Review – Torrid Size 5x Skirt

I bought this skirt on a whim, it was on sale, it was hot pink. I got it home and then I did not wear it, AND THEN, I ironed it and wore it with a petticoat and a jacket and fell in love with it. Fun and easy to wear, oh yes, and way too late to return it. So in the spirit of “Shopping my Closet” I declare it a winner.

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Photos: Leori Gill Photography

9 thoughts on “Review – Torrid Size 5x Skirt

  1. Looks great on you! I wish I hadn’t have passed it up when I saw it on sale, got a dress instead. I was afraid it’d be a touch short on me but man it looks great with a petti!

  2. How fun! I absolutly love the brightness not only of the clothes but your smile and persnality. Clothing should be fun, and nothing is more fun than a great find… Sale rack and cute!!!

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