A Little Mod in Geometric Fall Colors

I bought this dress a few weeks ago from Simply Be. I try not to buy clothes from the U.K. retailers because returns are so expensive. But this dress had a little mod look to it, and it was a good length, and guess what, it is my favorite dress at the moment. It is easy and fun, doesn’t need a sweater since it has long sleeves and it feels good on. I get compliments every time I wear it.

AX Paris Swing Dress U.S. Size 22, Length 36″

Yesterday I bought
Geometric Earrings at ETSY and some Essie Nail Polish. I am going to paint the white part of the earring with the same color of the red/rust/marsala as one of the components of the dress. I promise to let you know how it looks. Geometrics for geometrics.

AX Paris at Simply BeThe Swing dress is sold out but I think if I were going to buy another AX Paris dress right now it would be this Longline Shirt Dress. I like the long sleeves. I like the print, it looks a little arty. BUT, it is 39″ rather than 36″ and I like the shorter length.

To compare my measurements to yours click HERE.

Peace, Affinity

photo: Jim Hirabayashi

6 thoughts on “A Little Mod in Geometric Fall Colors

  1. I absolutely love your sense of style! We have similar body shapes and are both mature women with an adventurous, young, retro, rocker babe vibe. I have been trying lots of new looks and getting some great fashion ideas from you!❤️

  2. I am head over heels for this dress & am going to have a long cry that Simply Be is not a website I check often. This is amazing on you. Also…I am sad you stopped blogging again as you are close to my size & not a young chick. I always enjoy your outfits.

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