Forever 21 Plus Size – A Review

I had been seeing Forever 21 in various other plus size blogs but I checked it out and the largest size is a size 3X, so I did not bother pursuing them.  But then I went back again and I love graphic t-shirts and design and they had the best I had seen so I decided I would try some.  The deco print t-shirt, like all 3 t-shirts was about $20 U.S. (they are online in the UK) and just my colors, and I love the design. So I am trying them out on my cruise around Italy where it is quite warm and I am loving them.  I am wearing a tank underneath them, which I may whip stitch together with the t-shirts so they sort of become attached so the look is more consistent. It seems to work best if the t-shirt is a little small for me so the armholes are small enough and my bra does not show, which I have not mastered   When I was choosing what to buy I bought t-shirt material or knits so they would have more stretch.  The shirt above is a 3X and my favorite.

This is only a 2X, but I just had to have it since it was a Beatles song and I just loved it.

This shirt is a 2X also and fits fine.  You cannot really tell but the front is sequins and I wore my “LOVE” earrings with it.  I received a ton of compliments the night I wore it.

Shipping was free since I spent more than $50. I am providing you with a link to their Returns policy since that sometimes makes a difference in whether I buy something or not.

I just ordered another t-shirt from them that will be there when I get home from my trip and I will let you know if I can make the 3X work for me.  I just read that they have free shipping today, so this might be a good day to try them out.  Ciao Bellas…affinity