Pink Clove UK Size 30-32 Review

I saw this Gold Foil Skirt at Pink Clove and I had to have it, and guess what the UK size 30/32 fit perfectly. Just my style, a little inappropriate glitz, day or night.

pink cloveOn the other hand, the shrug may have fit like it was supposed to, but I did not feel like it was very becoming, so I will find something else to wear with the skirt, but I gave it to a friend, who is a little smaller than I am and she LOVES it.

I think Pink Clove is creating fun, trendy clothes, and selling them cheaper and in larger sizes than I am seeing in the US. I will try something else again soon.

I am loving the SWAK Leggings and I think they would fit someone much larger than I am.

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Torrid Size 5X Faux Fur Leopard Coat Review

Coat: Torrid 5X Skirt: SWAK 5X (sold out) Leggings: SWAK One Size (my favs)

Coat: Torrid 5X (only in a 3x)          Cropped Leopard Cardi Size 12 – 32 (similar)
Skirt: SWAK 5X (sold out)
Leggings: SWAK One Size (my favs)

I fell in love with this coat the moment I saw it. BUT I did not need a faux fur Leopard Coat, I already had one, and it kind of matches my husband’s, as you can see below. AND, I live in California, where we are having the mildest winter on record (read that as drought). But then Torrid put it in sale at half price, and it is so “Old Hollywood” looking, I just had to have it anyway.  And I have been waiting all these weeks to wear it!  Finally last Saturday night we went to a party where we sat in the backyard with a fire and it was just chilly enough to wear, and everybody loved it, as did I.  It is a 5X, and unbuttoned, it overlaps a good six inches, so it is too big, BUT my other jacket does not close all the way, so I wanted to be sure I got a truly warm one for the beach or outside at night, and it is that.

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I teamed the jacket with my matching vintage leopard glasses just for a little extra fun. You could probably buy a modern version that is not quite so outrageous.

leopard coats MB affI thought you might like to see our other coats, just so you can see how much I did not need this one… LOL. These are costume coats, for mine I had a tailor cut some off the bottom and add it to the back, but it still does not close very well so not great on a cold night. And yes I thought I was buying a matching coat, but only realized after I had had it altered, that they did not match.


Two Top Photos: Leori Gill

Torrid 5X Crew Cardigan – SWAK Leggings

Torrid - -Crew Cardigan 5X Skirt - SWAK Designs (Out of Stock) Leggings - SWAK Designs Belt -

Torrid – Crew Cardigan 5X
Skirt – SWAK Designs (Out of Stock)
Leggings – SWAK Designs
Belt – IGIGI Obi Belt

collage radiant orchidIf you have been following along you may remember that my favorite color, Radiant Orchid, is the Pantone Color of 2014.

I bought this sweater just before I discovered this fabulous news because this shade of purplish/redish is generally hard to find. But I hope that since radiant orchid is the color of the year I will see lots of amazing clothing in my favorite color. The 5X is just a little large on me. To compare my measurements to yours, click HERE.

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photo: Leori Gill

SWAK Red Cherry Dress Size 5X – Review

swak 2 cherryI have always liked Sealed With A Kiss (SWAK), in fact their one size fits all leggings are my favorite since they hug my skinny ankle. Our blogging collective, Ahead of the Curve’s theme this month is Big Girls Can’t Wear Prints? (See below) So when I saw SWAK’s Red Cherry Dress at Gwynnie Bee, I just had to try it. I ordered the 5X, just assuming it would fit, well it was too big in the bust and back. I am going to try another dress in the 4X and we will see if that is a better fit.

As you may know from this review, I have a trial membership to Gwynnie Bee, and if you are interested in trying it FREE for 30 Day please read more HERE (full disclosure) if you sign up I do get a free month free.

Dress: SWAK, Red Cherry Dress, Size 5X (too big) (On Sale)

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ffffinalAhead of the Curve is a collective of plus size bloggers coming together to post on the same subject. This month we each have written a post responding to the oft heard point of view “Big Girls Can’t Wear Prints?” so check them out by clicking on each link:

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Photo: Leori Gill
Banner: Elizabeth Tamny

Simply Be with the Bay Lights

Bay Lights Opening Night with My husband and Jennifer Raiser

Bay Lights Opening Night with My husband and Jennifer Raiser

I told you about the coming of the Bay Lights previously, and it evolved that I was invited to the Opening Party and OMG what would I wear?  And then I found the perfect dress at Simply Be.  And the perfect earrings, and the perfect shoes and it was a perfect night all around.


It was amazing and exciting to watch the Bay Lights gracefully light up the bridge. And this is one of my favorite videos because it interviews the artist Leo Villereal, who is a truly kind and talented man and gives a nod to the producer, my friend Ben Davis. How fabulous to be included in all of this.

simply Be studded dressThe dress was large around the arms and yoke, which is not unusual since I have fairly small arms and shoulders for my size. I had it tailored but it still does not lay perfectly as you can see in the photos. I like Simply Be’s sizing.  I love that it comes to a US 28 and the US 28 seems to me to be true to size.

The tights are my very favorite from Sealed With a Kiss, they claim to fit 1X – 4X to a 52″ waist, but since I carry a lot of my weight in my waist and torso (much more as I have gotten older) and my waist is 54″ I was thrilled to see that there is plenty of room.  Of all of my leggings they feel the best.  Not too heavy, and silky smooth, but they do bunch a little at the ankle since I am only 5’5″.

I purchased studded shoes in a size 10 from both Lane Bryant and Catherines and they were both too short, and since I only wear a size 9.5 I was pretty disappointed.  Then I found a pair on FatToo Accessoria on Facebook and I was relieved and happy that they fit.

Dress: Simply Be – Size UK 32 US 28
Tights: SWAK – One Size Fits All


photo with my husband: Sidney Erthal
photo alone: Leori Gill