Victoria Beckham’s Plus Size Line at Target!

When I saw Victoria Beckham had a new line at Target, and that it also came in plus sizes, I knew I had to check it out. This skirt is my favorite. I love the 70s Mod look.
But I was concerned that a 3X might be too small. Imagine my surprise when it was too big. I have a big waist, since I have an apple shaped body and I carry most of my weight around my waist. But several of the reviews for the skirt said that it ran large, and boy does it. Today I looked at the reviews of this skirt, and read a Facebook post, and many of them said the entire line fit poorly. That makes me sad because my concern is that there will not be a second line, because this one fit poorly, and thus sold poorly. But I like it so much that I am going to take this skirt to the tailor to have it taken in a little.

And I wish you could see the earrings. One of my favorite things to do is to get a new look and then find earrings to match. I only wear clips so my go to is Etsy and I love finding some  vintage, under $20, including shipping, earrings.
Look at all the choices I had. The key is narrowing down the options. Etsy first lets you define your search “Flower Clip Earrings”, then I choose a color, and “vintage”. It takes time, but it amuses me to have vintage matching earrings.

Victoria Beckham’s Mod Skirt at Target, Size 3X (it’s on sale, try sizing down)
Black Teggings, Regular Length, One Size

To compare my measurements to yours click HERE.

Peace, Affinity

photo: Fearlessly Just Me
(Marcy, it was such a treat to meet you in real life, thanks for encouraging me to blog again)

6 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham’s Plus Size Line at Target!

  1. How exactly can stick-figure Victoria Beckham design for a body she never had?

  2. Really cute! Glad to see you back! I saw that the collection was marked down 50% so I got the gingham peplum and it fit perfectly. Go figure….

    • Yay for fitting perfectly. Maybe you are the exact body of Victoria’s fit model for the peplum!

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