Hell Bunny Plus Size 4X – OMG it fits

Hell Bunny 4X (similar)

Hell Bunny 4X (similar)     Hair Bow        Earrings         Sandals (very old)        Petticoat 

I have been eyeing Hell Bunny for a long time but when I looked at their size chart I just did not see any hope for my 53″ waist fitting into one.

hell bunny size chartBut then fellow Ahead of the Curve blogger and friend Cherie, who blogs at The Fat Girl knew a little about my size and suggested that I give one a try. And guess what, it fits. It has a full elastic back, but not much give in the material.

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So I decided to go to an expert, to help me with figuring out what Hell Bunny dresses might fit. I contacted the owner of Sweet Echo, and she gave me this information about the Hell Bunny dresses that have a full elastic back or run a little larger or have some stretch:

  • Mariam Polka Dot dress has full elastic back;
  • Cannes has the side stretchy panels, not across entire back and runs big for Hell Bunny;
  • Bobbi Lee has the back stretchy panel;
  • Alika has the back stretchy panel, and Sweet Echo has one left in a 4X;
  • Zombie Pin Up in Mini has side stretchy panels and runs bigger compared to other Hell Bunny dresses and the material has some give to it.
  • Adelaide Polka Dot dress does not have any stretchy panel but it runs big and the material gives; and
  • Olive dress has back stretchy panel but it runs small.

So that is what I know today, if you have a question you could always contact Sweet Echo and I am sure she would be happy to answer your questions.

You may have noticed that I don’t usually give you a  link for my earrings. I can’t wear posts, I seem to have developed an allergy to metal. I mainly wear vintage clip earrings from the 80s that I buy on Etsy for Ebay.

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Photo: Leori Gill Photography

Can a 4X Fit Into an Eloquii Plus Size 24? Well, Yes, Sometimes!

Elloquii Size 24 Studded Top

Eloquii Size 24 Studded Top (no longer in stock)

You may know that Eloquii relaunched their line in February, and I agree with many other plus size fatshion mavens that the new look is much more luxe and fun and trendy.

BUT, their largest size is a 24, and I really wear a size 26/28. I decided I would take a chance and see how Eloquii’s sizes run, so I ordered a studded top. It fit fine, partially because there happened to be a little stretch, and I loved that the armholes fit, because they often run large on me. I will try Eloquii again, but I doubt you will see me in a pencil skirt, or bodycon dress from their line.

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Photo: Leori Gill Photography

OMG, Hell Bunny 2X – 4X on Sale: AND Buy One – Get One for $1

I have not shopped at Hot Topic in years, BUT I saw someone post a Hell Bunny dress that they had gotten from them. When I went to check it out, most of them were on sale AND, SOME OF THEM ARE, Buy One Get One for $1. OMG!

Hell Bunny Plus Size usually cost about $90.00 apiece, at Amazon, for example.

Hell Bunny runs a little small in the waist for me, since I am an apple shape, but I just bought one from a friend that I know is going to fit because it has elastic all across the back, and I am going to look for other styles that are similar.

Although not my favorite print, I can see from the “bacK” photo that this one has an elastic panel in the back, that may make it my first choice.

Hot Topic also has some great graphic tanks to a 3X, but probably too small for me.

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Plus Size Bracelets

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet
Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet

You have probably noticed I love bracelets, especially bangle or wrap bracelets. I wear them most every day and have purchased them everywhere. I have big hands, like my Dad’s, and my wrist is 7 1/2 inches, so I have rarely purchased a bracelet at an accessory store or at a regular retail site. So what do I do? The bracelet above is two Victoria Emerson’s wrap bracelets that I connected together, and I love that they alternate black and crystals. The two of them go around my wrist about 8 times, rather that 10 times as they are expected to do, and I love wearing them. I have had them a couple of months, we will see how they hold up. You could certainly make something like this for even less than the sale price that I paid. HERE are some YouTube tutorials of varying difficulty. There are over 2,000 plus size bracelets on ETSY.

FROM THE TOP DOWN Fine Jewelry purchased in Ireland Torrid Bangle - Hollow Old Bangle - Lane Bryant Variety of necklaces and small bracelets attached together and wrapped Torrid Solid and Hollow Bracelets

Fine Jewelry purchased in Ireland
Torrid Bangle – Hollow
Old Bangle – Lane Bryant
Variety of necklaces and small bracelets attached together and wrapped
Torrid Solid and Hollow Bracelets

DIY Bracelets: For “gold days” I have taken my mother-in-law’s, as well as my own costume and fine necklaces and tiny bracelets and connected them together to use as a wrap bracelet. It makes me SO happy to be using jewelry that was sitting in my drawer and I love the look.

Torrid Bangles

Torrid Bangles

Since I am retired and I can wear whatever I want, my standard everyday look has been rhinestone bangles for the last couple of years and I have been buying them at Torrid. But sometimes a rhinestone will fall out the first day, the bracelets have fallen apart after everyday use or occasionally one of them will not fit. But I do love them and I keep trying.

green bracelet LGWhen we went to Europe last year I wanted a memento so I bought this sweet stretch bracelet in Cannes, and it does not even turn my wrist black when I wear it. LOL. I occasionally buy a regular bracelet with stretch. I really wanted some vintage bakelite bracelets but all the bangles were WAY too small so I settled for a stretch version on EBAY.

You can buy Plus Size Bracelets from these sites: ASOS Curve, Lane Bryant, Torrid, avenue, Sonsi, OneStopPlus, debshops, Domino Dollhouse. I would love to hear where you are buying plus size bracelets and how they are holding up for you.


Some photos: Leori Gill

Plus Size 8X at Making it Big

How cute is this dress? And it comes to an 7X (as many of the newer items do).

How fabulous is that? I have been wearing Making it Big for a very long time. I wore their pants to Egypt in 1988 (I wish I knew where the photo of me on a camel was). And one of my all time favorite dresses is from them with fabulous across the back straps.

When the catalog came today and I just leafed through it I knew I needed to share. It appears that most everything comes to a 7X and most of the basic wardrobe pieces come to an 8X.

Making it big size chart


Jenny Strauss in Bettie Page from ModCloth

Dress: Bettie Paige - 4X Shoes: Flurvog

Dress: Bettie Page – 4X
Shoes: Fluevog

Our guest, Jenny Strauss, who has graced our blog on many occasions, wore a stunning Bettie Page dress to her company’s winter holiday party. Jenny bought it in Seattle when she was there last June at the Bettie Page store on Broadway (Capitol Hill), and there is a store in San Francisco, and of course they have an online store. But I chose the link on the photo at ModCloth because it is no longer in stock in the online store.

She wore a 4X and she asked me to let you know that it runs a little small, although the reviews on ModCloth give it mixed sizing reviews.

Jenny also had her hair and makeup done and she said after that experience, “I want to be styled all the time.”

I agree Jenny, every time I get dressed I wish I had a stylist to “check my work” LOL.


MYNT 1792 Plus Size 4x Jacket

I had wanted to try something from MYNT 1792 for awhile but I had been concerned about whether anything would fit because their size chart makes it pretty clear that a size 4X is a size 26 and I am really more of a size 26 -28. BUT because of Gwynnie Bee, I was able to give it a try. I loved the jacket, it looks great unzipped.

MYNT 1792 Moto Jacket zippedBut as you can see, zipped up it was a tiny bit little snug. But, I would love to try something else from MYNT 1792 that is not quite so form fitting, I think it might just work.

To compare my measurements to yours, to see if this jacket might fit you, click HERE.


Cropped Denim Jacket Size 5X

Domino Dollhouse Plus Size 4X Denim Jacket - Out of Stock

Domino Dollhouse Plus Size 4X Denim Jacket – Out of Stock

Every time I show this black denim cropped jacket, I get questions about where I got it. It is a couple of years old from Domino Dollhouse, and they do not make them anymore. I love it and wear it a lot, in fact I am going to wear it today.

There are lots of denim jackets out there, but very few cropped jackets to a size 5X. So when I saw this denim cropped jacket from Strut Fashion, with a 15% discount code (PLUSMODELMAG2013) from Plus Model Magazine, I thought you needed to hear about it right away.  They have a size chart on each page for each item, I love that.

I would love to hear about it if you have one or buy one, I have not yet tried their clothes.






How do Size 26 -28 Sizes fit at ASOS Curve?

Did you know that Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the year for 2014? It is my favorite color, purple with a little red thrown in, it matches my glasses, it was my wedding color, and it is my current toenail polish color.

So when I saw this skater dress at ASOS Curve, in a US Size 24, I just had to have it. I asos purple club Lassumed it would fit I have many ASOS Curve items in a US 22 or 24.  But I failed to notice that it was not an ASOS Curve Brand Dress, it is a Club L Dress, which is says right on the title of the dress. And it was so small in a Size 24, I could not even get it over my head.

I am loving ASOS Curve right now. Reasonably priced, lots of fun clothes, and their US Size 24 usually fits, because it runs big. I usually wear a Size 26-28, but heads up, if you are really a US size 26 -28 like I am, only buy the ASOS Curve brand. I will keep a list here of some of their brands that my friends and I have tried that do not fit.

May Fit Similar to ASOS Curve

  • Alice & You


  • New Look – Runs True to Size
  • Club L – Much smaller than ASOS Curve
  • Carmakoma
  • Junarose
  • Inspire