I Want A Plus Size 4x Crop Top!!!

Domino Dollhouse My personal favorite, my color and a generous 4X and cut a little looser than some.

Domino Dollhouse
My personal favorite, my color and a generous 4X and cut a little looser than some.

I have been seeing crop tops everywhere lately and loving them, and now I have to have one. But I carry a lot of weight in my torso, I am 65 and not very many crop tops come in a generous size 4X plus size crop top. So I went on a search to see what is out there and I was happily surprised.

Candy Strike You can choose most of these tops in a 4x crop top or longer version, Very Fun and Edgy.
Candy Strike
You can choose most of these tops in a 4x crop top or longer version, Very Fun and Edgy.
Custom Plus They have 15 crop tops, some graphic and some basic colors.

They have 15 crop tops, some graphic tees and some basic colors.

ASOS Curve They only have a couple in stock at the moment.

ASOS Curve
They only have a couple of crop tops in stock at the moment. Their U.S. Size 22 is equivalent to a generous 4X in my opinion.

JIBRI on Etsy Luxurious


ReadytoStare up to 5X Custom Made

ReadytoStare on Etsy
up to 5X Custom Made

And Torrid has added some crop tops for 2015, in a size 4 (which is what I wear Size 26/26) size 5 and size 6.

How Do I Wear a Crop Top?

Several pieces of advice popped up over and over again when I was reading about how to wear a crop top!

  • Wear with high waisted clothing, perhaps a pencil skirt
  • Wear a t-shirt of some sort or something sheer if the crop top is just TOO revealing for your comfort.
And here is a well written post on How to Wear a Crop Top!

Beth Ditto Prom Dress Goes to a Garden Party

Ditto prom LGWhaddya know, another Beth Ditto post. When I realized that the theme for our Ahead of the Curve Blogging Collective’s, May post was Garden Party I knew just what I wanted to wear. I have had this dress for about a year, it is the Beth Ditto Stain Glass Prom Dress from her 2009 Evans collection, and of course I bought it on ebay. I fell in love with it and looked for it for a long time before I found it. It has never seemed very “promish” to me since it is a floral, cotton sundress, but I expect to wear it a lot in the near future. I may try it with a belt. I love that it has pockets.

beth ditto prom dress jewelryAfter I saw this photo of Beth in this dress I decided I had to have a statement necklace, and of course I had to make it myself?

signature necklace LGBut of course I got carried away, and I made it a little larger than was necessary, but what fun I had. I call it assemblage. I started with four inexpensive clear rhinestone brooches and just kept adding glass buttons and beads from Etsy, and from my stash of old jewelry from my mother-in-law and my mom, onto the heavy chain I had in my jewelry box. The earrings are from the 80s. I think I paid $6 for them on Etsy also.

ditto sweaterThis is the end of my Beth Ditto stash, time to look for more. I would love to have this sweater, also from the 2009 collection, but I have never seen it on ebay. Maybe they did not make very many. I am sure someone has one in a closet somewhere, and they never wear it, and it is just sitting there waiting for them to sell it to me.

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Spinning the Color Wheel at Evans Plus Size

The Remaining 'CUT' Collection Pink Cami Green Cami

The Remaining ‘CUT’ Collection Evans U.S. Size 28
Pink Cami – From my Closet
ASOS Curve Green Cami U. S. Size 22 (A little big for me)

When I saw that Evans had a line, “CUT”, designed as part of a competition by students from a couple of Universities that were known for their strong print and knitwear design divisions, I was thrilled and I knew I had to have a piece.


Then the skirt went on sale. And our Ahead of the Curve topic was Miss Matched. So I started mixing and matching camis to wear with the skirt, dark green? does it need orange? or red? is mint green too blue?, trying things on and then trying them on a different way.

evans jumpsuitIt happens that Evans accidentally sent me the jumpsuit also, so I thought you might like to see it too. It runs a little long as jumpsuits often do. This would need to be shortened.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

J. Crew Necklace

J. Crew Necklace (Similar)

I went through my jewelry, How much could I wear, and stay in the color family? And then I went to an event and my friend, Jennifer Raiser, was wearing a green and hot pink necklace I could borrow, what are the odds of that?

And then shoes, well shoes were kind of a bust. I don’t have any forest green shoes or hot pink shoes, so white sandals it is.

I thought you might also like to see some of my other Miss Matched outfits, HERE and HERE.

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EVANS Black and Gold Plus Size Sequin Bolero Jacket

evans bolero jacketI was checking out The Curvy Fashionista a few weeks ago and she had a “Gotta Have It: This Plus Size Sequins Bolero from Evans” post, and it knocked my socks off. Kind of art deco, small sequined (they are more comfortable) and it is in my size. I had convinced myself it would be too heavy for San Francisco, but now it is marked down to $150, from $230, AND it comes in a UK Size 28. I may yet have to have it…. What say you? Should it be my holiday splurge?


Valentine’s Weekend in the Beth Ditto Heart Sweater

IMG_2689Sometimes you must wonder, what is it that makes Burning Man Project and Burning Man so important to me, and what do I do for them?  Well, they make my life richer, fuller and more fun.  Currently for Burning Man Project I am a volunteer and the Social Media Coordinator, that means that I take photos, interact on Facebook and Tweet for them and update events, etc. on their website.

IMG_0380On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2013, Burning Man Project joined Glide in San Francisco by helping serve dinner to over 700 guests on this happiest of hearts day! Not only did we help serve the meal, but leading up to it, we crafted the LOVEliest valentines to give to Glide dinner guests.  The outfit above is what I wore to help make Valentine Card.

Sweater: Beth Ditto ebay UK Size 26-28  (This Evans Line no longer exists)
Dress: Asos Curve (US Size 22) bubble Skater Dress, this has become my go-to dress for cropped sweaters and tights. It is comfy and fun.
Belt: gifted with another belt that I purchased on FatToo
Leggings: One Stop Plus Size 3X (I wear a size 26-28 generally). I cannot really recommend metallic leggings.  No matter what size you get they bunch at the knee and the ankle immediately and I think the bunching looks worse than in other colors.
Boots: Torrid, Size 10, for more information click here.

IMAG0142Then on Sunday we went out to our friend Katy Boynton‘s studio to celebrate Heartfullness, and of course I had to wear my valentine outfit again.

Shoes: Torrid Size 10, I wish they had had 10 pair, I would have bought them all, they were $10 in the store Thanksgiving weekend.

414007_463963000301742_1484447488_oAnd this is what Heartfullness looked like at Burning Man.

IMG_2711And there is Heartfullness necklace, I love mine.  In this photo you can almost see the silver metallic thread running throughout the hearts in the sweater.

And here is a moment with Heartfullness at Burning Man:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp8rJPdYpik?rel=0&w=640&h=360]


Fatty Affair 2013 or, Should I Wear my Beth Ditto Domino Dress?

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.39.52 AMI am going to a fat positive event called Fatty Affair in San Jose this weekend. There are lots of reasons to go.  Some of my oldest friends, Cinder Ernst and Deb Burgard, are going to speak and there is going to be a clothing swap.

I have never been to a clothing swap. I really cannot believe that. I have been involved in the fat community since 1982, and I have never been to a clothing swap.  So my husband and I cleaned out my closets of all the Dana Buchman etc. that I wore to years for work, plus dozens of turtleneck shirts that were part of my work uniform and you know, the pieces I have purchased from Fattoo Grand or ebay, or even retailer clothing that I never returned and that do not fit.  I have so much I cannot take it all.  I am going to pick out the fun, best pieces to take to the swap and give the rest to the Goodwill, because there is no way I could manage all of this.

beth in domino dressSo what to wear?  I have a new “vintage” Beth Ditto dress, but it is a pretty snug bodycon dress and not very comfortable, and I have a Burning Man staff meeting in the morning, so it is going to be a long day. The dress has matching leggings, but that seems like a little much. Then I have some “go-to” outfits that are easy and comfy, and are always complimented.  But you can’t wear a Beth Ditto, too tight, dress just anywhere, this is a fashion opportunity.  I will surely let you know what I decide, and you should feel free to express an opinion in the comments. ;D

A special shout-out to Elaine Lee for driving.  I really am not driving very far at night these days and I probably would not go if I had to drive myself.  Thanks Elaine.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blBo6wUuIeo?rel=0]


Fashion Failure – Beth Ditto Heart Dress

 “If you don’t have an occasional failure, you are not taking enough fashion risk”  – Suzanne at Says Who.

You may remember that I am very attached to Beth Ditto’s clothing line from 2009 and 2010.  I bought this dress from the Beth Ditto Collection on Ebay from someone in the U.K. for $136.  This U.K. Ebay seller did not usually mail to the U.S. but I asked nicely because I was desperately in love with the heart infused signature dress and I was very grateful when the U.K. seller went to the trouble of changing their Ebay listing so that they were then allowed to go to the trouble of mailing it to me in the U.S.  MANY U.K. sellers are not willing to do that, I am sure it is a lot of extra trouble.

I bought the dress because it was a size 22UK – size 20US and I had just purchased a similar (or so I thought) dress, or tunic, as they might say, in purple in a size 24UK which is a size 22US, which turned out just a little large and I had to have it taken in.  Thus it seemed like the UK size 22 should be fine and would be worth all the bother.

When the dress came there were shouts of joy (you have to take your joy where you find it, I always say) and then I put it on and oops, it was way too small.  I could get it on, but it was not wearable.  I sold it on FatToo for less than half the price, and the next buyer had the same luck.  But never fear, I will have this dress. I check Ebay every day for a larger size and I continue to love it.  Yes, there will be more Beth Ditto clothing tales to come.                   Ciao Bellas…affinity

Beth Ditto – Purple Hooded Spotted Ensemble

This is my first Beth Ditto Ensemble.  I had never even heard of Beth Ditto 2 months ago and then someone on the Facebook FatToo page, which is a Facebook plus size thrift store, posted these purple, big circle, not quite polka dot, leggings.  I love leggings and I love purple so it seemed like a natural fit.  Then a couple of weeks someone offered to sell me the dress/tunic.  It had the retro 80s vibe so I bought it and when it came I was in love.

The dress is a little long and the armholes are a little big which is odd since it should be too small for me since I am a US size 26-28 and it is a UK Size 22-24.  Each of the Evans Beth Ditto pieces I have tried on fit a little differently, so it is difficult to determine how something might fit.  Very disappointing.  BUT, I love the clothes and you will be seeing more of them. Ciao Bellas…affinity

Dress: Beth Ditto at Evans 2009 size 22-24UK which is a size 22US
Leggings: Beth Ditto Evans 2009 size 28UK which is a size 26US
Necklace: FatToo Accessora $10
Boots: Lane Bryant – over 30 years old

Soul Catcher Photo: Frankie Norstad  Taken at Peralta Junction (that is why there is a little dust on those boots ;D)