Love This Torrid Floral Skirt!

2floral-skirt-good-jim-picmonkeyI fell in love with this skirt the moment I saw it. I was reluctant to buy it because it seemed too “dressy” to wear tutoring or to lunch with the girls, but it is not as dressy looking as I thought it might be, even though it has both a mesh overlay and a tulle lining. I am going to wear it on Tuesday to tutor with my go-to tutoring top, which does not show as much skin.  Sleeveless Turtleneck, Size 20, ASOS Curve
Seems appropriate doesn’t it? And I will wear a pair of sandals but I like the boot look too! I usually buy mini skirts, (this one is 21 inches) because then they generally fall just below my knee.

Sock Hack (to show more color, and balance the outfit)
sox hackThis is the same sock hack I used a few weeks ago (thus the green sock photo). I had some pink socks that I hoped would peek out of the boot, just to add a little matching color to the outfit, but they were way too bulky to wear under my boots. Great thin socks are always a struggle in plus sizes. So I cut the foot off of them and wore them like short leg warmers, since all I really cared about was adding a little color to the bottom half of my legs (I will wear the foot portion to sleep in so no waste here). I wish I had worn bright pink earrings to bring the same color up to my face. I suspect you will see the sock hack fairly often.

Floral Skirt Torrid, Size 3
Strappy Cami Torrid, Size 3
Re/Dress Teggings – Regular length
Torrid Combat Boots – 10.5 W

Update, October 10, 2016:
I love this skirt, it is pretty much my current fav! I just found a dress that is similar:
Floral Mesh Dress (up to Size 3X)

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Peace, Affinity

photo: Jim Hirabayashi

Plus Size Plaid & Avenue Wide Boots

plaid tightsresized smaller CSPlaid is everywhere this fall! Usually I don’t buy patterned leggings. That’s not really true, I buy them, but then I don’t wear them, so I try not to buy them. But I had to have these, and I thought I would just wear them with a long top. After I saw the photo below, I decided I needed another tartan to bring the look together and I bought a scarf, which makes me much happier. Continue reading

Torrid Shorts – What Size Should I Buy?

shorts best copyTorrid Shorts – What Size Should I Buy?

I am Los Angeles visiting a friend that I worked with in the ’80s. Loving her pool, I will be water walking a little later this morning, and then perhaps a dip in the hot tub, which is really good for my back and sciatica.

I know, this looks like a skirt rather than shorts and that is why I love them. I just had to show you these shorts right away because they are SO cute, and comfy and I bet they sell out soon. I think I will be able to wear these when I tutor first graders at the elementary school down the street from where I live.

The shorts are lined, they have a robust drawstring, and I think they are really fun and cute. I will be looking for another pair of these in a different fabric. They are a Torrid Size 4, I think I might have been able to wear a Size 3, It is, of course, quite a bit longer on me than it is on the Torrid model.

You might find the  High Neck Tee, a little tight in the neck. I snipped the back seam, just in the neck, to give me a little more room. It is too warm in the heat of the day, but it will be perfect for the cool fall days, and I have a couple of them.

Torrid Chiffon Short – Size 4, but they are a little large, I could have worn a Size 3.
ASOS Curve Sleveless High Neck Tee – Size US 24

Peace, Affinity

photo: Joe Anaya

I Love my ASOS Curve Plus Size Romper

plus Size romper, plus size short size 26I love this plus size Elephant Romper. It is another one of those pieces that I would have loved during the 60s. After seeing the photo, I might try a belt with it the next time I wear it. ASOS Curve has been my go-to for fashion for a while now. They have fun, trendy clothes, and what do you know, their Size 24 always fits my Size 26/28 body. Continue reading

Plus Size Festival Fashion!

“Festival” a Plus Size Fashion Statement!, or
“How I Learned to Love Flower Headbands!” Are you a Festival Girl, I am?

Plus Size Festival Fashion

I love to shop, and y’all know that I think of myself as a hippie, so when I started seeing Plus Size Festival Fashion I could not help but smile. I go to a festival or two every summer so I am so excited to see such amazing choices in my size. Continue reading

Lace and Loving Our Bodies

smaller Lace collage FINAL3This month our blogging collective, Ahead of the Curve, is collaborating on how we love ourselves, just the way we are. Please check out what each of us have to say to say about our theme this month, “Love and Lace”.
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Fall Into Autumn in an ASOS Curve Lace Jacket

ASOS Curve Size 24 Lace Jacket Land's End Mock Turtleneck Size 3X

ASOS Curve Size 24 Lace Jacket
Land’s End Mock Turtleneck Size 3X – (They do not have it in this color right now)

As fall approached I began thinking about my fall wardrobe and what I liked of the new arrivals at the various on-line stores. And guess what, I could not find anything in fall colors that spoke to me except this jacket, and black (or white, which it also came in) is not a fall color. In the San Francisco Bay area where I live, everyone wears black year-round, so sometimes I really try to buy something that is not black, but not this time.

asos photo of lace jacketWhen I purchased the jacket I did not realize that it had as much mesh as it did lace. I could not really tell that from the ASOS Curve photo because it is black on black. I still love it.

lace jacket statue zippedIt is a tiny bit snug when zipped, which was surprising since it is an ASOS Curve US Size 24, which is usually quite generous on me, but since it does not actually provide much protection from the cold I probably will wear it unzipped. Usually I wear a size 26/28, but can fit into a size 24 in the ASOS Curve brand (but not all of the brands that they carry), and sometimes a US Size 22. There is NO stretch in this jacket, but I am enjoying wearing it.

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photos: Alissa Heath