Victoria Beckham’s Plus Size Line at Target!

When I saw Victoria Beckham had a new line at Target, and that it also came in plus sizes, I knew I had to check it out. This skirt is my favorite. I love the 70s Mod look.
But I was concerned that a 3X might be too small. Imagine my surprise when it was too big. I have a big waist, since I have an apple shaped body and I carry most of my weight around my waist. But several of the reviews for the skirt said that it ran large, and boy does it. Today I looked at the reviews of this skirt, and read a Facebook post, and many of them said the entire line fit poorly. That makes me sad because my concern is that there will not be a second line, because this one fit poorly, and thus sold poorly. But I like it so much that I am going to take this skirt to the tailor to have it taken in a little.

And I wish you could see the earrings. One of my favorite things to do is to get a new look and then find earrings to match. I only wear clips so my go to is Etsy and I love finding some  vintage, under $20, including shipping, earrings.
Look at all the choices I had. The key is narrowing down the options. Etsy first lets you define your search “Flower Clip Earrings”, then I choose a color, and “vintage”. It takes time, but it amuses me to have vintage matching earrings.

Victoria Beckham’s Mod Skirt at Target, Size 3X (it’s on sale, try sizing down)
Black Teggings, Regular Length, One Size

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Peace, Affinity

photo: Fearlessly Just Me
(Marcy, it was such a treat to meet you in real life, thanks for encouraging me to blog again)

A Little Mod in Geometric Fall Colors

I bought this dress a few weeks ago from Simply Be. I try not to buy clothes from the U.K. retailers because returns are so expensive. But this dress had a little mod look to it, and it was a good length, and guess what, it is my favorite dress at the moment. It is easy and fun, doesn’t need a sweater since it has long sleeves and it feels good on. I get compliments every time I wear it.

AX Paris Swing Dress U.S. Size 22, Length 36″

Yesterday I bought
Geometric Earrings at ETSY and some Essie Nail Polish. I am going to paint the white part of the earring with the same color of the red/rust/marsala as one of the components of the dress. I promise to let you know how it looks. Geometrics for geometrics.

AX Paris at Simply BeThe Swing dress is sold out but I think if I were going to buy another AX Paris dress right now it would be this Longline Shirt Dress. I like the long sleeves. I like the print, it looks a little arty. BUT, it is 39″ rather than 36″ and I like the shorter length.

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Peace, Affinity

photo: Jim Hirabayashi

ASOS Curve US Size 26/28 PlaySuits – Review

I grew up in Palm Springs where it is quite warm, sometimes over 100º, so I love desert clothes, but when I moved to San Francisco, where it is often in the 60ºs in the summertime, I gave up all those skimpy clothes. But now we live across the Bay where it is often in the 80ºs and 90ºs I started eyeing rompers again. And ASOS Curve had several that I HAD to have. The strapless romper above is my favorite. it is made from a stretch cotton jersey, and I love the wide legged shorts. I tried it in a US Size 24 and it was really too big so I ordered the US Size 22. AND TAKE NOTE: They even have it to a SIZE 28.

I also love the Playsuit with buttons in a size US 24. It had cute detailing, but it was difficult to get in and out of so I returned it, and now it is sold out.

I of course had to try the edgy one with the lattice back.

It is easy to get in and out of because the back is so flexible, and I get compliments on it wherever I wear it. But I don’t feel like I have found the best styling for it. ASOS still has it to a US Size 20, but I think that would easily fit a US Size 24, since I am wearing a US Size 22 and I am a solid Size 26/28.

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I think the strapless one will be part of my Burning Man wardrobe, although it requires a strapless bra, but it remains my favorite. Which one do you like?


photos: Leori Gill

Review of Plus Size 28 or 4X at Target

I am always interested to see what I might wear from one of the big box stores, and their largest size. Target carries up to a Size 28 (see Size Chart below).

Of the dresses above, I could wear most of them and be happy about it. I tend toward sleeveless, strappy dresses, and I was surprised by how many of those there are.

I was also impressed with the array of bestselling tops in a size 28, but these top sellers were much more casual than the dresses, but included several cute styles.

Target Size Chart

Target Size Chart

I would definitely call these choices a win, and even the Mossimo Brand size chart looks quite generous, especially in the waist, where I am quite large.

Maybe it is time to check out Target.


Photo: Leori Gill Photography

Where Can I Buy a Plus Size 4X Bikini, or even a 12X Bikini?

Well it’s swimsuit season and and OMG what if we want a bikini?                                 Here is what I found:

Torrid Size 4 - Top      Bottom-     Almost Sold Out

Torrid Size 4   –    Top     Bottom      –    Almost Sold Out

ASOS Curve Bikini - Size 24  Top  - Bottom usually runs quite large, to a 26 or 28

ASOS Curve Retro Bikini – Size 24 Top Bottom
usually runs quite large, to a 26 or 28

Pennington's Size 4X Ty Voglio Swim Top  - Swim Bottom Ty Voglio Swim Top - Swim Bottom

Print Ty Voglio 46DD Top – 4X Bottom Swim TopSwim Bottom
Black Ty Voglio 46DD Top – 5X Bottom  Swim TopSwim Bottom

Big Gals Lingerie    Bikinis Sizes 1X - 12X

Big Gals Lingerie
Bikinis Sizes 1X – 12X

Love Your Peaches Bikinis   1X - 6X   Tops    -    Bottoms
Love Your Peaches Bikinis 1X – 6X        TopsBottoms
Big on Baik - Sizes 1X/2X - 7X/8X  Top  Bottom

Big on Batik – Sizes 1X/2X – 7X/8X      Top           Bottom

Well, it is pretty awesome that we have more fatshion bikinis to choose from all the time. Do you think you might wear a bikini this year?


Who Reads Affatshionista?

affat mapI never see anyone else do this, but I am so interested in whether people from other countries read Affatshionista, and other plus size fashion blogs. So I thought I might post the cumulative map of all of Affatshionista’s history, and I hope I will get to see other blog’s demographics.

Feel free to comment, I would love to know how you found Affatshionista, what you would like to read more about and anything else you would like to say.


Plus Size 24+ Vintage/Previously Owned Clothing

Plus Size Vintage

                                             Plus Size Vintage

I know you know I love “vintage”. There is not much of it in a Size 24+, and I suspect the term used clothing would be more appropriate than vintage. Please click on the links underneath each photo, above, for more information.

But I love it just the same, and there are some good deals out there if you are willing to shop.

So I thought I would go on a hunt to see what I can find in my size (I can usually wear a UK Size 28, to compare my measurements to yours, click HERE) and here are my results.

And of course my list of the FatToo Groups and other plus size clothing groups on Facebook can be found HERE, with a special shout out to FatToo Grand Size 28+. The FatToo groups are not intended to make money for the creators of the group or the sellers, it is not a commercial venture. It is just a way to share clothing that is no longer working for the seller. There are rules, and I suggest you read them before you buy or sell anything.

I would love to hear from you if you have suggestions to add to my list.

I expect that there will be additions as I go along, so check back now and again and see if I have added anything.


2nd Blogiversary Giveaway – $100 from Making it Big

We are starting off a week of five Giveaways to celebrate Affatshionista’s 2nd Blogiversary. Our first generous $100 Gift Card comes from Making it Big.

I have been wearing Making it Big for a very long time. I wore their pants to Egypt in 1986 (I wish I knew where the photo of me on a camel was). Their second Spring catalog is out so lots of new clothes for you to check out HERE. And most of their basic pieces come to an 8X. So join us in celebrating by entering the Giveaway!

Here are the rules for the Giveaway:

        • No purchase necessary
        • The winner chosen at random by the giveaway software Rafflecopter, with one entry for each point
        • This giveaway is sponsored by Making it Big
        • Giveaway ends Monday, February 24, 2014, at Midnight, EasternTime



Pink Clove UK Size 30-32 Review

I saw this Gold Foil Skirt at Pink Clove and I had to have it, and guess what the UK size 30/32 fit perfectly. Just my style, a little inappropriate glitz, day or night.

pink cloveOn the other hand, the shrug may have fit like it was supposed to, but I did not feel like it was very becoming, so I will find something else to wear with the skirt, but I gave it to a friend, who is a little smaller than I am and she LOVES it.

I think Pink Clove is creating fun, trendy clothes, and selling them cheaper and in larger sizes than I am seeing in the US. I will try something else again soon.

I am loving the SWAK Leggings and I think they would fit someone much larger than I am.

To read more about my bracelets, click HERE.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.


Plus Size 8X at Making it Big

How cute is this dress? And it comes to an 7X (as many of the newer items do).

How fabulous is that? I have been wearing Making it Big for a very long time. I wore their pants to Egypt in 1988 (I wish I knew where the photo of me on a camel was). And one of my all time favorite dresses is from them with fabulous across the back straps.

When the catalog came today and I just leafed through it I knew I needed to share. It appears that most everything comes to a 7X and most of the basic wardrobe pieces come to an 8X.

Making it big size chart