Jessica London: An Abundance of Denim in Plus Sizes to 34W

They say denim never goes out of style, and that is certainly true for Fall 2014. Denim is everywhere this year. Funky, embellished or basicI wear my denim jacket at least once a week, since it is often cold by the San Francisco Bay.

Perhaps the August Issue of Plus Model Magazine was part of my inspiration.

So when I saw all this denim at Jessica London I had to check it out! How cute are these cropped jean jackets? All very modern, one with ruffles, a moto jacket, and one with a zipper no less, and they are all on sale. They come in various colors and come in sizes 28 – 32. Did I mention they are on sale? Pretty fun I say!

And if those are too short for you here are five more standard length jackets. A couple come to a size 34W, and yes, they are also on sale!

And if you love the jackets you might think you need the most popular skirt of the year to wear with them, a pencil skirt, in SO many colors.

And Jessica London has more denim than I have ever seen on one place, much more than I could fit into this photo. Check it out, and yes they have lots of colors and many of their items come to a 28, and some to a 34W. And as you can see from the photo, many of them are on sale also. How fabulous is that?

Jessica London Denim

                               Jessica London Denim


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Hell Bunny Plus Size 4X – OMG it fits

Hell Bunny 4X (similar)

Hell Bunny 4X (similar)     Hair Bow        Earrings         Sandals (very old)        Petticoat 

I have been eyeing Hell Bunny for a long time but when I looked at their size chart I just did not see any hope for my 53″ waist fitting into one.

hell bunny size chartBut then fellow Ahead of the Curve blogger and friend Cherie, who blogs at The Fat Girl knew a little about my size and suggested that I give one a try. And guess what, it fits. It has a full elastic back, but not much give in the material.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

So I decided to go to an expert, to help me with figuring out what Hell Bunny dresses might fit. I contacted the owner of Sweet Echo, and she gave me this information about the Hell Bunny dresses that have a full elastic back or run a little larger or have some stretch:

  • Mariam Polka Dot dress has full elastic back;
  • Cannes has the side stretchy panels, not across entire back and runs big for Hell Bunny;
  • Bobbi Lee has the back stretchy panel;
  • Alika has the back stretchy panel, and Sweet Echo has one left in a 4X;
  • Zombie Pin Up in Mini has side stretchy panels and runs bigger compared to other Hell Bunny dresses and the material has some give to it.
  • Adelaide Polka Dot dress does not have any stretchy panel but it runs big and the material gives; and
  • Olive dress has back stretchy panel but it runs small.

So that is what I know today, if you have a question you could always contact Sweet Echo and I am sure she would be happy to answer your questions.

You may have noticed that I don’t usually give you a  link for my earrings. I can’t wear posts, I seem to have developed an allergy to metal. I mainly wear vintage clip earrings from the 80s that I buy on Etsy for Ebay.

It you want to check out what my fellow Ahead of the Curve Bloggers have to say about gingham vs. dots this month click HERE.

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Photo: Leori Gill Photography

Can a Plus Size 26/28 Wear a City Chic XXL top? Sometimes!

This is my color, which I was thrilled to discover was Radiant Orchid, the Pantone Color for 2014, which means there should be more choices of clothing in this color. You might have noticed it matches my glasses, yep, I love it.  BUT, it was $64, which is a little steep for a top I am going to wear with leggings. So I posted it on my Pinterest Board, and after a few weeks I got a notice from someone who had viewed my Pin that the shirt was now on sale, and it still is (but this color only comes to a XL, but they have the black in XXL). Shipping to the US is free, as are returns, so there was very little risk.

Then the questions was, would it fit? City Chic is an Australian company and their XXL is a US Size 24, since I am a Size 26/28, I was concerned, but I loved it so much, I ordered it anyway, and YAY, it just fits.


City Chic XXL

City Chic XXL

And I forgot to mention that it has one of those romantic lace up backs, Love it!

Every time I wear it I love it and get compliments on the color. I do wear a black cami and black tights with it as it is quite sheer.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

So I am so happy to have checked out the sizing of City Chic, and they do have some great sales (lots of items are less than half price), so I suspect you will see some City Chic here again.


Photo: Leori Gill Photography

Old Navy Plus Size Clothes On Sale (Including some 4Xs)

Color Block Maxi Dress  Cowl Neck Tee Geometric Print Dress  Drapey Cinched Pants

Color Block Maxi Dress                                                              Cowl Neck Tee
Geometric Print Dress                                                              Drapey Cinched Pants

Old Navy is having a sale today, 25% of regularly priced items. That is a pretty good sale and I thought you might like to hear about it. Some of these are new items, some are basics. Of course, in addition to their regularly priced items being on sale, they have a sale section that is 15% off today. Some restrictions apply. Code for both is “onsavenow”. On-line only.

And did you see the flip flops for a dollar a pair (in-store only)???

Update: 6/28 – 7/1 30% off Code is “SURPRiSE


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Red Lips Sink Ships

a red cami under a black Avenue Size 26/28 cami to provide contrast eShakti skirt Size 5X (a little large in the waist and a little long even though I specified my height as 5'3"

A red cami under a black Avenue Size 26/28 cami to provide contrast
eShakti skirt Size 5X (a little large in the waist and a little long even though I specified my height as 5’3″)                                                          Photo: Leori Gill

When I saw this skirt I knew I had to have it. I had been looking for something with red lips for awhile and I loved that this was embroidered netting over a cotton skirt.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

My friend Claire giving me a kiss at the Party.

My friend Claire giving me a kiss at the Party, to go with the one on my Cami, and isn’t Claire’s dress fabulous?

I got an opportunity to wear it when my friends threw a fabulous party for a very special friend’s birthday . It was a wonderful night.

Alumni and current campers from the Mansonian Institute of Urban Studies, our camp for several years at Burning  Man

Alumni, friends, and current campers from the Mansonian Institute of Urban Studies, our camp for several years at Burning Man

The party was at a venue I had been dying to go to, The Battery, and since the Birthday Girl was a Burning Man campmate, we got to see various iterations of different years of campmates from many different years of Burning Man. A glorious evening. That is a kiss on MonkeyBoy’s face, I had kisses on my skirt and top so I handed out sticker kisses. Such a fun evening. Thanks to my friends for creating this moment.

photo: John Curley

photo: John Curley

And we had a chance to have our photo taken in front of the Bay Lights by the fabulous John Curley. The evening was everything I could have wanted.



Plus Size 24+ Vintage/Previously Owned Clothing

Plus Size Vintage

                                             Plus Size Vintage

I know you know I love “vintage”. There is not much of it in a Size 24+, and I suspect the term used clothing would be more appropriate than vintage. Please click on the links underneath each photo, above, for more information.

But I love it just the same, and there are some good deals out there if you are willing to shop.

So I thought I would go on a hunt to see what I can find in my size (I can usually wear a UK Size 28, to compare my measurements to yours, click HERE) and here are my results.

And of course my list of the FatToo Groups and other plus size clothing groups on Facebook can be found HERE, with a special shout out to FatToo Grand Size 28+. The FatToo groups are not intended to make money for the creators of the group or the sellers, it is not a commercial venture. It is just a way to share clothing that is no longer working for the seller. There are rules, and I suggest you read them before you buy or sell anything.

I would love to hear from you if you have suggestions to add to my list.

I expect that there will be additions as I go along, so check back now and again and see if I have added anything.


Review – Torrid Size 5x Skirt

I bought this skirt on a whim, it was on sale, it was hot pink. I got it home and then I did not wear it, AND THEN, I ironed it and wore it with a petticoat and a jacket and fell in love with it. Fun and easy to wear, oh yes, and way too late to return it. So in the spirit of “Shopping my Closet” I declare it a winner.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.


Photos: Leori Gill Photography

Pink Clove UK Size 30-32 Review

I saw this Gold Foil Skirt at Pink Clove and I had to have it, and guess what the UK size 30/32 fit perfectly. Just my style, a little inappropriate glitz, day or night.

pink cloveOn the other hand, the shrug may have fit like it was supposed to, but I did not feel like it was very becoming, so I will find something else to wear with the skirt, but I gave it to a friend, who is a little smaller than I am and she LOVES it.

I think Pink Clove is creating fun, trendy clothes, and selling them cheaper and in larger sizes than I am seeing in the US. I will try something else again soon.

I am loving the SWAK Leggings and I think they would fit someone much larger than I am.

To read more about my bracelets, click HERE.

To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.


Ditto.Ditto.Ditto. Always Red Hot

Top Belt Boots

Top – Beth Ditto Evans Line (sold as a skirt) – Size U.K. 28 (2010) – EBAY
Belt – IGIGI      Leggings – SWAK        Necklace – Torrid
Boots – Avenue Size 9.5

This is a fat girl’s version of vintage. I know you know I love Beth Ditto, she is my fatshion hero, and she’s everywhere on my blog as you can see HERE! I bought this skirt (that I am wearing as a top) about a year ago on EBAY. There is almost always something from her Evans line, but it is a bubble skirt, and I just could not make it work for me. I wore Beth Ditto last Valentine’s Day, and decided I would just fool around until I found a look that I liked.

Beth Ditto Heart Bubble Skirt for Evans 2010 Line

Beth Ditto Heart Bubble Skirt for Evans 2010 Line

I also wore my first pair of knee high boots, you can read about those HERE.

The theme for our blogging collective, Ahead of the Curve is “Red Hot”, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Plus Size 8X at Making it Big

How cute is this dress? And it comes to an 7X (as many of the newer items do).

How fabulous is that? I have been wearing Making it Big for a very long time. I wore their pants to Egypt in 1988 (I wish I knew where the photo of me on a camel was). And one of my all time favorite dresses is from them with fabulous across the back straps.

When the catalog came today and I just leafed through it I knew I needed to share. It appears that most everything comes to a 7X and most of the basic wardrobe pieces come to an 8X.

Making it big size chart