Fall Florals at ASOS Curve

Floral Jacket Mini Skater Skirt Camis

Paper Dolls Floral Jacket from Asos Curve US Size 24
Asos Curve Mini Skater Skirt US Size 22     –   Sandals (Similar)
Camis – Old, Avenue Black and Pink Layered Size 26/28         –      Belt, old Torrid Size 5

I fell in love with this jacket the moment I saw it. A fall jacket with a black and green background, and lots of pink flowers, kind of a spring jacket in winter colors. As you probably know ASOS Curve runs fairly so I am able to wear a US 24, even though I am a US size 26/28.
And I already had a necklace to wear with it (below) so what more could I ask for. But I struggled with jeans, or a mini skirt, or pencil skirt and I really wanted something that was not black, and I settled on the teal. I loved doing a little street shoot in San Francisco.

I think the necklace is really fun. I thought about making one, as I do sometimes, but sometimes it ends up more expensive than buying a costume statement necklace, so I just found something to match the colors that was not too expensive. One of the things I love about Amazon is that it gives you similar necklaces in the same size and price range at the bottom of the page.


photo: Lydia Hudgens Photography

Review of Plus Size 28 or 4X at Target

I am always interested to see what I might wear from one of the big box stores, and their largest size. Target carries up to a Size 28 (see Size Chart below).

Of the dresses above, I could wear most of them and be happy about it. I tend toward sleeveless, strappy dresses, and I was surprised by how many of those there are.

I was also impressed with the array of bestselling tops in a size 28, but these top sellers were much more casual than the dresses, but included several cute styles.

Target Size Chart

Target Size Chart

I would definitely call these choices a win, and even the Mossimo Brand size chart looks quite generous, especially in the waist, where I am quite large.

Maybe it is time to check out Target.


Photo: Leori Gill Photography

Red Lips Sink Ships

a red cami under a black Avenue Size 26/28 cami to provide contrast eShakti skirt Size 5X (a little large in the waist and a little long even though I specified my height as 5'3"

A red cami under a black Avenue Size 26/28 cami to provide contrast
eShakti skirt Size 5X (a little large in the waist and a little long even though I specified my height as 5’3″)                                                          Photo: Leori Gill

When I saw this skirt I knew I had to have it. I had been looking for something with red lips for awhile and I loved that this was embroidered netting over a cotton skirt.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

My friend Claire giving me a kiss at the Party.

My friend Claire giving me a kiss at the Party, to go with the one on my Cami, and isn’t Claire’s dress fabulous?

I got an opportunity to wear it when my friends threw a fabulous party for a very special friend’s birthday . It was a wonderful night.

Alumni and current campers from the Mansonian Institute of Urban Studies, our camp for several years at Burning  Man

Alumni, friends, and current campers from the Mansonian Institute of Urban Studies, our camp for several years at Burning Man

The party was at a venue I had been dying to go to, The Battery, and since the Birthday Girl was a Burning Man campmate, we got to see various iterations of different years of campmates from many different years of Burning Man. A glorious evening. That is a kiss on MonkeyBoy’s face, I had kisses on my skirt and top so I handed out sticker kisses. Such a fun evening. Thanks to my friends for creating this moment.

photo: John Curley

photo: John Curley

And we had a chance to have our photo taken in front of the Bay Lights by the fabulous John Curley. The evening was everything I could have wanted.



Who Reads Affatshionista?

affat mapI never see anyone else do this, but I am so interested in whether people from other countries read Affatshionista, and other plus size fashion blogs. So I thought I might post the cumulative map of all of Affatshionista’s history, and I hope I will get to see other blog’s demographics.

Feel free to comment, I would love to know how you found Affatshionista, what you would like to read more about and anything else you would like to say.


Yours Clothing Onesie Giveaway – US Size 32 – 34

Yoursclothing onsieHappy New Year, and to start the year off right, we have a Onesie Giveaway for you.

Yours Clothing sent me the most fabulous Red Star Onesies.  They want you to know that they are now carrying up to a US Size 34.  They sent me a US Size 28-30 (See the photo) for me to try on and review. It is very generous on me. They also sent me a US Size 32-34 (one size larger than the size I am wearing) to GIVE AWAY TO YOU.

I love my onesie. It is a soft, not too heavy, fleece and it just feels snuggly to wear. It seems like I could wear a smaller size, BUT, in order to get it on and off comfortably I think it is better to wear it a little larger. The sleeves are a great length for me, it is very cheery, and I look forward to nestling in my bed in it all winter long.

To compare my measurements to yours, and see how the US Size 28-30 fits me, click HERE.

Here is the link to their US Size 34 fashion
Here is a link to their US SIze 34 nightwear

Here are the rules:

    • You must have a U.S. mailing address.
    • No purchase necessary
    • The winner chosen at random by the giveaway software Rafflecopter, with one entry for each point
    • This giveaway is sponsored by Yours Clothing
    • Giveaway ends Monday, January 6th at Midnight, Pacific Time, 2014



How do Size 26 -28 Sizes fit at ASOS Curve?

Did you know that Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the year for 2014? It is my favorite color, purple with a little red thrown in, it matches my glasses, it was my wedding color, and it is my current toenail polish color.

So when I saw this skater dress at ASOS Curve, in a US Size 24, I just had to have it. I asos purple club Lassumed it would fit I have many ASOS Curve items in a US 22 or 24.  But I failed to notice that it was not an ASOS Curve Brand Dress, it is a Club L Dress, which is says right on the title of the dress. And it was so small in a Size 24, I could not even get it over my head.

I am loving ASOS Curve right now. Reasonably priced, lots of fun clothes, and their US Size 24 usually fits, because it runs big. I usually wear a Size 26-28, but heads up, if you are really a US size 26 -28 like I am, only buy the ASOS Curve brand. I will keep a list here of some of their brands that my friends and I have tried that do not fit.

May Fit Similar to ASOS Curve

  • Alice & You


  • New Look – Runs True to Size
  • Club L – Much smaller than ASOS Curve
  • Carmakoma
  • Junarose
  • Inspire


ASOS Curve Body Con Geometric Dress – Plus Size Review

asos geometric lgI just cannot decide whether or not to keep this dress.  Clearly it needs to be shortened, but I fits comfortably, it is made of light fabric and it is really fun. I bought it on sale so it is not that expensive, maybe without the belt and a better bra…  BUT the real question is will I wear it? All those dresses I have that are easy to wear, and fun and flirty, this is sort of dramatic and VERY revealing.  I would love to hear your opinion. And I suspect I am leaning toward sending it back since this is the only time I have worn it.

To compare my measurements to yours, to see if these clothes might fit, click HERE.

ASOS Curve Body Con Dress, US Size 24
Avenue Size 9.5W Boots, my review is HERE, and they are currently on sale.


Kiyonna Chameleon Convertible Skirt & Dress Plus Size 5X Review

kiyanna dressWe are in Palm Springs this week because a friend was kind enough to offer us her timeshare that she was not going to use.  So in anticipation of being in 90° weather I went to my Gwynnie Bee account to have something light and deserty to wear. It turns out that this Kiyonna skirt/dress is incredibly heavy and I would NEVER be able to wear in warm weather, even though, since it is strapless it looks like it is designed for a hot day.  I was quite disappointed.

kiyanna descriptionI did not pay attention to the size chart (my bad) and the 5X fell off of me so much that I could not really even take a photo of it.  My measurements are HERE if you want to compare your size to mine and see if this would fit.  The sizing is good to know, since I have never worn Kiyonna before, that this skirt/dress it runs true to size, since I usually wear a 4X. This dress not longer appears to be for sale but you can still find it on Gwynnie Bee.

As you know from this review, I have a trial membership to Gwynnie Bee, and if you are interested in checking it out please read more HERE (full disclosure) if you sign up I do get a free month free.


Have YOU Tried customPlus T-shirts?

affat tshirt leoriI had wanted an AffatshionistA t-shirt for awhile, but the custom design sites did not have my size, and then I happened upon customPLUS last year and here is my t-shirt and I love it.  How fun is it to have a t-shirt with my logo on it, in my size?

IMG_8951See the red logo t-shirt above? I have t-shirts made for our theme camp at Burning Man every year.  To get one to fit ME I have to find a t-shirt the same color, cut out the logo from one of the men’s t-shirts, and then sew it onto the t-shirt I have in the same color.  I know there are places I could have a 4X t-shirt made but they don’t really fit me. They are not usually “women’s” in shape, and they are bulky in all the wrong places. So this is what I have been doing for several years to have a Burning Man t-shirt like my campmates.

That said, YAY, you can make your own, you can buy one of their graphic tees, you can even buy a Wonder Woman t-shirt and use it as the basis of your Halloween costume with a couple of accessories (if you are a DIY kind of girl), that I tell you how to make right here.

The customPLUS 4X Tank that you can design is $25.99, with free shipping to the U.S., runs quite large, and they are great to interact with, so go out there and design an outrageous t-shirt for YOU to wear.


photo: AffatshionistA tee – Leori Gill