Pink Clove UK Size 30-32 Review

I saw this Gold Foil Skirt at Pink Clove and I had to have it, and guess what the UK size 30/32 fit perfectly. Just my style, a little inappropriate glitz, day or night.

pink cloveOn the other hand, the shrug may have fit like it was supposed to, but I did not feel like it was very becoming, so I will find something else to wear with the skirt, but I gave it to a friend, who is a little smaller than I am and she LOVES it.

I think Pink Clove is creating fun, trendy clothes, and selling them cheaper and in larger sizes than I am seeing in the US. I will try something else again soon.

I am loving the SWAK Leggings and I think they would fit someone much larger than I am.

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5 thoughts on “Pink Clove UK Size 30-32 Review

  1. I love the skirt on you, I have been eyeing it on the website forever but not had to courage to go for it just yet, is it a sturdy material or more soft?

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