Hot & Heavy: A Book Review

Do you want to read a book that says amazing things about fatshion?  Of course you do, and you can find it right here.

“I bought skintight exercise tanks that stretched across my belly with the gentle sensuality of kid gloves from a Victorian romance novel.”   Emily Anderson

“Fashion has much to do with freedom and visibility: the freedom to wear things that make us feel good and the visibility that comes with polka dots, sequins, and the occasional bow tie. Fashion is art, style and play. Fashion—or Fatshion—has inspired fat girls to take to the blogosphere and the runway.”   Virgie Tovar

“We love our shiny, bedazzled body-revealing costumes.  We don’t wear black for its slimming effect.  We work that shiny turquoise, pink leopard print, and gold lamé. We wear ruffle-butt panties for pants and bras with adornments for tops. This is nothing new for the average dancer, but for fat dancers, it is downright revolutionary.”   Jessica Judd

“Fashion is often held up as frivolous, conformist, unnecessary….To you, it might just be an outfit, but to me it’s performance, play, care, support, resistance, survival and fighting.”    Kirsty Fife

The more radical I’ve gotten, the better I’ve dressed.  I doubt that it’s to do with any inherent styling ability emerging or even learning much more about what suits me.  It’s more to do with the introduction of a lick of fearlessness into my life. Clothes don’t pull me down anymore, and now I fear no waistband.”    Margaret Howie

You’re still fat even if you wear all black.  Wearing all black doesn’t make you disappear.  It doesn’t make your hips smaller.  Wearing color is not going to somehow make you any more fat than you actually are.  I challenge people to wear stripes and color.”  Deb Malkin

And I feel like this quote from Virgie Tovar says it all for me:

“Oh, yes, this revolution will be accessorized, altered, and adorned with faux fur.”   Virgie Tovar

Ciao Bellas…affinity

There is a book reading this Thursday Night at the Booksmith in San Francisco, read more about it here.

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