Domino Dollhouse Redux

In celebration of Domino Dollhouse getting a tune-up on the TV show on the Sundance Channel, Joe Zee – All on the Line I want to show you my favorites in their line because I want Domino Dollhouse to succeed because I LOVE their edge.  I have been watching Joe Zee since the beginning of the series and although I would not want him to criticize me personally I think he has a great eye for making a designer’s work more commercial and often helps improve the quality.

Everytime I wear the Size 4 striped sweater above I get compliments on it.  They still have it but only in a size 1X, but I will certainly be looking for the next one and will buy it when I see it.  Just fun and comfy.

This black size 26 jeans jacket is fun also.  They still have this jacket but in limited sizes. I love the cropping and it think it is similar in cut and size to the black and white heart denim jacket.

And the sheer shirt I just posted about a few weeks ago is the size 4X Lana Blouse, which I would love to have in lavender, but I do not have a lot of opportunity to wear it.

And a special shout out goes to Domino Dollhouse’s owner Tracy Broxterman’s Blog Post about her Betsey Johnson find, an oversize sweater.  Just thinking I could own a Betsey Johnson made me happy, and LOVE is just so me.

Thanks to Joe Zee, Domino Dollhouse is now working with Lane Bryant to bring some of her look to their stores and it seems that she is continuing to design her own line, so I am pleased.  Good luck in the transition Domino Dollhouse, but we can always say “we knew you when”.  Ciao Bellas…affinity 

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  1. This is great. I love your looks, especially the sweater. I really like DD clothes but they are expensive and I haven’t ordered as much as I’ve wanted to.

    I don’t know the Joe Zee show but sounds really good for a burgeoning designer. Very exciting if the DD aesthetic hits Lane Bryant.

      • I forgot to say…I always think I want to be edgier and now that I am retired I have the opportunity to do so, but whenever I end up watching myself make actual clothing choices, they end up being at the conservative end of the designer’s look.

  2. I have the freedom to dress with abandon – mostly cause I’ve decided that’s what I want to do, not because someone gave me a dress code that said, “be unique.” LOL. So I’ve taken big risks and just put myself out there the way I want to. Partly this is the freedom of being fat. I already don’t fit the mold for clothing. Khakis and tucked in button downs are never going to look good on my or be my thing.

    I really love your outfits in this post and would gladly wear them. I think the only thing I’ve ordered from DD is socks. I have coveted many a look but couldn’t justify the cost, and especially not through mail order (I’m notoriously awful at sending things back). Can you tell me more about what the agreement is with Lane Bryant? Cause they need some seriously hipper clothes there!

    • Lane Bryant holds themselves out as no longer being the “basics” for plus-sizes, and does not carry the larger sizes they used to. What they said is they now have a customer who is looking for more fashion and they will work with Domino Dollhouse to make them work in the Lane Bryant line. We have all seen that work really well, and not. Domino Dollhouse I believe is going to continue to carry their own line also. I have always had trouble with their sizing since I am an apple rather than an hourglass but that is just part of each designer making their own way.. I loved seeing Tracey and her staff, and Tess Munster (all hourglasses) on TV.

  3. Neat…Did I ever tell you about “Big Brooklyn Style”? The first season had 8 episodes, and I loved it. I should write a review for you…so many things I should do, hah! 😀

    • I would love to have reviews from you. I did watch “Big Brooklyn Style” a couple of times but I found the owner a little Jersey for me, being from California all my life. Kind of like “this is the way to do it” rather than an option. Can you tell it is late. Love you Ali Baba.

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