I am 68 going on 16 and I love clothes. I love how they make me feel fun or glamorous, or sophisticated, or edgy, or adventurous… whatever I want, whenever I want. I want to share with you how different brands fit on my apple shaped, plus size body, so you might know if they might fit you or you should try another size or brand. I love collaboration and I always love DIY. I am a recovering attorney. On a good day I hope to amuse you a little, and make you feel like you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want too.  I would love to hear from you.  


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  1. Hey there! It was nice to meet you at the Summit last weekend. I hope you found a new phone! Take care and keep up the awesome fashion news for “real women”!

    Kameron with a K

    • Nice to meet you too. I have some photos from the Summit that I will be posting this weekend, but my phone was stolen on Saturday night so some of them are lost. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Kameron, I am sad to report that your photos were in my iPhone when it got stolen, my biggest concern about the theft was the photos from the Summit. I had sent some of the others ahead by email. But I would LOVE to include you if you would be gracious enough to send me some photos of that fabulous outfit to

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    • What an amazing acknowledgement of my love of self expression. How kind of you. Thanks for sharing my blog on your blog, which I love to read. I love that your posts are thoughtful, kind and feel committed to making our hearts and actions in life bigger. I will be coming over to respond to “Sexism & Festivals” later today.

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