Fun Wide-Legged Pants for Plus Sizes!

in full swingI met Sharon Silverstein, owner of In Full Swing, in 1989, while I was shopping. She was a delight, and we became friends. Here we are 25 years later and I am still shopping with her, now in Oakland, CA.

When I saw these pants, I just had to have them. If you have been following along, you know I love both words and graffiti and these pants have a little of both. They only came to a size 3X, but they are 92% polyester and 8% spandex, so they have lots of stretch, and I would be comfortable suggesting them to anyone who wears a 4X or Size 26/28. And you know these wide legged pants are all the rage this summer.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

crop for beltI love a little DIY (do it yourself project). A friend gave me two belts like the one I have on in the photo, size 4X stretch belts, but both with gold snaps. I decided I HAD to have silver, so I silver-leafed them. What was I thinking? The first time I wore the belt, and leaned against a table, the silver leaf started peeling. Using the wrong materials will get you every time. I should have used a silver Sharpie. LOL


photo: Leori Gill Photography

Summer at In Full Swing



I know most of my readers are from all over the map, but every once in awhile I like to point out something local for those of you who do not like to shop online. Our friends at In Full Swing in Oakland, CA are carrying a new product line,  X-Two, and it is fun and a little sassy.  They also have the top in the photo with sleeves in the same fabric.  The sizing tends to vary by style, so stop by and let them help you choose something that looks fabulous on you.



In addition, for the last few weeks they have been receiving shipments from Citron, Flax, Tianello, and Fridaze wrinkle resistant linen. Lots of great things to choose from!

If you stop by, tell them Affinity sent you.


In Full Swing is Having a Sale

My friends at In Full Swing are having their Winter sale until January 31, 2013 in Oakland, CA, so stop on by and check out the variety of sale items.jenny

In addition, In Full Swing just received a big shipment of Sympli which our friend Jenny Srauss is modeling, and I love this look.

jenny shawlAnd I love how she dresses up this “go from work to evening” look.  The Purse/Briefcase she is carrying is a Coach bag, the shoes are Fluevog Mini Zazas and the coat is Calvin Klein from Nordstrom (last year).  A fabulous look.


Our Guest – Jenny Strauss

I love featuring people on Affatshionista who love clothes so here is Jenny Strauss.  Love this look and the mixed prints, and I hope you do too. Enjoy!

Top – In Full Swing, maybe 4 years ago
Skirt – Lane Bryant – 2 or 3 years old
Socks – Domino Dollhouse (online)
Shoes – Fluevogs
Scarf – 2001 – got it to wear for my son’s pirate themed birthday. Probably Target.
Thanks for visiting us Jenny.  Ciao Bellas…affinity

Twelve Days to Retirement…But Who’s Counting?

I have twelve working days until I retire, after working for more than 47 years.  So I want to show you my work drag while I am still wearing it.  I bought these pants at the Avenue store in Palm Desert, CA.  I like to shop on the desert when I am there because they have lighter weight clothing which feels great to me. This jacket is a couple of years old and is from In Full Swing, a clothing store in Oakland, CA owned by one of my closest friends.  I especially love this jacket because I love text in any language, but especially Chinese.  My husband and I have been to China a couple of times and I could never find anything in my size, so I always think of this as my Chinese jacket.  The Count Down Begins…Twelve…affinity

Jacket: Painted Pony – Size 3X – Great Fit
Slacks: Avenue – Size 28 – Good length & love the belt loops
Turtleneck: L.L. Bean – Size 3X