciao Bellas…affinity

Plus Size Sheer Stripes

I posted recently about the Cult of California purchases I made and that my favorite was the stripe tank, that even has a little pocket, how cute is that?  When I went to volunteer at the Burning Man office this week I decided to try something a little different.  I am still looking for a racerback t-shirt to wear under the shadow stripe tank that will complement it and make the outfit look a little more put together.

I am usually a match-matchy girl, or I just use black as my basic if the other colors are not all the same, but I am trying to break out of my box.  So what do you think of the colors in the tank, the skirt and the tights all being a little different?                   Ciao Bellas…affinity

Black Shadow Tank: Cult of California, Temple Tank – Size 5
Brown  Cami: Avenue Size 26-28
Black and Tan Tights: We Love Color – They are quite snug, I do not think they would fit anyone larger than I am at 280 lbs. and 5’5″
EGO Necklace: A gift from the artist, Laura Kimpton
Ballet Flats: FatToo Accessora, thrift site on Facebook- Size 10