Torrid Size 5X Faux Fur Leopard Coat Review

Coat: Torrid 5X Skirt: SWAK 5X (sold out) Leggings: SWAK One Size (my favs)

Coat: Torrid 5X (only in a 3x)          Cropped Leopard Cardi Size 12 – 32 (similar)
Skirt: SWAK 5X (sold out)
Leggings: SWAK One Size (my favs)

I fell in love with this coat the moment I saw it. BUT I did not need a faux fur Leopard Coat, I already had one, and it kind of matches my husband’s, as you can see below. AND, I live in California, where we are having the mildest winter on record (read that as drought). But then Torrid put it in sale at half price, and it is so “Old Hollywood” looking, I just had to have it anyway.  And I have been waiting all these weeks to wear it!  Finally last Saturday night we went to a party where we sat in the backyard with a fire and it was just chilly enough to wear, and everybody loved it, as did I.  It is a 5X, and unbuttoned, it overlaps a good six inches, so it is too big, BUT my other jacket does not close all the way, so I wanted to be sure I got a truly warm one for the beach or outside at night, and it is that.

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I teamed the jacket with my matching vintage leopard glasses just for a little extra fun. You could probably buy a modern version that is not quite so outrageous.

leopard coats MB affI thought you might like to see our other coats, just so you can see how much I did not need this one… LOL. These are costume coats, for mine I had a tailor cut some off the bottom and add it to the back, but it still does not close very well so not great on a cold night. And yes I thought I was buying a matching coat, but only realized after I had had it altered, that they did not match.


Two Top Photos: Leori Gill